Alan Shearer ‘guess’ sounds death knell for Ten Hag, who has employed a tool

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Alan Shearer, Erik ten Hag and the Manchester United badge
Alan Shearer, Erik ten Hag and the Manchester United badge

Alan Shearer has made a guess which has signalled the end of Erik ten Hag’s reign as Man Utd manager, if the Antony nonsense doesn’t get him first.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
TEN HAG ‘SET FOR SACK’ is a really bold headline on MailOnline. There must be some solid-gold info there. They absolutely haven’t based all this on what Alan Shearer has admitted is a ‘guess’, have they? Surely not.

Well of course they sodding have.

Here’s the obviously long, obviously CAPITALISED article headline:

Man United ‘have already made a decision on Erik ten Hag’ – and he will be sacked even if they WIN the FA Cup, suggests Alan Shearer, as he reveals the two big indicators showing sacking is imminent

And what are those ‘two big indicators’?

Let’s turn to Shearer for the big insight:

“I don’t know it, it’s just a guess but I look at the players’ attitudes, the players’ ability and I just get the feeling.”

He doesn’t know. It’s just a guess. It’s just a feeling.

So obviously TEN HAG ‘SET FOR SACK’. It’s nailed on.


Shear nonsense
And they’re not alone, with the Manchester Evening News joining the crew with this click-tastic headline, which somehow misses out the name of Alan Shearer. Careless.

‘He’s gone’ – Erik ten Hag decision ‘already made’ as Sir Jim Ratcliffe has new manager incoming

They have also managed to miss out the words ‘I think’ that came before ‘he’s gone’. As well as the words ‘guess’, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I just get the feeling’. Nope. All you need is ‘he’s gone’. From a man entirely unconnected to the subject.

And what you also need is the pretty hefty ‘as Sir Jim Ratcliffe has new manager incoming’, which is based entirely on a report from Kicker about Thomas Tuchel.

So to precis: A football pundit has said he has a ‘feeling’ that Erik ten Hag will be sacked at the same time as a German newspaper has linked a German with the Manchester United job.


MAILBOX: Sack ‘clueless tool’ Ten Hag as Man Utd ’embarrass’ their fans v Coventry City


Spotter’s badge
The shark has long since been jumped but the tabloid website ‘trick’ of selling comments on social media from random bods as ‘news’ really is the most lazy-arsed, sh*thouse way to get clicks.

‘ANTONY was labelled a “horrible person, horrible player” after he allegedly goaded Coventry fans after their defeat to Manchester United,’ says The Sun, because a four-word tweet from @4ktjxsh is absolutely news. We’re waiting to hear what he thinks about the situation in the Middle East.

And on the same website…

Fans spot Man Utd players are ‘too ashamed to celebrate’ as even Roy Keane claims they were ’embarrassed to win’

What astonishing powers of observation there. Those of us who are not ‘fans’ had absolutely no idea that the Manchester United players did not celebrate their win over Coventry. That sort of sh*t is invisible to the naked eye.

And The Sun are not the only guilty party here, with the Mirror writing:

Man Utd fans spot players ‘too embarrassed to celebrate’ as Antony cupped ears to Coventry end

Remember when ‘spot’ was reserved for something not literally highlighted at length on terrestrial TV.


Enough about me, what are people saying about me?
Desperate to get ‘Ten Hag’ and ‘sack’ into a headline (we’ve all been there), here’s the Mirror again:

Sir Jim Ratcliffe receives Erik ten Hag sack demand after Man Utd just beat Coventry

Let’s be clear; Ratcliffe only ‘receives’ an ‘Erik ten Hag sack demand’ if he goes on X and searches for his own name. To be fair, he’s a billionaire with a billionaire’s ego so he probably does go on X to search for his name. As you were.


Reaction times
Football’s weird though, isn’t it? Just weird. From the Manchester Evening News:

What two Manchester United players did during FA Cup semi-final celebrations should extend one career and end another

No arguments on Antony (‘horrible person, horrible player’) but Harry Maguire going to shake hands with the opposition should ‘extend’ his Manchester United career? Behave.

Elsewhere on the MEN, Samuel Luckhurst has turned on Ten Hag after that sh*t-show:

Manchester United players’ reaction to beating Coventry shows Erik ten Hag has to go

Surely the Manchester United players’ reaction to being 3-0 up against Coventry shows Ten Hag has to go. Sometimes it’s just about the football. And the football was absolutely pants.

And then in the i:

The photo that shows why Man Utd should sell Antony and sack Erik ten Hag

It’s the photo of Antony cupping his ear of course – a ludicrous gesture by an absolute tool. But we suspect that if Ten Hag is sacked it will be because his team is rubbish. Not because he happens to have bought – and then sidelined – a prick.

What has really amused Mediawatch is the i story we are invited to read next:

The 20 minutes that showed Man Utd why Erik ten Hag has to go

Is there anything that doesn’t show that Manchester United need to sack Ten Hag?