Arsenal defender says drop clause KO’d Palace move

Ian Watson

Arsenal full-back Carl Jenkinson has denied he wanted “silly” money to join Crystal Palace but admits the prospect of a pay-cut put him off joining the Eagles.

Sam Allardyce wanted the defender to help bolster his Palace ranks during the transfer window last month, with the club having agreed a deal with Arsenal.

But Jenkinson failed to reach a deal with Palace, with some reports he was looking for parity with Jeffrey Schlupp, who reportedly signed a contract worth £56,000 a week to join from Leicester.

Jenkinson spoke to The Mirror to deny he was being greedy, but the out-of-favour full-back admits finances played a major role in scuppering the deal.

Jenkinson said: “Football is a very short career. There was the possibility if I did move to Palace on the terms being offered then there was the chance it would have been quite a significant financial step backwards for me.

“It’s a culmination of things. When you do leave a club like Arsenal, things need to be right for you. Everything needs to be right.

“It needs to be the right manager and financially – don’t get me wrong, I don’t want silly money – but it needs to be something that’s right for me. I’m 25 years of age.

“Anyone who knows me, my friends and my family, know that wasn’t the case. But to people further afield, I didn’t want it to look like I was being greedy or whatever conclusion they may draw from what’s been said.

“When certain people are insinuating that you are asking for silly amounts of money and when it’s far from the truth it’s not nice to read. That’s why I am here and talking to clear that up. That’s not the case.”