Cesc: Arsenal had no interest

New Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed he chose to move to Stamford Bridge after former club Arsenal informed him they had sufficient cover for his position.

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mootilated (Arsenal) says...

We've apparently got that Forsythe bloke from the German backroom staff. He's come to give all the physio's a kick in the backside and sort out the injury issues we have. This might be the most important signing of the Summer.

Posted 9:17am 17th June 2014

Jay_D says...

Well of course I'm bitter! I think we're making a mistake letting him go to Chelsea especially because we seem to have an epic injury crisis every season. The again one of the players injured most often was a certain Cesc Fabregas...

Posted 12:55am 17th June 2014

isildur1 (Chelsea) says...

@ Jay_D - could you been anymore salty mate? Whatever helps you sleep at night champ. @ pires - you're talking about the same Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox and Ozil who spent long periods on the sideline? And most of them will do it again next season, it how injury prone players are mate. Arsenal is full of them. Walcott's another one who would probably will never see a full season of football in his career.

Posted 4:13pm 16th June 2014

ktbffhctid (Chelsea) says...

Of course we were second choice based purely on the stipulations in the contract when the Arse SOLD him. Common refrain that. That said, welcome to The famous CFC Cesc. I'm looking forward to seeing you with a hand on the PL trophy come season end. After all, results on the pitch are all that matter and the bottom line is I'd rather have him on our side than play for that mob.

Posted 3:59pm 16th June 2014

pires (Arsenal) says...

Pretty sure he'll just be thinking about all that money money Jay_D. This is all the more bearable given we have Aaron Ramsey. Not to mention Wilshere, Ox and Ozil; but then also one who could be better than them all, Zelalem. Oh, and Abou Diaby for a few golden weeks in October.

Posted 3:28pm 16th June 2014

Jay_D says...

I fully expect Ozil to get runover or gunned downed by an Apache Attack Helicopter before the season starts now. Also, I wonder how Chelsea fans feel about being firmly second choice. He's playing for you but he's thinking about us....

Posted 1:42pm 16th June 2014

mark bxxx (Arsenal) says...

Of course Arsenal have cover in his position.... If you think of him as just a no10. If you consider his skills in central midfielder too.... Perhaps he could do a job there when Jack/Aaron get injured next Christmas and might have been able to stop the wheels coming off.... Something we have become accustomed to. For me - I'd have said Cesc in and dealt with the fallout.

Posted 10:20am 16th June 2014

maurice mynor (Arsenal) says...

Well said @mootilated. Whatever happened to all the cries of wanting to go back home to "my boyhood club"? It was always clear he would struggle there but of course them footballers never listen. Can't they look at the Gerrald/Giggs/Maldini etc examples. Stay where you're respected and loved and stop chasing too much paper. It always chokes in the end. I do hate the fact though that he's now with Chelski and for that he should get booed and win nuttin..... lol

Posted 9:59am 16th June 2014

outrun (Arsenal) says...

I dont hate Cesc, as much as i'd have liked to see him back at Arsenal, I wouldn't want the younger players we already have reduced to supporting roles - Wilshere in particular needs a season of playing to get back on track (if he can stay fit of course). Also, where Barca say how Cesc tails off at the end of each season - Arsenal have a had a trend of doing that too over the past few years - coincidence?

Posted 9:42am 16th June 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

He should have never left in the first place. He felt it was the right thing for his career to leave and he has been replaced by more than one top class player. Now Arsenal feel it is the right thing to be uninterested in him. The grass isn't always greener Cescy boy.

Posted 9:01am 16th June 2014

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