Arne Slot is ‘Dutch Brendan Rodgers’ who will take Liverpool to 10th

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Arne Slot and Jurgen Klopp with the Liverpool badge.
Arne Slot and Jurgen Klopp with the Liverpool badge.

There is no overwhelming support for the likely appointment of Arne Slot at Liverpool, with an Erik ten Hag regen feared.

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Slot? Who the hell is Slot?
And so it begins.

When Klopp announced he was leaving, fans knew this was the unravelling of Liverpool Football Club. To go from the imperious Klopp to who-he? Slot – I mean WTF Liverpool, seriously.

The world needs to know – who is this guy? He got second in the Eredivisie? Yippe ka yay! Even ten Hag won the damn thing, and we sure do not want Ten Hag anywhere near Anfield Road except for 7-0 pastings.

As a club with the best support, we Liverpool fans are never rewarded. We’re always a player or two short during the best of times, we missed being League champions by a point or lose Champions League finals due to a meme keeper.

And now, those times are gone as well.

Slot will take us from 3rd to 10th. He’s the Dutch Brendan Rodgers. He will spend 5 years ‘rebuilding’, fill our squad with mid-table personnel and the season we make it back to Europa will be an achievement.

There’s your lot, Slot.
Vinnie ‘LFC’ Pee

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Slot Ten Hag
A couple of weeks ago, I was published posing a counter-factual question on whether Ten Hag taking over at Liverpool this season would have been a truer test of his ability. At the time I thought it was a bit of a shame this couldn’t be tested. Obviously this also piqued the interest of the Liverpool hierarchy, who have since gone (I assume purely based on my email) after a promising, bald, Dutch manager to fill the role in the experiment.

It’ll also put to the test another theory: every odd numbered high profile bald appointment is a success – Pep (1st) Great; Ten Hag (2nd) terrible; Slot (3rd) soon to be Great.

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Maybe give them some time?
Lee is frustrated that “we” went from Xabi Alonso as the anointed one to Ruben Amorim to now Arne Slot, and I can understand that he would like some clarity on who Liverpool’s manager is going to be next season. Everyone would.

Thing is, we don’t know that Liverpool have spoken to any of these managers. The search for a new manager is being carried out by someone with a track record of a) surprising people.with transfers (remember Fabinho just turning up?) and b) with the best will in the world, lying through his teeth to the media about what he’s doing.

We should probably take it easy and see who the new manager is, or, and I imagine this is a controversial point, maybe give him or her a few games, before we jump to any conclusions about how Liverpool are doomed to failure.
Dara O’Reilly, London


What is a succession plan anyway?
I don’t really get Steven Chicken’s article about succession planning for Klopp. The Man City style model (if that’s really what they are doing) isn’t available to them, so, I’m not really sure of what Liverpool could do differently.

The truth is we have absolutely no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. But I would be pretty confident that they been keeping tabs on managers all around Europe who they feel would be a good fit to succeed Klopp. On that list was probably Alonso, Slot, Amorim and many others. But that’s all they really can do. Remember, Klopp had a contract until 2026. Maybe Alonso was the number 1 choice, but what should they have done?

“Hi Mr Alonso, we’re just wondering if you’d like to be available to be Liverpool manager in 2026. Or maybe before then if our manager leaves early. Is that ok? Please?”

To my eye, what they are doing is quite sensible. It’s April. It’s not like we’re in August, scrabbling around before the start of the season. They are going through an extensive process of looking through their options and seeing who would be a good fit. Presumably they’ve spoken to Amorim and if reports are true, they were not convinced. Arne Slot is now the favourite so maybe they’ve had a conversation and like what they hear.

But from Steve’s article it seems he thinks they should have had these conversations and made the appointment before Klopp resigned, which I don’t really get.
Mike, LFC, Dubai


Nobody turned up, did they?
In today’s mailbox, Lee talks about Liverpool and the manager carousel stating Arnie Slot has “one title win in a season where the competition didn’t turn up”.

You might want to reflect on Liverpool’s only title win in 34 years, Lee, which also happened to be in the same year that the rest of the world was preoccupied with a little pandemic that was going on.


Here we go again for Arsenal…
Deja vu does not cover what I am feeling right now…

The worst part, I am seeing double…

I am currently seeing two teams, pushing, chasing till the end of the season. Winning regularly, with some shaky performances but having hope that City will drop points. If history repeats itself, which it has several times in the last few years, West Ham will be 2-0 up by half time on the final day, only to succumb 3-2 to a 40 Yard strike from Nathan Aké, followed by a Bernardo/Haaland Blitz in 2 minutes, to win City the league by 2 points.
Nik (watch Liverpool drop points tonight to make me look a fool), Paris

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Odegaard is no Bergkamp
I love Odegaard as much as the next man but he’s no Dennis Bergkamp.

Dennis Bergkamp would have been burned as a witch in medieval times.

Let’s not forget that goal against Newcastle where he said he chose the quickest route to the ball.

Last night was the sweetest victory in decades for the Arsenal, however.

While there was a point to our reliance on youngsters during our barren years in that it paid for our stadium and we’re reaping the rewards today, I’ve no idea why Chelsea thought, ‘yeah, let’s do what Arsenal did’.

Arsenal fans may be insufferable right now but a lot of it is just giving it back to Chelsea after the Abramovich years.

It’s enjoyable but I’m not partaking in it as I remember where we were 10 years ago.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Arsenal going up in the world
We may not win it but we’re now looking pretty sweet. Therefore, are we now a more attractive prospect for some of the higher tier players from our rivals?

Why aren’t we being linked with Cole Palmer, for example? Good goal scorer, would be good competition for Saka. Likewise Garnacho. Surely he doesn’t want to stay up there in that clown of a club? Similarly, Mainoo. Ok, maybe that’s less likely due to his name sounding to homophonic..

Our close season is going to be super intriguing. There’ll be some much needed exits and I can’t wait to see who comes in.

Finally, why is no one taking Tuchel seriously? He should really go to Liverpool. Surely he’s ideal for them?
JazGooner (msg to Stewie, we may not win this season but come on, surely you can see tangible progress)


My contention that Arsenal is a small-mentality club has been irrefutably disproved by Havertz scoring a couple of goals, at home, to *checks notes*….a mid-table team with their worst PL defensive record in history! I guess that must also now make Matheus Cunha of Wolves the new Thierry Henry? Because if I’m not mistaken, he scored a hat-trick, *away* at Stamford Bridge about 6-7 weeks ago!

I can’t recall the Wolves fans celebrating like it’s 1999 after spanking Chelsea at their own home (something Arsenal couldn’t do this season eh!). Or showing off that their man is the nuts – probably because Wolves realised they were playing a shite team who have fallen apart at the seams. But interesting to see a team who spent £200m over summer celebrate their £275k a week player, showing up (but not v a Top 6-7 side naturally lol). Wolves fans might have higher standards apparently?

So yeah. I apologise for the claim Havertz is about as useful as a chocolate dildo on a hot summer’s day “against any team in the Top Seven”.
Naturally, a mischievous soul would ask where these amazing Arsenal performances were against Bayern just a week ago but as we all know, the Arsenal fan arrogance isn’t saved for the big boys or the big trophies – just sporadic meaningless end-of-season strolls against Wolves, Chelsea etc. I stand corrected!
Stewie Griffin (Fake Standards!)


Maybe Graham Potter was okay after all…
I deduce that it is a near impossibility that any Chelsea fan will ever believe that Graham Potter was a good manager trying to make a balsa wood & cloth kite fly in a hurricane.

Last night was more evidence that Potter is a good manager and the problem was/is CFC, or Man United if he is not once bitten forever smitten about going to clubs that are messy upstairs.

There are probably numerous anecdotes or euphemisms about dating beautiful ladies with eccentricities & mental imperfections but I won’t go there .

So without holding my breath for even one reasonable Chelsea fan to admit that they were wrong about Potter, I wonder whether Liverpool or West Ham fans would be happy about having him as their new coach. There is something, clearly, to be said for having some Premier League experience behind you, hence a less risky bet than fishing in the Portuguese/Dutch leagues.

Perhaps he is happy to take the England job?

As far as Arsenal are concerned, the only way is up. If Pep were to retire by surprise this summer, I’d have Arteta’s team favourite for next season’s title (no not at City you cheeky beggars) .

The Guipuzcoan and his team must’ve been dead happy with that overall display, though the thought had crossed my mind that losing on penalties to Porto would’ve been worth it to be less exhausted versus Villa. Hey ho, difficult to admit .

Manager Merry-go round it is.
Peter (never liked Arsenal but’d be really pleased if they pipped City this season) Andalucia


Cold Palmer?
Nothing personal, but I do hope that Cole Palmer’s cold sticks around until Sunday or so.
Gary AVFC, Oxford