Alexander-Arnold addresses famous Neville dig after Liverpool win

Will Ford

Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold dropped Jamie Carragher’s famous Gary Neville dig into his post-match interview after starring in their 2-0 over Sheffield United.

Alexander-Arnold impressed again as the Reds’ unbeaten Premier League run was extended into a second year, with victory over the Blades restoring their 13-point lead at the top of the table on Thursday night.

Alexander-Arnold, along with left-back Andy Robertson, have played a vital role in helping the reigning Champions League holders storm ahead in the title race.

The duo have made no secret of their assists battle, with Alexander-Arnold currently leading 10-5 this season despite the Scot’s contribution at Anfield.

And the England superstar explained that Liverpool’s full-backs have a healthy rivalry.

“That is the way we are, we are competitive within ourselves,” he told BT Sport.

“We have a competition to see who can get the most assists and it pushes ourselves.

“At the end of the season, one gets the bragging rights and one doesn’t. He can nick two or three assists in any given game.”



Alexander-Arnold also name-dropped Neville, with Carragher once claiming “no one wants to grow up to be a Gary Neville”.

He added: “As a pair, we want to change the way the position was previously thought about.

“There was the famous saying ‘nobody wants to grow up to be a Gary Neville’.

“But we want to change that and bring a different way of thinking of a full-back.”