Arsenal are screwed – but Emery isn’t the problem…

Date published: Sunday 24th November 2019 1:26

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Emery isn’t the biggest problem
Big clubs make bad appointments all the time. Managers don’t work out and things get worse rather than better; like what’s happening with Emery at Arsenal. Whether you’re watching the games or just looking at the stats, it’s clear that this is a footballing side going backwards. It’s much worse than the last season under Wenger (in his first 50 games for Arsenal, Emery accumulated fewer points than Wenger did in his last 50).

However, what keeps a club moving forward isn’t that they always make a right decision – you have to fail in order to learn. It’s about how they deal with the failure and respond to it… this is where Arsenal are in deep trouble.

Arsenal have worse leadership off the pitch than they do on it. No-one is taking responsibility for Emery because no-one in Arsenal’s leadership actually feels responsible or accountable for him.

Raul is nothing more than a schmoozer who belongs in account management – it looks like he’s waiting on Josh Kroenke to tell him what to do.

Josh Kroenke is a no-nothing daddy’s boy who has been gifted everything he has in his life and demonstrated zero ability to accomplish anything for himself – he probably expects Raul to sort out this mess.

Stan Kroenko might as well be a ghost.

Edu looks like another ex-footballer who is clueless and totally out of his depth when it comes to managing aspects of a business – he’s waiting on Josh and Raul to decide.

And Vinai… well he’s the joke of the MD who appears to be excluded on anything football related at a football club.

They’re just a pathetic bunch of cretins who couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery.

And that’s why Arsenal are screwed. If they do eventually manage to distinguish their ars* from their elbow and sack Emery, it won’t matter – Arsenal are screwed from the top down until the club is sold.
Ben (London)


Emery out
Edu and Raul think that Emery is going to turn things around whilr Spurs sacked the coach who took them to the Champions’ League final. The signs were there since late last season and after a few lucky results where Arsenal were bad but got away with it in the early games of the season, they are now stuck in a rut.

Had Arsenal played well but weren’t able to get the results then keep Emery, but they were woeful throughout this season

are these signs of them getting any better?
1. Sokratis almost gifted Southampton a goal by holding on to the ball inside his own penalty box if Southampton’s striker had been a bit more decent.
2. Had there been no Willock, Southampton would have won
3. Leno saved the penalty and yet he didn’t get any help from his defenders. Where were the defenders? Prowse was closer to the ball after the penalty kick but not even a single Arsenal’s defender came anywhere near him to challenge him
4. It was a soft penalty, but the defending prior to Tierney’s challenge on Ings was poor
5. Sokratis gifting Southampton’s a free throw in when he threw the ball in with one leg up in the air with barely any injury time left and wasted precious seconds that could have been spent on the opposition’s half
6. It could have been five or six goals to one, had Southampton’s finishing been better and remember this is the team that got beaten by nine goals to nil against Leicester

Where is the sign that Emery is going to turn things around? How much dire does it have to get? enough is enough. it’s time for Emery to go
Yohan, Indonesia


…Thank the lord above that Arsenal match is over. How do I get those 90 minutes back?! That was easily the worst match I have watched in recent memory.

No intensity, no drive, no commitment. No skill!! Awful nonsense altogether.

The quality of the Premier League really is dreadful right?!



Lost the will to care
I can’t be arsed with football anymore. Yes, I’m passionate about Arsenal but not about how we are being operated.

Bollocks to them!

F*ck off anybody who thinks I’m out of order bearing in mind I’m in my fifties!
Chris, Croydon


Pet’s peeved
It was the 72nd minute when the dog decided that a recently 50-year old man shouting deafening blue-murder at the TV in an apartment several thousand miles away from Emirates, was too scary to be in the same room as. Just completely lost it.

Off she toddled to my daughter’s room. She’s come out 3h later. But she’s one mildly raised voice away from being triggered.

Since the MU final in ‘1979 I’ve been a Gooner. Never seen a crowd, in person nor at distance, SO angry in all that time (and we had bigger crowds, and were a lot worse from ~1975-1985).

I’m going to be in the very very small minority that says I think the squad is 1-2 players, and definitely one leader, away from a serious title challenge. I think we have some potentially SUPERB players that can be quickly crafted into something powerful.

However, hope is killing us. Every arsenal fan knows: We will lose/draw to all the other top-6. We will slip on every “banana skin” fixture that looks like a banana skin. Ozil IS a busted flush

A bit of a voice in the wilderness, I always said that Wenger had irrevocably earned the right to go when he wanted. He’d more than earned it. Then Gazidis pushed him out and pissed-off anyways.

If this was season one I’d still hold my tongue. Last year 5th and Europa crash was actual equitable (but mental/motivational problem was laid stark and bare at the end). But this is well into season two. Great talent but no shape, form, nor plan. And NOTHING in the guts & balls dept. Buck stops at the manager and not even the board, just Kroenke. Both gotta go, but only one will go at best. Seasons F’d anyway, so lets take our time and do what’s best for the club for 2020-21.

It literally can’t get any worse than what we just saw. We have just hit the bottom. Rejoice it’s only up from here!
Paul Chipperton, Toronto, Canada


Is Xhaka still the problem?
Glad to see our return to greatness is well and truly in full flow after Xhaka has been removed from the first team. Is that no wins from 6 in all competitions now since he was dropped?

Clearly the Arsenal fans were very right to pinpoint him as the cause of all the problems. Well done once again guys – your reading of the situation is flawless as usual.
Adonis (facepalm) Stevenson, AFC



Jose’s Spurs
t’s taken less than 72 hours and there are already signs of Spurs turning into a team of absolute sh*thouses. Can’t deny i love it even though I’m not a spurs fan. The sight of Harry Kane leaving a late one on Snodgrass and then throwing himself to the floor was nothing short of prime Diego Costa. I’ll always have a soft spot for José from his time at Chelsea and granted a 3-2 win away to a West Ham team in poor form isn’t exactly moving mountains, Spurs looked very good for the first 60-65 minutes.

If Daniel Levy gives José anything close to what he asks for Spurs are going to be a real team.
Dave CFC


…We’ve gone from the king Pochettino

To sully our name with Mourinho

It beggars belief

So prepare for the grief

That comes with his big f***ing ego


In fear of Poch

An exhaustive and entirely complete list of Premier League managers who are not spending the next six weeks checking to see if ‘Pochettino’ is being drawn on all their training tops with black Sharpie by their chairman
Tim Sutton


Klopp copying Fergie
There has been many column inches written about how this current Liverpool side compares to MU under Fergie due to its tendencies to score late goals but without getting into a tedious debate about which is the better team I would like to draw further parallels with arguably MU greatest team under Sir Alex

Van der Saar / Allison – Composed unruffled goalkeepers both understated but brilliant.

Neville / Alexander Arnold. English RBs brought up via the academy , both supporters of the team they play for . One the best RB of his generation , the other potentially of his.

Vidic / Lovren – Uncompromising Eastern European defenders both prone to occasional dire games when faced with top class CF see Torres / Kane. NB Vidic is miles better.

Ferdinand / Van Dijk – Classy ,composed , ball playing CBs both blessed with physical attributes and ball playing skills unrivaled amongst their peers

Evra / Robertson – Both gradually introduced into first team with devastating effect . Duracell bunnies with attacking skills and a tough exterior.

Carrick / Henderson – Multi capped English CM who don’t score enough goals . Invaluable to their teams but divide opinion amongst opposing fans as to wether they are actually any good

Park Ji Sung / Winaldjum – Unheralded box to box midfielders . Stars at international level and a great habit of scoring important goals for their respective club sides.

Scholes /Fabinho – Both underrated by their respective national sides . Both arguably the player who makes the whole team tick . Both the first name on the team sheet ?

Rooney /Mane – Goal scoring wingers / CFs whose work rate and desire continue to make them the go to players when the chips are down . Both capable of playing in multiple positions and scoring world class goals.

Tevez / Firminio – Not true number 9s in the traditional sense in that they are not the teams primary scorer. Both selfless in their work knitting together the talents around them whilst capable of moment of sublime genius.

Ronaldo / Salah – Slightly selfish wingers whose sole purpose is to score goals . Both their respective countries national icon and both hold single season Premiership goal scoring records.

If you cant beat them , join them . Klopp acknowledging Fergies genius team building skills.
DL , LFC , Geneva


Kepa concern
Well not the result we would’ve wanted, certainly no shame in losing to such a good side that Manchester City are at this stage in their development, however the first half Chelsea were impressive but mistakes cost us in the end and teams like City will punish any mistakes you make.

Talking of mistakes, one thing I was disappointed about was Kepa’s performance, some poor decision making that almost lead to an Aguero goal, i can understand why Lampard wants to bring Shay Given in as the new club goalkeeping coach, otherwise we may have to go back into the market for a new number one come next season.
Mikey, CFC


Copa feels
First of all: an awesome response from the Mailbox for my question a few days ago about the small things in football that you love. Really enjoyed reading them, thanks everyone!

Secondly: how fantastic was it to see the Copa Libertadores final on terrestrial TV? The amazing stadium at Lima and incredible crowds in the stand made it feel like a huge game, like an old school World Cup game. Fabulous to see.
Tom, Devon, NUFC


VAR corner
I know you’re probably going to get a bunch of emails along the lines of:

‘Lucky Liverpool.’ ‘LiVARpool.’ And ‘Video Assistant Reds’

The main argument that I’ve heard from friends and pundits alike is that the foul didn’t affect the goal incident. But I’m afraid that argument simply doesn’t hold up.

How many times per game do we see a free kick or corner lofted in the box, only to have the whistle blown mid-air for some scuffle or other taking place in the box, with an end result of a free-kick for the defending team? It happens in literally every single game of football and the ball hasn’t even arrived yet. Who is to say it was headed anywhere near the players randomly harassing each other on the ground?

So the argument here is that because they headed the ball in, that this particular (blatant) push should be allowed to go unpunished? No. I’m not having it. You simply cannot run around a football pitch randomly shoving other players to the floor and expect not to be penalized because the ball isn’t heading your way.

Believe me when I say I despise VAR and wouldn’t give a single sh*t if they abolished it as soon as tomorrow morning. I’m not arguing for the technology despite the fact that it meant a goal against us was chalked off. I’m simply saying that as far as logical footballing reasons for disallowing a goal go, this one seems fairly legit to me.
Ryan C, LFC


…Liverpool, as I’ve said are a class side but are being VAR’d .

I’m going to work to work on Monday but going to have to face those plastic London LiVARpool ‘fans’! One in particular will need to try to wind jup even though we’re not in the running for anything! He’ll have a go at my Palace mate, he won’t say well played Palace, he’ll say ha ha Palace !

Gregory Whitehead, please tell me where you live and how often do you go to watch Liverpool? You ‘aint that obnoxious but please tell me what you think of VAR and LiVARpool !
Chris, Croydon (sober this evening 👍!)


…So, the Premier League is back and so we’ve got something else to talk about other than Jose getting (one of) the jobs he was stalking.

Also back is VAR chat – it didn’t prove to be decisive but Sterling’s “goal” was ruled out due to a toe/knee/armpit being offside. This was not what VAR was initially introduced for; to rule out clear and obvious errors by the on field referee.

I’m not going to talk at length about it as this has been done more eruditely than I ever could elsewhere…however surely the answer is to follow the cricketing approach – 2 reviews per match (15 seconds to do so) be it by captain or manager:

If the decision is marginal then the referees decision stands but the review is retained.

If the decision is obviously correct, the referees decisions stand and the review is lost.

If the decision is obviously incorrect the decision is reversed and the review is retained.

This should cut out the majority of bitching and moaning that we see on a weekly basis surely?
Brian (BRFC)


…OMG!!! I am a Man U fan, so any decision against Liverpool is funny as far as I am concerned, but I am also a referee.
I am sitting shouting at the TV where Tim Cahill, and Kevin Kilbane slightly less, are making themselves sound absolutely ignorant in their lack of knowledge of the rules. ‘We are ex-pros and we don’t know the rules. Teach us’. Well for once, VAR is not the issue, but the fact that top clubs don’t teach their players the rules!! Tim Cahill actually thought it was a new rule that you couldn’t push over someone in the box and Kilbane thought that anything which doesn’t affect the run of play is not a foul…. The mind boggles.
I have this every weekend with amateur players quoting rules they think exist, but top-level players surely should know the rules of football. It is not that many pages.
Andreas (Mourinho is going to be amazing for Spurs isn’t he….) Brussels


…A long time after the event, but prompted by Sky Sports News showing it again (and again) in their interview with Pep today. To get to the point, the ‘unnatural position’ debate is an odd one in that no one has really tried to demonstrate in a vaguely scientific way what might define it – just a load of pundits shouting at clouds as usual. The first time I saw the TAA penalty claim in the Liverpool-City game, one thing I noticed is that as the ball is about to hit his right arm, next to him Aguero’s arm is in an almost identical position, because they both react in the same biomechanical way to the ball ricocheting off Silva. If you are sceptical, I ask you to go and look at it again and if you think TAA’s arm is in an unnatural position, tell me why Aguero’s arm is in the exactly same position three feet from the ball – what advantage is he trying to gain by throwing his arm out? If you agree that they are both reacting in a *natural* way then you should also agree no handball.
Anyway, the point is that VAR could review the way players ‘naturally’ move in response to deflections and other movements, show the public what is natural by sharing the evidence and help avoid this kind of irritation. Of course, that relies on fans being objective and rational about such decisions, so I will wind my neck in.


A poor comparison
I have no issue with David Mooney writing a piece on the Rainbow Laces campaign, and I completely support his view that it shouldn’t be compulsory, but it’d be nice to see more people support it.

However, I take an issue with his comparison to the poppy, and by association, Remembrance Weekend. I’m a veteran who has served with gay, straight, bisexual and transgender members of the military. No one gives a shit. When I’m stood remembering people I know who have died, I’m not looking down the line of bowed heads thinking about which one of them likes what in the bedroom. Remembrance is for everyone. This is exactly why it bears absolutely no comparison to an awareness campaign. Remembrance, and the poppy, isn’t to raise awareness that people have died in conflict, it’s to remember them. We don’t need to raise awareness, because war is a tragedy that – at some point in their history – will have touched every, single family.

Awareness is important, because it hasn’t. I have friends who sit under most of the LGBTQI+ letters, but many don’t, so awareness of issues is key. But to compare awareness of gender / sexuality to remembering this – and other – country’s war dead, is gauche in the extreme, and a completely unnecessary comparison.

For the record, I also agree that it shouldn’t be compulsory to wear a poppy, and having served, I find it disgusting that it’s been co-opted to represent various agendas. Don’t want to wear a poppy, dig out – it’s a personal choice.

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