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Chelsea to go big for Diego Costa this summer, Tottenham to turn to Kalou and West ham ready to sell Morrison...

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szczesnywedo (Arsenal) says...

Very true @Polishjoe and @tk421 football is all about money these days and not about football and unfortunately there will always be players like Morrison who blow their career down the drain, he isn't the first and won't be the last, unless he can keep out of trouble he will get better. Also any club which is run by a rich owner could quite easily finish like Anzi no matter how much money they are making, they can get bored anyday or decide to pack it in for any number of reasons.

Posted 11:27am 18th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@sharn....Morrison was let go for his own good, I think Fergie and Phelan have said as much, he needed to get away from Manchester or he would have likely ended up in prison. It's a credit to United that they put the players welfare before the potential loss to United. We didn't let Pogba go, he chose to leave. His agent wanted a huge sum of money just for a contract extension, and United told him where to go. Since he's been at Juve, I think hes already wraggled a second contract out of them and it looks as though this recent speculation is to try and get even more money out of Juve, or whoever. He won't rejoin United because the agent will make more money from flogging him to someone like PSG or City who are more than happy to lace the pockets of agents. His agent is a fella called 'Riola' I think, he also manages that should give you an indication of how Pogba will spend his career being farmed all over.

Posted 6:03pm 17th January 2014

PolishJoe (Manchester United) says...

tk421, some of the nicest people I know will readily admit to being utter pr*cks when they were younger so it's not necessarily a permanent condition. If you're a bit of a pr*ck to start with then I would imagine the sort of ego boost that he must have got from all the attention may just push you into "utter" mode but there's always hope and he does seem to have copped on a bit. I wouldn't want the old Morrison back but I would love to get the player he could become back into a United jersey.

Posted 5:46pm 17th January 2014

tk421 says...

@PolishJoe, from the sounds of it Morrison is an utter pr*ck, I have no idea how any part of you would "love" to see him back. Kids like that are only good for Feltham.

Posted 2:34pm 17th January 2014

PolishJoe (Manchester United) says...

sharn, during his time at United Morrison was charged with, among other things, assaulting his Mother & his girlfriend and intimidating witnesses. He was almost certainly kept out of prison by Sir Alex and United's legal team on at least one occasion; he was on a suspended sentence at the time. He went to West Ham probably because Big Sam was the only one willing to take a chance on him. Even then he did not knuckle down and was sent to Birmingham on loan without starting a single game for West Ham. In Birmingham he, aparently, still didn't seem to realise that he was flushing his career down the toilet until Lee Clarke sat him down and told him what was what. After that he has knuckled down and become the promising player that we see now. Part of me would love to see him come back but there's always that fear that he would just take up with his old mates again and finish off the hatchet job he was doing on his career before Clarke's intervention. Not only would it be a waste of United's time and money but it might also cost England one of the best players we have seen in a long time.

Posted 1:45pm 17th January 2014

tk421 says...

If Kalou is the answer, then what is the question, Spurs fans?

Posted 1:34pm 17th January 2014

kireca (Arsenal) says...

@ sharn, by all accounts Morrison was a nightmare to manage as a youth player at United. Went completely off the rails while he was there apparently. A completely different situation relating to Pogba. george_is_best's point is valid.

Posted 12:28pm 17th January 2014

macduff says...

@kireca- his release clause is well known, both clubs will have the opportunity to bid and it would be then up to the player. Of course chelski will offer more money and probably some under the table deal sweetener, but it would be up to the player after speaking to both clubs. Hopefully he will have been chatting to Mata about it during the WC!

Posted 12:22pm 17th January 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

Can't see Chelsea using Thibault Courtois as a make weight in any deal for Costa, if he has a £32 mil release clause, then that's not far off what Courtois is worth anyway. Cech has been a great servant to Chelsea, but he won't go on forever and Courtois looks to be a Best GK in the World type player soon and Chelsea would be silly to let him go to a club that will just end up selling him for chicken feed to Barca or Real.

Posted 12:04pm 17th January 2014

sharn (Manchester United) says...

george_is_best...SAF's offloading of Morrison is up there with his refusal to give Pogba a decent chance to show his wares- a very poor call. Pogba will go on to become one of the world's best in my (less than humble) opinion, but SAF's gone so he doesn't care. Look at what we have left in midfield now; not bloody much, which would account for all the air miles I previously discussed. But thanks for answering my rhetorical question. Hayesy Oz.

Posted 11:47am 17th January 2014

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