Chelsea told to reject ‘universally disdained’ Ricketts bid

Will Ford
Thomas Ricketts

A supporters group in Chicago claim the Ricketts family’s bid to buy Chelsea has been met with ‘universal disdain’.

The owners of the Chicago Cubs baseball team delivered ‘a comprehensive offering’ for the club on Friday, with Tom Ricketts, chairman of the Cubs, fronting the bid co-financed by Ken Griffin, who runs Citadel, a Chicago-based hedge fund, worth around £20bn.

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But the head of a Chelsea Chicago Supporters Club, Brian Wolff – also a Cubs season-ticket holder – has cited controversy regarding the political beliefs of the Ricketts family as cause for concern for the Stamford Bridge club, as well as a lack of believe they can bring continued success.

‘As the Head of Chelsea Chicago Supporters Club, and the Chelsea Fans’ Forum Overseas Representative, I’ve had a unique position hearing what supporters in Chicago and worldwide have said regarding the Ricketts family’s bid for Chelsea,’ Wolff wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

‘I can report the vast majority of opinion has been of universal disdain.

‘The Ricketts’ political donations, fundraising and support for candidates who do not share the inclusive views of Chelsea Football Club and its supporters are wholly inconsistent with 19 years of fantastic work done by the club and the Chelsea Foundation, most notably as a leader in committing to a living wage and efforts to protect and promote equality for BAME and LGBTQ+ communities.

‘Their ownership of Chicago Cubs baseball and redevelopment of Wrigley Field raises serious doubts whether they will build upon the club’s success on the pitch, and also the continued existence of the Chelsea Pitch Owners and the goal to keep Chelsea Football Club playing at Stamford Bridge at our forever home.

‘On behalf of countless supporters worldwide, I urge you to reject their bid for ownership of Chelsea Football Club in favour of others who will commit to not only building upon the last two decades of investment in players and infrastructure, but equally important, the investment in supporters and the values we hold dear.’

Tom Rickett’s father, Joe, came under fire in 2012, saying ‘Muslims are my enemy’, describing Islam as a ‘cult’ and laughing at racist jokes.