F365's Top Ten World Cup Disappointments

The World Cup has been sodding brilliant so far, but grumpy Daniel Storey has still managed to pick out ten disappointments. Ronaldo, Spain and some woeful punditry...

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sterry (Manchester United) says...

@bobsy, ronaldo ronaldinho rivaldo pragmatic damn you are hard to please some of the best football ive seen. England getting knocked out was pretty much expected , spain getting battered was one of best things i have seen loved every minute of it .

Posted 11:40pm 25th June 2014

morpheus99 (Manchester United) says...

@Fuzzy i would say having no stand out teams is more of a weakness than a strength, in a league you want 5 or 6 teams to be able to win it to make it a good league but if 20 teams were all equal and there were no shocks or surprises it wouldnt be as good, and that applies to the world cup too the likes of germany, argentina, brazil looking suspect against the likes of ghana, cameroon, iran etc its doesnt make for a good cup, once its not a shock when a lesser team wins thats when the whole spectacle of the cup suffers. The likes of costa rica just devalues the whole thing.

Posted 8:59pm 25th June 2014

manitu69 (Liverpool) says...

The only disappointment it's been England, I could not care less about the other teams to be honest. Going out before the playoff rounds it was just sad!!!

Posted 3:17pm 25th June 2014

manitu69 (Liverpool) says...

The only disappointment it's been England, I could not care less about the other teams to be honest. Going out before the playoff rounds it was just sad!!!

Posted 3:16pm 25th June 2014

Thecolonel (Liverpool) says...

Dear football365, we know you are contractually obliged by your overlords to slag off the BBC at every possible opportunity, but this time please give it a rest. So far the BBC coverage, commentators and analysis has been the best I can remember on any channel for a World Cup. Rather predictably the ITV coverage has been utterly sh*t with comically bad pundits and godawful commentators, so why don't you have a go at them? Oh right, I just remembered, you're a Murdoch production. Other than that, keep up the good work.

Posted 2:14pm 25th June 2014

Editor says ...

Interesting assessment of that section, 'Thecolonel'. The only three people we have praised work for the BBC. But no, you're right, we can't be nice to them.

torminator (Liverpool) says...

Is this list defunct as all 10 are now Suarez? :(

Posted 1:41pm 25th June 2014

yossarian_lives (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

i wouldnt class Ronaldo as a disapointment, anyone who's actually watched him play would have known what to expect. The most overrated footballer in the history of the sport.

Posted 1:13pm 25th June 2014

saywuuut (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Very harsh on Bosnia. It's BOSNIA for heavens sake, what was you expecting

Posted 12:16pm 25th June 2014

bungle1976 (Manchester United) says...

I would say the punditry has actually been quite good. While nothing on the free-to-air channels (with a non-free license for the BBC) can match Sky Sports' "shock and awe, gadget wizardry, US defence budget sized" production, and the detailed insights of Gary Neville and now Jamie Carragher, the additions of Rio, Cannavaro and Thierry to the impressive returns of Seedorf, Danny Murphy and O'Neill have made the analysis worth watching for once. Rio especially has pleasantly surprised by doing that thing that ex-player pundits should do as a rule - give us insider knowledge of players, dressing rooms, clubs and tactics that we wouldn't know already. We shouldn't moan about the fact that Shearer, Wright, Chiles etc. are still stinking the place out. It could have been worse. It could have been JUST them we were watching...

Posted 10:07am 25th June 2014

bleublancrouge (Chelsea) says...

I second Triangler's comment: Dzeko scored a very nice goal (incorrectly ruled out), had some great moves (hit the post after a nice series of control and half volley) versus Nigeria. Had the referees been semi-competent, Bosnia would be making it to the next round. They played some good football in every game, so don't pretend that they performed like England or something sad like that.

Posted 5:18am 25th June 2014

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