‘Batsh*t’ Big Ange over ‘insufferable’ Liverpool boss as Premier League goes Hollywood in 2023

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The wheels may have come off for Ange Postecoglou but the Tottenham fans can count themselves lucky they don’t have the ‘insufferable’ Liverpool boss at the helm.

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The batsh*t Big Ange party
Ten games unbeaten to start the season followed by five defeats after leading 1-0, a 4-1 loss to Chelsea where Chelsea still don’t understand what happened. A loss at West Ham after 92% Spurs possession for the first 20 mins and West Ham looked like they were going to be blown away. The 9 man high line, the 4 full back defence…this is all legendary stuff.

Spurs aren’t Man Utd…they’re not meant to be successful, but whether it is Greaves, Chivers, Hoddle, Gazza, or now Maddison, Bissouma, Udogie, etc. these guys know how to throw a party. Spectacular brain farts, mesmerizing football, sh#t defending…they’re completely compelling to watch. It’s pure Spurs.

Nobody gets cheered when you get thumped at home by your bitterest rival – Big Ange does.

This is 100% pure Spurs DNA…and surely Big Ange is safe as houses as long as he keeps the batshit mental party going, whatever the results.
Matthew (ITFC)


Big Ange over ‘insufferable Klopp’
For Graham Simons, Law 12.3 (disciplinary action) refers to players but presumably can also apply to managers, who “must be cautioned, even if the goal is disallowed, for: acting in a provocative, derisory or inflammatory way”. A manager leaving the technical area and sprinting down the field past half a stand of opposing supporters could be described as either provocative or inflammatory, albeit in a mild way, but topped up to a yellow by contributing to an excessive delay in restarting play. Ultimately, there is never a need for a manager to join in a goal celebration, and any manager who does only has themselves to blame if they are punished.

Also, and I realise I’m a hostage to fortune with this because it’s Spurs, but for all the talk of how they’re sticking with Ange Postecoglu despite a recent poor run, is anyone willing to consider this is because they’ve changed their ways and are prepared to be patient with him? I mean, they’re fifth; if you asked someone who knows about football but hadn’t seen any of the Premier League this season to guess where Spurs are after 15 games, that’s where they’re most likely to suggest. Arguably the reason why this has been their ceiling in recent times (see also: Manchester United) is because people, whether club officials or supporters, treat every minor setback as though it is proof of fatal damage.

Happy weekend everyone, just be thankful that you aren’t in a situation where if your team wins, you won’t have to endure Jurgen Klopp being insufferable about lunchtime kickoffs, or if they lose, Jurgen Klopp being generally insufferable. All the while stuck in a house full of people who decided they supported Liverpool when they started challenging for the title again, but claim it’s because my father in law has supported them since the 1950s.
Ed Quoththeraven


Acceptable Ange
The Brentford supporter who referenced the lack of discussion around his own club, and the others that are not part of the media club, should enjoy the lack of attention. To be talked about is to read shambling half-thoughts written with excitement but no belief nor conviction. It is to have to endure people making staggeringly stupid claims about the club you support. It is to have to bite down the internal desire to respond to these absurdities, and to resist the urge to say, ‘but sire, the problem is that you are a fool and have foolish ideas’ when another hot-take twit comes leering into view.

Yeah he was unbeaten in ten BUT…but what? Did that not happen? Or are we going to ignore that bit to suit an argument? Well if that’s the case then commit to it dude. Actually forget that bit. Now Ange has lost EVERY game, which just proves your point even more.

It’s December in his first season in the PL. Seems like he’s doing fine to me. Am I going to produce the stats around his first x number of games in relation to other managers? No. Because who fucking cares? We had a bad night due to some poor finishing, while west ham benefitted from some moments falling their way. It’s really not a problem, and extrapolating your data on the basis of that game is a means to an inaccurate end.

And if ETH is deemed to be doing an acceptable job based on equivalence to Ange, then Ange is surely also doing an acceptable job (or better)? And if we take into account the respective time in each job, doesn’t that support the idea that he’s doing well? Or are linked arguments too problematic in a sphere full of football supporters who exist solely to criticise and dampen down expectations? What a dismal way to live. It’s football. It’s meaningless fun. Enjoy it and stop being so terrified of being sincere.


Premier League fun
This Premier League season is really interesting.I think it has all the trappings for a Hollywood story ladies and gentlemen (and any non-binary people):

So in the space of 15 games we have seen the following:

– Manchester City are irrepressible – until not.
– Newcastle are the best thing since bread was sliced. Until they sh*t the bed at Goodison Park.
– Arsenal don’t have the ability to continue with their brilliant performance from last season and yet it continues…
– Tottenham are steaming up the field with Ange-Ball (perfect). – but we all knew it will fall apart as usual – and it already has.
– Manchester United are a disaster club.Everything goes wrong on and off the field and Ten Hag is waiting for his sacking for the cycle to continue.
– Aston Villa are good – so good they might win the whole thing.
– Everton were docked points and it feels unfair if there are 115 outstanding charges waiting on a separate matter. They should be 10th on the table and the other 115 charges need to get a conclusion ASAP (yes I am a Manchester United supporter).???
– Any team can win against any team on any given day unless it is Liverpool, Aston Villa, or Arsenal – they are top of the pile.

After making all these statements. I say to all Premier League supporters that we need to embrace the chaos. From the coveted 4th position to 9th on the table there are only  6 points as a differential. From 4th position to top is only 6 points. So will we understand that ultimately, City will come back from winning the Club World Cup to change gear in March to May or will we embrace the beautiful chaos we are observing now?

I wish everyone well and I need to make it clear, I am a Manchester United supporter.
Regards, Anonymous from South Africa 


Arsenal bottlers
Can we all agree that Arsenal didn’t bottle the league last year?

“Bottling” suggests that Arsenal should have won but didn’t. At their peak, Arsenal had an 8pt lead, which is where most people think it may have been there’s to lose. But there a few reasons why this 8pt lead was tenuous at best.

1. City had played one fewer game. They are are expected to win every game they play, making the lead effectively only 5 pts.

2. Arsenal still had to play City. It was at the Emirates, but considering their squad injuries, Arsenal would have been lucky to get a draw.

While City winning their game in hand and game against Arsenal were not foregone conclusions, they were always the most likely outcomes.

In all fairness, Arsenal still had two points up on City, BUT, the squad and manager were young, dealing with significant injuries, trying to hold off the eventual Champions League Winners. Arsenal ended up dropping more points once they knew the league was lost.

It was an amazing run and an excellent season for the team, but they certainly did not bottle it.
Mike, Toronto Gooner (Declan Rice was a bargain, even at 105 million)


Aston Villa injuries
As TX Bill rightly says, injuries to key players could obviously derail Villa’s charmingly disruptive start to the season, but something that I feel hasn’t been mentioned enough (i.e at all) is that we’re already missing nearly half our side from last season.

Mings and Buendia had been near ever-presents since Emery came in, and Mings in particular was in the form of his career.

The left-hand side understanding of Moreno and Ramsey was probably the single biggest reason for our excellent form in the back-end of last season.

All four would have been in what most would have called our strongest side at the start of the season, and all four have barely featured due to their injuries. Maybe we just need to complain about how unfair life is a bit more.
Dave, Bath


A proud Evertonian?!
After years and years and years of the constant disappointment of being an Everton supporter, what’s this strange feeling I have in my belly and chest?  It couldn’t be. . . pride could it?

We’re still terrible upfront (that Calvert-Lewin sitter?  I mean FFS), but another clean sheet, and out of the drop zone in the face of 10-point deduction adversity?  I couldn’t be prouder.  And as an Evertonian, that feels very odd, but very nice.

We’d be top half of the table sitting in tenth without the points deduction – not bad for a team everyone (myself included) thought would get relegated this season.
Colin Brown