Who had the better season? West Ham, Manchester United or Arsenal?

Editor F365
West Ham, Manchester United and Arsenal

West Ham have won a European trophy and that really is marvellous. Manchester United won the Mickey Mouse Cup. Arsenal? They won nothing.

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Who had a better season now?
I am just asking for a friend, who had a better season between West Ham the Kings of Third Tier Europe or Arsenal the Kings of the Moral Victory?
Manc in SA (seriously just asking for a friend)


…Man Utd fans were at pains to point out to Arsenal a few months ago that winning trophies trumps league position apparently.

Having narrowly missed out on the quadruple they now sit clutching their Mickey Mouse cup and I think on this own logic we can state that West Ham have had a better season that both (and ourselves for that matter)

We done lads, enjoy your victory and doesn’t listen to the lurks of the internet trying to kill your happiness.
Dave LFC


What’s the name of the game?
I don’t want to spoil anyone’s celebrations, but ‘Europa Conference League’ is a really terrible name for a competition. At first I thought it was people taking the mick out of the Europa League by comparing it to the Vauxhall Conference.
Robert, Birmingham


Let him have his moment
As the mic was thrust in Declan Rice’s face, you knew it was coming. In that moment, he and his West Ham team mates had given their fans something special. A glorious European night, a victory, A TROPHY!

But rather than let him have that moment, with the fans, and the players and staff, they asked him about next season. I felt he dealt with the question with grace and humility, but couldn’t they wait?

They did it to Gerrard once, I think, when post glory, they asked him about leaving Liverpool. I know we are desperate for the next new, big thing, the story, the clickbait headline of ‘X refuses to rule out move’, but why can’t we just take a breath and let these players enjoy themselves? This was a rare moment for all those assembled, and those kind of questions sour the moment IMO.
John Matrix AFC


Premier League record is no record at all
I am sick of hearing about Kane staying to break Shearer’s Premier League record. Football did actually exist before the Premier League and accepting that fact then Alan Shearer sits only fifth as England greatest top flight goal scorer. Jimmy Greaves holds the record with 357, so unless Kane wants to stay in England to break that record then he is better off going to another club and winning silverware (which may of course be in England with Man Utd.).
Paul Norris


Give Ange a chance
Just wanted to put my two pennies worth in here, Ange Postecoglou may not have a pedigree that a lot of Spurs fans want and it is quiet clear most are dismissing his time at Celtic and the J League.

I know this won’t change their minds but Ange is also the only Australian manager to be able to get us the Asian Cup and did it playing some super stylish football along the way. He also changed the entire landscape of football in Australia. Taking it from a negative, brutal game (most of the time) with a love of English/Scottish hoofer tactics to a more possession based, hard pressing game. He took a very underwhelming Brisbane Roar team which had very limited talent into a monster that went on a 35 unbeaten game streak and once he left that same group of players were back to being ordinary at best.

Give the man a chance Matthew (not sure Mac Allister is the solution to the Liverpool problem). He has shown that he consistently gets more out his players wherever he goes and he has some decent tools to work with at Spurs (that hurt as I am a Gooner). He is also unafraid to run a broom through a club to get rid of the poison (first thing he did at Brisbane and Celtic).


Waaaah…the gift that keeps on giving
I find it interesting that Waaaaaahlliam, Leicester (and temporary Inter Milan fan) says he’s looking forward to more City tears when he writes in to demonstrate his own tears.

There will be no bites from city fans, I’ll just send my stock response…


It’s hilarious that you keep getting these emails but when I think about it, I’m having the same arguments with my wife!

My final position is/was “can’t we just enjoy ordinary people celebrating with unbridled joy instead of a moral ‘my dick’s bigger than yours’ stalemate?”

I guess “Big” William didn’t enjoy any of the West Ham celebrations last night because of the immoral nature of pornography and the immoral way they blagged the stadium off the government.

Seriously, enjoy football and put your moral cock back in your trousers.
Fat Man (In the wise words of mr Rasczac, “have fun, that’s an order!)


…Looking forward to more City tears?

Tears of laughter at your latest email, I can only assume.

Help yourself.
Levenshulme Blue, Manchester 19


To those who ‘don’t care’…
I work somewhere that spends quite a bit of time caring for staff mental health. We had a good session last week and without going in to it too much it was essentially about not sweating the little things.

I think my big take out was that if something isn’t good for you, or ‘meh’, or ‘worthless’, or ‘meaningless’ or ‘asterisked’ or anything in that vein, it’s better to just shelve it in your mind, and move on.

Just forget about it and be happy that you really don’t have to think about it, much less sit angrily vomiting vitriolic letters to anyone at all about that thing. You really don’t have to.

Just forget it and move on.

It’s very cathartic.

Happy to share those learnings and you’re welcome.
Cal Loftus


I’d rather Marlow than Miami
Paul K says ” living in the rainy cold 4th city of a post BREXIT UK while Beckham is living the high life in peace in the sunshine state building a football club that has just signed the best player in the world.” in this morning’s mailbox.

Sorry to go all ‘politics’ on you F365, but Miami, and Florida in general has been turned into an absolute f****** sh**hole over the last 15 years, mainly due to the Republican party and the politicians that run the “sunshine state”.

I’d rather live anywhere in the UK than in a basically fascist state where the government is legislating to target specific companies out of existence (Disney), targeting marginalised groups with extreme, borderline violent, unconstitutional legislation (trans people), or where it’s illegal to dress in drag but perfectly fine to buy and carry a gun openly without any form of licencing. Oh, and where loads of books are banned from school because of stupid, partisan, illogical, unscientific reasons too. How very “land of the free” and “small government”.
Calum, ( Florida is only marginally ahead of Saudi Arabia these days…) MUFC, Wokingham


…In reply to Paul K’s mail this morning, I am not going to give him pelters for his praise for Beckham etc,as he suggested might occur.

I’m just going to say that I doubt Messi would need to be concerned about needing a connecting flight to graven from Saudi to Argentina. I’m guessing that a private jet might have been his preferred option here!
A, LFC, Montreal


Saudi Pro League thoughts
As John Matrix shared this morning, the Saudi Sports Investment arm have bought up the PGA, purchased 4 teams in the Saudi Pro League and are now offering any footballer over the age of 30 a weekly salary of over a million, it brings me to this question: How do fellow mailboxers feel about this current project and do they feel it will actually last?

Personally i feel it will go the way the Chinese Super League did, at first it will be strong, multiple players will be tempted that are out of contract because who wouldn’t be tempted to earn over a million a week for two years, then the clubs will start offering overinflated fees to clubs for players, similar to how we saw Alex Teixeira move for £45m, Oscar for £54m and Jackson Martinez for €42m all to Chinese Super League clubs, maybe theyll be able to attract one or two names who are in their prime or the tail end of their prime.

Realistically i cannot see to many players choosing the money over European success, there are players who will want to earn the money as that is life, but there are also many more, id argue the majority who play the game to win trophies, to become legends, at least in the short term maybe Chelsea can sell off some of their recent transfer busts for a profit.
The Admin @ At The Bridge Pod