Arsenal, Liverpool target accuses club of ‘bullying’

Matt Stead

Arsenal and Liverpool target Max Meyer has accused current club Schalke of “bullying” him.

Meyer is set to leave Schalke in the summer, having refused to extend a contract that is to expire at the end of the season.

Arsenal and Liverpool have been most regularly linked with Meyer, 22, who has featured in defensive midfield for Schalke this season.

Schalke chairman Clemens Tönnies has claimed that Meyer is on “the money train”, an accusation the German international disputes.

“I was never concerned about the money, otherwise I would have accepted the second improved offer,” Meyer told Bild.

“That’s why I find it a mess for Clemens Tonnies to say it on TV as if it were all about money. I simply did not want to stay with Schalke and work under Heidel. It’s all about this. Lately, it just feels like bullying to me.

“I did not want to come out and talk. I’ve just had enough of always reading something about myself, but neither Heidel nor Tonnies talked to me.

“Now they can read how the last two years have been for me at Schalke.”