Rasmus Hojlund has generated Man Utd propaganda
Ian Watson

Premier League five-year net spend table: Man Utd among three clubs in £500m club

Forget the league table, it’s all about the Premier League net spend table. And Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal are ahead of the other 17 after the summer transfer window…
Championship final prediction
Lewis Oldham

Leicester City 1st), Leeds 2nd), Huddersfield relegated: Predicting the final 23/24 Championship table

We’re 16 games into the Championship 2023/24 season and this is a league renowned for its unpredictability, but I’ve still given myself the unenviable task of predicting how the final ...
Diego Maradona in action for Napoli
Dave Tickner

Dictionary365: N is for Napoli, Nevilles, Newcastle, Neymar, Nightmare, NLD and Nottingham Forest

We reach N in our rundown of the language of football, and that means all the Nevilles as well as your Newcastles, your Nightmares, your Nottingham Forests.
Spurs forward James Maddison celebrates
Matt Stead

Spurs suffer from nervous nineties: who has topped Premier League for longest without ever winning it?

Ange Postecoglou copied all his predecessors up to Andre Villas-Boas in taking Spurs to the top of the Premier League, but the Aussie couldn’t hold on for the 100.
Tottenham defender Micky van de Ven
Will Ford

Ranking the average age of Premier League XIs: Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs in top four

Three of the four youngest teams went down last season so it probably does not pay to be too young. Burnley did not take heed.