Man Utd still top the all-time Premier League table with Man City sixth

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Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson won 13 Premier League titles at Manchester United.

Here for the all-time Premier League table? Well clicked, you’re in the right place.

We’ve got plenty of other tables on the website, for which we’ve written blurbs like this. And for the other ones we’ve avoided being too specific as we really can’t be doing with updating them every week. We’re busy people – you understand.

But this one’s a bit different as there doesn’t tend to be a great deal of position swapping at the top. Manchester United are well clear of Arsenal in second; Liverpool and Chelsea are in quite the battle for third; Tottenham are a long way off them in fifth but comfortably clear of the team that has seven Premier League titles to their zero in sixth.

It’s really rather nice to see Manchester City very firmly rooted in a Europa League spot, and even nicer to see Everton assured of the Everton Cup for a little while yet.

Here’s the full range of tables available on F365, including a ‘table between two dates’ stretching all the way back until football began in 1992, a ‘second half table’, the all-important ranking of teams based on ‘corners won’ and about 20 or so more.