Bellingham ‘disrespects’ Kane as ‘strange’ trash-talking like office worker ‘taking p**s’ out of boss

Jason Soutar
Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane during a match
Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane during a match

Chris Sutton believes Jude Bellingham showed England team-mate Harry Kane “a lack of respect” during Real Madrid’s draw at Bayern Munich.

Bellingham was seen giving Kane a bit of stick before he stepped up to take a penalty in Tuesday’s Champions League semi-final first leg.

Kane confidently converted the spot-kick to put Bayern 2-1 up before Vinicius Junior scored a penalty of his own to tie things up again.

After the game, the England and Bayern striker said: “I spoke to him after and he said: ‘I know you’re going to go left of the keeper’. But it was nice for me because I saw the keeper go a little bit early and I put it away.

“I knew [Bellingham] was there but I didn’t know what he said. But I went left anyway.”

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During punditry for TNT Sports, Michael Owen gave his verdict, saying: “I think the referee sees him and Bellingham gives him a little wink as if to say, ‘He’s my mate I can say what I want’ kind of thing.

“I can imagine he [Kane] is just shutting everything and anything out at that moment and it certainly didn’t put him off.”

A lot has been made of the moment between the two England players – probably more than necessary – and former Premier League striker Sutton has had his say.

Jude Bellingham ‘disrespects’ Harry Kane

On Mail Sport’s It’s All Kicking Off podcast, co-host Ian Ladyman voiced his displeasure, which was echoed by Sutton.

“Am I right to be a little bit irritated at Jude Bellingham with all that nonsense with Harry Kane?” Ladyman asked. “What’s he playing at? I don’t like it.”

Sutton replied: “I was surprised. Whether you like it or I like it, it doesn’t matter.

“Did Harry Kane like it? Does Harry Kane like it 24 hours on? I think he would feel there’s a bit of a lack of respect there. I really, really do. They’re off to the Euros together.”

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Sutton continued: “There’s a big competition, a big moment. You can understand the desperation for Bellingham, for Real Madrid to go through. But I thought it was a strange move. He’s had a brilliant start to his career, exceptional at Dortmund.

“He’s gone to Madrid but maybe people are viewing him as someone who may be getting a bit above his station when he does stuff like that.”

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Ladyman compared the incident to someone working in an office trying to mock one of their superiors.

“It’s a little bit like, you know when you work in an office and there’s certain people in the office that you can take the p*** out of, and then there’s a couple of people, namely your immediate superiors, you just know you can’t. It felt a little bit like that,” he said.

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