F365's Top Ten Imports We Would Love To Welcome

With four days of the transfer window remaining, Daniel Storey has chosen ten imports he'd love to see in England. All have been the subject of recent rumours...

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slowgraffiti says...

Have you all seen Gourcuff play in the last three years? If so, he would not be on this list.

Posted 11:48pm 29th January 2014

dev (Leeds United) says...

I hope to see number 10 in the tortured intro section of media watch

Posted 10:39pm 29th January 2014

abelxavierhair (Stoke City) says...

tikka masala football at Arsenal will be aided by Dracula coming to the club. Everything could just be coming up Millhouse for Arsenal.

Posted 5:12pm 29th January 2014

up4thejamboree (Sheffield Wednesday) says...

I imagine some of the readers or writing staff are quite possibly gay or bisexual and it would be perfectly normal for them to enjoy a footballers looks along with his skills. I also think there's a lot of "look at me, aren't I enlightened" from staight guys though. Which is a bit pathetic.

Posted 2:41pm 29th January 2014

juddlinskatron (Chelsea) says...

@peeyugo Fair enough, I still think it's highly unlikely that Jessica Alba, Haile Berry or Alicia Keys are going to be involved in high-profile transfers before the window 'slams shut'. That's all.

Posted 1:16pm 29th January 2014

hincey (Arsenal) says...

@paulino971 yes but according to some people his dreamy eyes may hypnotize defences and free up loads of space for Giroud.

Posted 11:19am 29th January 2014

megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) says...

@ juddlinskatron.."well, you can prove anything with facts". If you don't get that reference, then you'll never be my internet friend.

Posted 9:30am 29th January 2014

peeyugo (Arsenal) says...

@juddlinskatron, no need to worry sir, I've got nothing in my closet; if you take even a cursory glance at what I typed you would realize that what I am saying, as well as several others on this thread, is striking a balance in the sexual typology of anecdotes and illustrations used in articles or comments will, at the very least, be solicitous, and thus be appreciated. Have fun as much as you want with your homo-erotic fantasies but if all we get on this site is "man love", "man crushes" etc without any consideration of those who hold divergent opinions then it would seem to me that such a stance can be considered as "stuffing things down throats".

Posted 8:57am 29th January 2014

Synergy says...

@tk421> You know right, the guys who are actually homophobic are guys like you who try really hard to pretend, rather than the guy who don't tip toe around the issue.

I am indifferent over the swooning over players looks. However selecting a player in such a list only based on looks and not even providing his playing position or stating anything about his skill level is ridiculous.

Posted 7:02am 29th January 2014

polaknuar says...

However (can't just drop it!!)... Wasn't this site quite upset about Andy Gray and wotsisface? There is a reason people get upset about blokes perving at women and thinking it's funny. I don't make any distinction between that and this metrosexuality schtick. Nothing to do with homophobia, honest yer honour.

Posted 12:08am 29th January 2014

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