Arsenal boss Arteta responds to claims he’s ‘copying’ Guardiola – ‘we are very different as managers’

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Arteta on Guardiola

Mikel Arteta has denied claims that he has “copied” Pep Guardiola as the Arsenal head coach is a “very different manager” to the Man City chief.

The Gunners sit five points clear of Manchester City in the Premier League and they still have a game in hand.

The tussle for the title takes a back seat this weekend as the rivals meet in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Arteta worked under Guardiola in his first job as a coach, helping City to win two Premier League trophies before returning to Arsenal as Unai Emery’s replacement in December 2019.

The pair had known each other long before then, Arteta having progressed through the youth ranks at Barcelona a decade after Guardiola.

He is now aiming to following in Guardiola’s footsteps once again but is determined to do it in his own way.

“I had this when I was a player as well,” Arteta, speaking at his pre-match press conference ahead of the FA Cup clash, replied when asked if people assumed he would look to replicate Guardiola’s tactical approach after arriving at Arsenal.

“We grew up in the same position. I cannot control that. I have never tried to copy and paste anything.

“This club deserves much better than that, and it would not work that way. Every character and person dictates how the manager is, and how the team is. And we are very different.

“We are really different as people and we are very different as managers. That is why we understand each other so well and have the relationship that we have. That is probably for someone else to respond.”

Comparisons with Guardiola would have initially been seen as flattering and even now, Arteta is happy to have them even when it was put to the former Everton and Rangers midfielder that he has stepped out of his friend’s shadow.

“I feel gratitude,” he said.

“First of all because he inspired me as a player and he inspired me and gave me the opportunity as a coach. That’s it.

“For what people think of me, I accept it. Because I probably wouldn’t have had the career I had as a player, the understanding of the game or the purpose I had as a player if he hadn’t been in that time at Barcelona.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here and having that willingness and love for coaching if he hadn’t trusted in my love and given me the opportunity.

“I was looking at him and just wanted to achieve what he was doing. I loved the way he played and the way he was transmitting on the pitch and understanding what was happening. He was an inspiration since I was 18-years-old.

“I think the influence that Pep had in football in the last 20 years is just incredibly powerful, he changed the game like Johan (Cruyff) did in the past, he did it like other managers have that will go (down) in history.”

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