Arsenal ‘did not look worthy’ in scratchy win v Man Utd as Spurs asked for favour

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Arsenal celebrate in the rain.
Arsenal celebrate in the rain.

Arsenal now want Spurs to do them a massive favour but did they do anything v Man Utd to suggest they are worthy champions?

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The dream scenario
Surely the whole world now wants Spurs to hold Man City to a draw and set up a bonkers last day where City have to better Arsenal’s inevitable win over Everton by 3 goals?

Haalandoooooo incoming?
Dave J (please, please..)


Arsenal did not look like champions
United lost to an individual error, none of Arsenal’s stars turned up. Yes they got an Old Trafford win but honestly they did not look like a team worthy of winning the league.

I know Sky need to hype it but next Sunday is nothing but a City cake walk. Maybe they’ll hire a new Joey Barton to throw the game too. But can’t say that he’s English.

Anyway. Hard luck arsenal. If Arteta wasn’t a dose I’d feel worse for you. But there’s only so much shoe polish in your hair I can tolerate while constantly abusing officials despite getting the calls I can take and he’s exceeded it.
Anthony – Pep taught him time wasting certainly

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Come on Liverpool now
Having just witnessed Arsenal win against Man Utd, my mind is already on the key game between Aston Villa and Liverpool. That game is key to the title race.

If Liverpool win, then the point difference between Aston Villa and Tottenham remains at 4 points.

Then, I expect Spurs players to take the game against City as the game of their lives. Spurs will know that a win against City reduces the gap to 1 point going to the last day. Aston Villa away to Palace is more daunting than Spurs at home to Sheffield Utd. Meaning Spurs can still make top 4 if (which is likely) Villa drop point at Palace.

As an Arsenal fan, I hope Liverpool win. If not, Spurs have nothing to play for against City. That will be bad for Arsenal.
Come on Reds!!!
Azeez Yusuf


…Just need Spurs to not be Spurs now.
Danny P


Do Spurs fans want their team to lose?
Earlier this season, in the mailbox and below the line, there was a bit of back-and-forth between Spurs and Arsenal fans, with the former stating that they don’t care what the latter does, and that their focus is on their team – as it should be. Meanwhile I’m sure someone wrote in last week to say they were hoping the team they “support” (Man U) continue to lose (no fear, buddy) presumably for the greater good.

Given that Spurs have essentially nothing to play for themselves and that preventing a City victory on Tuesday probably hands Arsenal the title, I’m genuinely curious to know if any Spurs fans are willing to admit that they want to see their side lose?

Kryten, Starbug

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Ten Hag just in it for the money at Man Utd
Following some of Ten Hag’s press conferences this season, its safe to say that I stopped listening to them properly or even for more than a 2-3 minutes after the UCL Group Stage exit back in December, more accurately probably after the 4-3 loss to Copenhagen which was nothing short of a disgrace and just summed up the fact the current squad is a Europa League side at best.

But I am now convinced that Ten Hag is just playing the game, and purely in it for the money at United, he knows bringing through some youngsters and giving them minutes will put him on the good side of fans and also Ratcliffe as well, but I just hope Ratcliffe realises and being very hopeful here, some others as part of the incompetent board at United, that Ten Hag just isn’t a very good manager and won’t finish higher than 5th in the table given the number of other good teams and managers in the league.

The interests of United as a club in winning trophies and competing for league titles is long gone now. If the club makes a reasonable level of revenue year in year out, finishing 5th, 6th or 7th, that seems to be perfectly fine with the senior shareholders and figures at the club. United have become more of a laughing stock club than when Arsenal were barely finishing 4th and didn’t win a trophy for 9 years between 2005-2014.

I did feel for Wenger during those years, as well as the fans too, but Wenger still managed to secure UCL football for Arsenal every single year despite selling his best players year in year out, he truly loved and cared about the club. United are now at the level where Liverpool were suffering for 20 odd years in terms of barely competing for the League title, and winning FA & League cups now and then (Not to sound entitled, but honestly who gives a damn about the League Cup especially, its a competition that ends in February).

I would like to make it clear that this downfall for United isn’t ALL Ten Hag’s fault, there are a number of factors causing the downfall. You could argue he is somewhat a scapegoat, but at the same time he is playing the ‘game’ extremely well at United, and playing dumb in a very subtle manner in his interviews and press conferences, thus why he will probably carry on for another year at United, but also because most top managers aren’t stupid enough to take this job at such as toxic football club in ruining their reputation and credibility. Ten Hag came for the money and knew he couldn’t fix the mess.

At least when Mourinho & Ole were around, they were showing some decent level of honesty and dignity, Ten Hag mentioned after the 4-0 loss to Palace on Monday that he is ‘pleased’ with the fans understanding and support. No words really, but Ten Hag knows who is working for people at the club that really don’t care for success on the pitch given they only care about revenue the club are generating, which by the way is pretty much all down to Ferguson and some of the legendary players who performed year in year out during the 90’s and 00’s.

The club will stay in a constant loop of mediocrity for the next few years and i’ts hard to say it will turn around any time soon, but United fans need to realise the club aren’t a big club anymore, its as big a club as Newcastle, Brighton & West Ham now.
Rami, Dubai


Cheers Davie Moyes
Thank you David Moyes, for your hard work, for your humility, for demonstrating the “best of the rest” in the prem is the best of the rest in Europe, for giving West Ham fans a reason to cheer so loud the toilet bowl almost felt like it had an atmosphere, for bringing on the best English midfielder of his generation, for spending the money well when we sold the deserting bast*rd, but most of all, for leaving: now we know what it takes to get an article on West Ham in a football website. All the best mate.
Jimmy and back to Haaland