A weakened Liverpool is like Mourinho’s Man Utd…

Date published: Tuesday 8th January 2019 8:35

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First things first
Didn’t fancy her anyway la.
Professional (Red) Scouser, Anywhere


Origi nearly cocked up the plan
I literally can’t believe Origi to be honest. I’m pretty sure my source close to the team said ‘make it look like a close game, but don’t actually, you know, score’. Especially if a draw leads to a dreaded replay. That was a mightily close run thing.

Now, can we stop talking about the effectiveness and depth of the youth system, and the bestest cup competition in the whole world…and get on with the business of staying on top of the league for as long as possible.

Many will be tempted to start reading into the fact we’ve just lost two in a row. But I think you’ll need to be pretty darn good at hide and seek to find anyone in (the red half of) Liverpool who actually cares.
Barry, LFC


Actually, we didn’t have to look too hard…
Sigh…after the highs of watching Liverpool nesting at the top of the league, here comes the smack in the face with a wet fish.

I can understand rotation and the necessity of giving a few players a rest, but the amount of changes at Molineux was always going to result in a disjointed performance and ultimately we got what we deserved.

Sturridge and Origi looked like strangers who had wandered onto the field and joined in a kickabout. Even Origi’s goal seemed fluke-ish. Even Milly channelled his inner schoolboy and did a fine pantomime performance of galloping about in the wrong direction for the opening goal.

If Jurgen felt that the FA Cup was such a low priority then why not simply say to the FA “no thanks…we’ll sit this one out” as Man United did in 2000 (I think?). I can’t remember the last time Liverpool actually had a decent run in the FA Cup.

We could then claim the eventual winners are tainted by the fact that Liverpool didn’t participate and that therefore their victory is hollow…

At least Lovren would still be fit for Brighton (biting tongue here).

Incidentally, I wonder if anyone else feels the way I do regarding the Carabao Cup – I have ceased to acknowledge its very existence. The reason being it is no longer shown on TV in South Africa. We are spoiled with a ridiculous amount of football so I’m not complaining as such. It’s more a feeling of if a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around does it make a sound? Perhaps I ought to think more along the lines of it being Schrodingers Cup. If it ain’t on tv then it never happened!

That and the fact we get knocked out at the first hurdle usually…
Mike LFC & Cape Town City


…If my memory isn’t failing me, Klopp has gone out of the FA Cup early for the fourth time in a row. If we give him a pass for two of those times (fixture congestion around League Cup Semi Finals when it’s the correct decision to try and win them if you are so close to the trophy), that’s still a pretty dismal record.

It’s doubly frustrating, as the next fixture would have been against either Shrewsbury or Stoke rather than a high-pressure stick/twist decision if we’d been drawn against the big 6.

Although I hear many people lament his lack of rotation, from what I’ve seen in midfield and defence he sees to be doing that very well. Certainly none of our midfielders or full-backs have the minutes that Spurs etc have totted up.

But if the front three are out, then we have all the ball but none of the penetration. It’s almost a Mourinho-esque attitude to attacking where he just throws good players out there and expects them to figure it out, without trying to get them into a rhythm. If you are going to rely on Sturridge and Origi, then surely they should have had the odd 10 minutes here/there to try and forge an understanding? Obviously Shaqiri has been a boost that has mitigated what are strongly growing doubts about Keita and Lallana, but I think we are now seeing what the failed transfer for Nabil Fekir has resulted in.

Saving the big guns for just 20 mins also seems a little odd, when a change at half time might’ve been good.

Anyway, well done Wolves. Good luck to you, and for obv reasons I’ll be supporting you on the weekend too.

And well done to our newest centre half. He was only 16 you know; It wasn’t mentioned.

Here’s hoping that going out of the FA Cup early during a title push year isn’t a repeat of 2014, when Arsenal knocked us out in what I remember to be against the run of play (Suarez and Sturridge seemed to miss about 4 hundred and 87 chances) and then the gooners had a winnable route to a final and we were pipped to the title by City. You should always take cup competitions seriously, and I don’t think we did against Wolves.
Tom G


…The Wolves game is disappointing but many people would have seen that coming with the team put out and unfamiliar formation.

Momentum is key for Liverpool right now, to help restore confidence to the team and also to keep the media wolves from the door, who will inevitably now be talking about a crisis at Anfield.

From invincibility questions to vulnerability queries, what a difference a week makes. Liverpool players don’t have the experience of winning a title – so this can definitely unsettle a few of the players. They can’t win the title this month but I feel they can play themselves out of it.

This game highlighted the players that will be out the exit door at Liverpool. Origi is a goner despite his solitary strike, that’s just not enough for Liverpool anymore. Gone are the days of a poacher a la Rush at the pool, it’s more a team game than anything else. Sturridge didn’t bust a gut, does he ever? This will surely be his last season at the club. Migs should have got that, any goalkeeper for a title challenging team should be saving those, second keeper or not. Romero, Vorm, Bravo would have got that, god even Wolves 2nd keeper showed up the Blundering Belgium with his superb save from Shaw. The sooner Migs is on the Karius express the better.

Nice game to blood the youngsters tho – with the 16 year old being the pick of the punch.

What was Milner doing for their first, surely cutting across and cutting off the inside pass channel would have been more effective, and put his trust in the right back coming across to cover the centre. Sloppy from Milner twice in a row, not that the forwards helped him by running the channels or showing for a pass. If anyone is entitled to a poor game it’s him, but for me Clive he’s got to go to the ball.

I’m all up for goalkeepers going up for corners, but how about them having coaching about blocking or dummy runs, it makes much more sense for them to make space for the evidently more accomplished headers of the ball, because let’s admit it goalkeepers goals are about as rare as a Jose Mourinho apology.

Liverpool need to bounce back in style and win the next few games with a gutful of goals. Ending January with maximum points will swing the pendulum back in their favour; any more dropped points will probably be the end of their title challenge.

Klopp indicating he may need to go into the transfer market could be a blessing in disguise. Toby Alderwield anyone! 25 million is an absolute steal for one of the top five centre-backs in the Premier League. Even if Gomez is back soon, there can be adequate rotation with the RB position with Clyne gone and Toby is Champions League cup tied. Like Loven’s ill advised comments – it’s a no brainer!

Thanks guys
Brett LFC


Not too gutted
Firstly, Wolves were excellent and deserve to go through. If they can replicate that intense press so high up the field against other sides in the competition then they will cause a lot of trouble to most teams and probably go far. Today I understood why they’ve been so effective against the big six; if you want to build from the back and are having an off day they will find you out. I think the intensity of their press made us have an off day, it worked especially well against most of our young or second string players.

It was so impressive the way they kept setting traps to ensure the ball went to Curtis Jones who suddenly had two guys all over him until he gave it away. Milner got caught under pressure which led to the first goal but you’ve really got to credit Wolves for the way they played rather than criticise our lot.

That said, Mignolet reminded us what we are missing out on today. His passing is so incredibly poor compared to Alisson which created the vast majority of our problems. Did he also concede the first two shots on target that he faced in the game? That’s a Migs greatest hits collection. Him coupled with Moreno, who is like an energiser bunny where one battery keeps slipping out of the slot and popping itself back in, means our defence was always going to be open and exposed.

But really, I am none too disappointed with our exit. Ultimately we have an increasingly thin squad as injuries pile up and we have Bayern Munich to worry about next month as well as needing to try and stay top of the league.

More importantly though, it’s hard to feel too bothered about a result when you see a debut like Hoever’s. What an absolute player. 16 years old and his confidence on the ball is just outstanding. He got himself into a spot of bother near the end of the first half but he’s young and probably just got a bit cocky. I’d love to see him get a chance in a league game soon. He is quick, calm and has a wonderful passing range, reminds of another Dutch defender in our ranks. What I would give to have made my debut for Liverpool at 16. FYI instead I was teaching myself a load of GCSEs and working at a phone shop part time. So wasn’t miles off I guess.
Minty, LFC


Wolves could go all the way
Well done, Wolves. A few thoughts:

1- if Liverpool’s Kids and Assorted Others had beaten an excellent full-strength Wolves side, surely that would have qualified as a giant-killing?

2- with a favourable draw and their ability to beat the big boys, could Wolves go all the way and win the cup? I can see them getting to the final at least.

3- it wasn’t Liverpool’s strikers that were the problem tonight, it was the midfield. Totally overrun by the extra man. Should have played one up front and tried to create more for him. It was obvious we needed to keep it away from our defence but the ball rarely reached the forwards.

4- it’s Hoover. I speak Dutch, you pronounce it Hoover when it’s written Hoever. (I am glad commentators weren’t calling him Whoever). And it’s Vinagre, not Vinaigre. You’re welcome.

5- glad to have had a glimpse of Hoever and Camacho, both looked promising. And Origi scored a great if ultimately meaningless goal.
Paul in Brussels


Neves Neves
There’s been a bit of (possibly justified) talk about Rúben Neves being a bit of a let down this season, having not lit up with Premier League in the same way he did the the championship last season. Given the type of player he is and who he models himself on, it’s important to remember what Michael Carrick and Andre Pirlo achieved in their careers well past their 22nd birthdays. Whilst he has a ways to go to reach the heights of even Carrick’s career, let alone Pirlo’s, I certain don’t think he’s behind schedule
John Collins WWFC, London
P.S. It’s possible I’ve come up with a straw man argument after a conversation with a Villa fan in the pub.


Why not Nations League it?
Everyone and their nan has documented the ‘have your cake and eat’ problem the FA Cup currently faces, and I apologize if I have missed this somewhere but why not rejuvenate the FA Cup the same way they have done the UEFA Nations League? Use a sort of Cup Co-efficient to create x amount of mini leagues, meaning that lower league teams that have been on decent cup runs in the past few years get popped in some higher groups, maybe with the bigger clubs and thus get a few more ‘big away days on the telly’.

Maybe have one competition in the first half of the season to start cutting the numbers down until you have a workable amount for the second half of the season which culminates in semi-finals and a final. That way a Premier League team that hasn’t been arsed for the last few years gets put in group S3 and has to start playing the FA Cup group stage in September. They might try a bit harder then, if only to avoid playing in the early rounds the following season.

Chuck in Champions League football for the overall winner, maybe guaranteed TV showings for league games for group winners or something too, or a bye to next seasons League Cup quarters or something? Thus improving chances of silverware for lower league clubs?

Jerome, THFC, Bristol

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