Arsenal selling Aubameyang to Man Utd would not be so bad

Date published: Wednesday 19th June 2019 2:39

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal

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Selling Aubameyang not the worst thing Arsenal could do
Seeing reports/speculation that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is attracting interest from China and Manchester United, instinctively you’d think Arsenal would be mad to let him go. Our top goalscorer last season, golden boot winner…why would they let him go. But, two things make me think it might not be so disastrous. One, especially if we can get silly money from China, it would boost the transfer fund by at least £80 million, say. The reported £40 million fund is not enough for the defensive reconstruction we must do. The additional funds allows us to properly invest in central defence and left back, and maybe even improve midfield (wouldn’t miss Xhaka if he went) if we can also get rid of some of the other non-performers. Second, I know he obviously scored loads of goals last season, but to my mind many of his goals were finishing off team moves. In other words, when the team plays well, he is a part of that. There were at least 10 games last season where the team as a whole looked rotten, and he had minimal influence. I won’t say ‘flat track bully’, but maybe ‘fair weather striker’ instead. Contrast that with Lacazette, who I think at least looks like he’s working harder and causing more problems for opponents, holding the ball up more. I trust Lacazette more than Aubameyang to turn around a game for us, and I would definitely work harder to keep Lacazette than Aubameyang.

Now, if we then lose our top scorer, of course those goals need replacing. Who that would be, who could say. You’d think Laca would be able to hit at least 20 goals. I’m not sure Nketiah looks like stepping up at the moment. Would you trust our recruitment team to find someone as good? But that’s a subject for another mail. Keep Aubameyang and I don’t see us being able to properly upgrade the defensive areas to the extent we need to, and we will see the exact same failings as last season. Best case scenario we stay where we are – 5th place and long Europa League run. Worst case, we are overtaken by Wolves, Everton and Leicester (teams actually going somewhere whose owners actually want to invest) and head to mid table irrelevance.


…No doubt going to be in minority here, but I’d actually entertain a straight swap, if United really want Aubameyang, for Lukaku.

I’ve been a supporter/apologist for Lukaku for years (even when he signed for United) but my rationale also lies in the fact I think he’d be a better natural partner for Lacazette in an upfront pairing. He’d also add genuine threat with the ball played into him in wide areas and command centre backs and pull out of position.

He’s younger, probably cheaper per year, and very good in the build up.

So yeh, let’s see if second time is the charm with a United-Arsenal swap.
Tom, Walthamstow


Time to stick up for Seb
Edward (New York) and Nigel New Zealand have completely missed Seb’s point about the Baku final. Or maybe they’ve deliberately missed it due to the fact that the places they live in have “New” in the name and therefore by association, have chips on their shoulders about this kind of thing  (or is that chups? no matter)

Just like New York and New Zealand, Baku absolutely has the right to show top flight football but that was not Seb’s point. Seb’s point was that that right should definitely not take precedence over the logistics of hosting a major final. In many ways New York and Auckland would’ve been more suitable than Baku because you can get planes there from London every day.

Arsenal asked for clarity on how the selection process was made yet we all knew that it was about money. We have now reached a point where all that matters to UEFA and FIFA is money. Maybe it always has been, but when you take football away from the fans, you no longer have a product. That final was like a training match, but can you really see UEFA changing their selection process? Not a chance.

So I’m not saying Seb’s article will change anything, I’m just saying that some people completely missed the point, of which I concur.
Fat Man (apology accepted about Everton Sarah, let’s hope Brands can work his magic again)


Nigel, NZ. Seriously mate, If you are going to send an email expressing outrage at goings on in the world, you probably should read up on what you are outraged about beforehand. I’ve lived in UAE for over 10 years. The only torture I have been witness to is the 40+ celcius days between June and September. And the only ‘stoning’ I see is the ex-pats on a Friday evening after an all you can drink brunch. Maybe you’re thinking of Saudi Arabia???
Mick (Never once tortured but quite often stoned), Dubai.


Different players suit different systems
Look, I don’t think Pogba is a rubbish player, in fact i quite like him, he has the ability we can all see that.You can’t just straight out say Player A is sh*t and Player B is amazing etc (only Messi & Ronaldo can have that).

I think it comes down to the systems that your team plays.
Different players suit different systems.
Every player is different and prefers a particular position or is more comfortable playing in a certain position.

Case in point:
1: De Bruyne, he doesn’t suit a Mourinho system, hence was sold off to Wolfsburg to go and develop and become player he is now. That’s not his fault, it’s not Mourinho’s or Chelsea’s fault, it just was not meant to be at that moment in time and no one can say they knew he’d become so good after he left Chelsea, so don’t even try..

2. Victor Moses, again we know he had the the talent and spent time out on loan but it took a specific kind of system (Conte’s 3-4-3) to actually get the best out of him. A different system suited him and he was rubbish in a 4-4-2.

I’m sure there are many examples out there but going back to Pogba, i thought he was effective at Juve because of their system and how they played, he’s not a sh*t player overnight!!

This I guess goes back to the Man U board and having a plan in place for the type of players you buy.
What kind of football do you want to play? What do you want to achieve ala City/Pool.
T, CFC, London (seems like a “you” problem to me)


Under 21’s are a carbon copy
Congratulations should go to Gareth Southgate as it would appear he’s well on his way to achieving his goal of England representative teams all playing the same way.  Last nights U21’s performance mirrored the senior team in many ways.

An overconfident keeper, good at saving penalties and shots but with an air of “there’s a mistake any minute” about him.

A full back who, despite all the plaudits he receives, does not deliver a decent ball when attempting to cross, relies on his pace to get him out of his poor positional play and who has only one foot (would he be £100 mil if he had two?) and another one who has pace…..and thats all.

Centre halves and a dm who are great at passing 10 yards sideways and backwards to each other but can only hit an opposition player when attempting to go forward, often resulting in 4 or 5 against 2 or 3 as both full backs have careered forwards, or who lose the ball when put under any pressure.

A gifted midfielder who don’t seem to be able to “get on the ball” and hurt the opposition and so drifts around until finally subbed (will excuse Foden who does look an excellent prospect).

A winger who has pace and an incredible ability to never be able to find a team mate or hit the target when unchallenged.

A centre forward who does a great impression of a wall whenever the ball is played to him (ok not a fair comparison with HK but not unlike the alternatives).

A team who go a goal ahead in their biggest (first competitive) game for ages but ultimately lose!

A Manager/Coach who comes out with the usual banal comments, 3 up at half time, you’ve got to be joking, France missed a (harsh but that’s VAR) penalty, Dembele missed a sitter when clean through, courtesy of John Stones type defending consistently looked more dangerous despite their lack of possession.

The only thing missing was the god awful band and the mindless chanting.
Howard Jones


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