Arsenal can get Silva to replace Wenger now…

Date published: Sunday 21st January 2018 12:07

Send your thoughts to on this most delightful of Medical Days.


Silva lining
So, Watford sack Marco Silva, a promising young manager who will do great things in the future with the right club/resources.  Surely, this is the cue for Kroenke to appoint Silva and move Wenger upstairs?

Announce Silva takes over summer while Wenger moves up right away. Yes, his focus was turned by Everton and Watford have had miserable results, but ask yourself this – which top manager did not have a phase like this? If anything, experience (and failure) with/in lower teams is a big plus when they go up. Conte was sacked in Serie B for starters. Pep began with Barcelona B (ok, he did something good there also). Jose was the same. Even Pochettino was sacked by Espanyol.

Surely, I can’t be the only mailboxer who thinks this way! Any Arsenal fans?
Aravind, Chelsea Fan. 


A *really* satisfied Arsenal fan
As an Arsenal fan I just wanted to convey my thoughts on the Alexis deal & Arsenal’s footballing operations (such as they are).

This is a shockingly bad deal considering we were offered sixty million pounds for the player in the summer. He should have been given a deadline early in the summer to sign and if doesn’t then he should have been sold with time to reinvest properly.

Instead our pathetically weak Manager who indulges his players & has no team discipline has a ridiculous idea that Sanchez would stay & maybe sign later in the season which costs us even more money & disruption.

This is the same manager who was also told point blank by Oxlaide Chamberlian that he wouldn’t sign a new deal at the club even though we offered him more money & he wanted to leave, what does Wenger do? Play him against the team Ox will join & obviously plays badly in a humiliating defeat against Liverpool.

Despite having millions in the bank we are yet again selling our best player to Manchester United. When Van Persie went there it was with a grudging acceptance as we were paying for the stadium, this move has nothing to do with our financial situation, it has everything to do with players knowing that we are stale & a million miles behind our rivals due to keeping a has been in charge out of sentimentality.

This clubs decision making on the pitch & it’s footballing infrastructure is an absolute disgrace.

Yet again Mourinho has mugged us off.

Yet again Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis & Stan Kroenke are mugging us all off, all laughing all the way to the bank.

It stinks.
Mark Holmes


Follow the leader
Wenger describing Walcott as a “moral and mental leader” really is the epitome of the wider issue regarding the attitude of this club. If Theo Walcott the sackless wimp of a professional athlete whose general demeanour was quite rightly equated to the colour beige in a recent mail, and who has displayed literally zero fighting spirit over the last decade on or off the pitch is our moral leader then it really is no surprise that we’re currently where we are.
Johnny Arthur, West Australia (Why do Everton still have angry birds on their shirts?)


Sanchez < Sancho
Hi F365

Just watched Hertha v BVB in a cold Olympiastadion. Every kid in a big English club academy should look at what Jadon Sancho is doing. He is getting top level football in 70,000 seater stadia, and really looking the part. He is 17!!! Much better than playing in the junior CL.

Hertha’s record signing scored tonight, he cost €8.5m, just about 1 year salary for Sanchez, that is why tickets are cheap here, and the football is a bit slower, and the atmosphere is great.
Mel – Berlin


Achterberg out
Totally agree with Alex on the need for a new goalkeeping coach at Liverpool.  It’s based on the same argument you will have seen from Arsenal fans over the years regarding their medical department.  Players are out injured all the time playing the same game as other teams, that’s interesting, I wonder what the problem could be, let’s look into that.  But instead, goalkeepers coming in on the back of good seasons, no demonstrable improvement, that’s interesting, let’s look at the different variables and find a common theme.  Alex forgot to mention we also had the Bundesliga’s best goalie, Peter Gulasci, on our books during Achterberg’s stint.  But all you really need to ask yourself is this: have Liverpool had or produced a decent keeper during Achterberg’s reign as goalkeeping coach?  That’s it.  Nothing else matters.  If he has, let’s talk.  If he hasn’t, maybe Pepe Reina might like a first post-playing job?  Actually, he’s only 35, so let him be our player-coach with Ward as backup to learn.

To close with something beyond babbling and bitching, what’s the maddest thing you’ve ever seen a keeper do to put off the opposition?  I remember back in school seeing a goalie trip a striker when they were coming out onto the field before the match even started.  What a way to get in someone’s head based on the fact that every shot from the forward looked like an American football field-goal rather than a shot on goal.
Niall (all I really want is a mad keeper who gets in your head), Denver


Law of the land
So Dennis Law cost us 61.4% of our revenue for the year.

That is incredible to contemplate.

Does it excuse today’s spending then by relative comparison or would that fast become an apples and oranges situation?

I mean these days spending is consistently pushed to the limits of capability, for starters, and was it then?

But still, if he wasn’t the King of OT I would say that was costly.
Manc in SA ( no Dan, on these wages players can certainly afford your traditional sports injury related medical care.)


Explaining Chelsea’s silliness
For KC(he’d tear it up) and any other fans who are confused.

The reason that Chelsea are in for Carrol and possibly Crouch(lol) is that they are already in violation of homegrown player quotas as it is. They named only 22 players in thier squad at the start of this season, cant see how signing Bas Dost is going to remedy this situation.

So they need a player of Chelsea quality, willing to sit on the bench, who came through on these shores. Its a pretty tight list.

Glad to be of help.
TGWolf(Any Chelsea ‘fans’ threatening to burn a library down over the Carrol transfer need to have a short, sharp word with themselves)THFC


Carra is always right
Carra is right, Conte would be class at Arsenal!

Néill, (especially with Auby & Miki,) Ireland 


The one Ronnie
Poor Jerry seemed to touch some nerves with his email about Ronaldinho, but I’m with him. Mostly.

I don’t agree re. the comparisons with Messi and Ronaldo. The two of them are truly outstanding. The level they’ve achieved was previously unthinkable and, most impressively, they’ve achieved it consistently. I do not agree that anyone else will reach these heights anytime soon. It’s been a privilege to watch football with them at their peak. That they’re close to me age-wise is a brutally depressing aside.

However, I absolutely adored Ronaldinho, way more than those two and everyone else. I loved his tricks, flicks, no-look passes and back-heels. I’ve never enjoyed watching someone play football more because HE was clearly enjoying himself. It’s always a treat to watch someone enjoying themselves, even more so when you happen to love the thing they’re doing.

I remember playing football as a kid. We’d get home from school, dump our bags, put on some old kit (Figo 7, Barca) and head out to the park. We’d stick a big net we found over the rusty goals and then play non-stop, for hours, until it got dark. Single wembley, doubles wembley, headers, 1-touch, whatever. It was just loads of fun doing something we loved with pals.

Ronaldinho was, to me, playing and enjoying football the same way we did as kids. He just happened to do it to an outrageous standard on the biggest stage possible. He was such an easy player to love because it seemed he was still just a kid having loads of fun doing something he loved with pals.
Doug (shag Ronaldo, marry Ronaldinho, kill Messi) Glasgow

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