Chelsea top 21st century net spend table: Premier League dominates top 20 teams since 2000

Jason Soutar
Scarves for the Premier League 'big six' clubs.
Scarves for the Premier League 'big six' clubs.

Featuring 11 Premier League clubs, here is a ranking of the top 20 teams with the biggest net spend since 2000.

Figures are via Transfermarkt, which deals in Euros. It didn’t make much sense to convert it into sterling because of inflation and all that jazz.


20) Wolves (England)
Expenditure: €828.97m
Income: €489.97m
Net spend: €-339m

Remarkably, Wolves have sold 656 players and signed 657 since the start of the 2000/01 season. That is kind of spooky.


19) Fulham (England)
Expenditure: €688.5m
Income: €326.47m
Net spend: €-362.03m

With six more departures than arrivals, Fulham have not spent as much as Wolves but have made significantly less from sales.


18) Inter (Italy)
Expenditure: €1.88bn
Income: €1.49bn
Net spend: €-389.95m

Inter have signed a remarkable 1021 players in this time frame! They are only behind Parma (1435), Genoa (1171), Cruzeiro (1122) and Atalanta (1027).


17) Napoli (Italy)
Expenditure: €1.21bn
Income: €788.01m
Net spend: €-418.55m

Their net spend could look a lot lower with the sales of Victor Osimhen and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia.


16) Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia)
Expenditure: €512.78m
Income: €39.89m
Net spend: €-472.89m

That was quick. They have actually sold more players (284) than signed (274) but went a bit crazy this summer.


15) West Ham (England)
Expenditure: €1.20bn
Income: €717.89m
Net spend: €-483.93m

Over half of their expenditure went on terrible strikers. Ish.


14) Aston Villa (England)
Expenditure: €1.12bn
Income: €552.61m
Net spend: €-567.74m

Premier League clubs are a joke, aren’t they?

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13) Bayern Munich (Germany)
Expenditure: €1.42bn
Income: €755.85m
Net spend: €-666.84m

Pretty good going for three Champions League titles since the turn of the century. Bayern – who have signed 220 players – were actually below Villa (473 signings) – before signing Harry Kane. Madness.

Former Tottenham striker Harry Kane scores for Bayern Munich.


12) Newcastle United (England)
Expenditure: €1.28bn
Income: €592.68m
Net spend: €-683.16m

They are only going to keep climbing further up the net spend ladder.


11) Juventus (Italy)
Expenditure: €2.41bn
Income: €1.66bn
Net spend: €-757.32m

Is Juventus the richest Old Lady in the world?


10) Liverpool (England)
Expenditure: €1.96bn
Income: €1.17bn
Net spend: €-789.24m

FSG out.


9) AC Milan (Italy)
Expenditure: €1.65bn
Income: €859.13m
Net spend: €-793.78m

778 arrivals? These Italians love signing players.


8) Tottenham (England)
Expenditure: €1.86bn
Income: €1.06bn
Net spend: €-800.07m

The Harry Kane sale has them a little closer to the three clubs below them.

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7) Barcelona (Spain)
Expenditure: €2.40bn
Income: €1.44bn
Net spend: €-951.50m

It’s surprising they are not in the top five given the fact they are crippled financially thanks to a number of ridiculously stupid signings.


6) Arsenal (England)
Expenditure: €1.81bn
Income: €814.89m
Net spend: €-997.17m

Arsenal placed 14th with a net spend of €-280.98m between 00/01 and 17/18 – the season Arsene Wenger left.


5) Real Madrid (Spain)
Expenditure: €2.41bn
Income: €1.41bn
Net spend: €-1,006.35m

Real Madrid do not tend to get big fees for players, being the end goal and all that.


4) Paris Saint-Germain (France)
Expenditure: €2.19bn
Income: €841.04m
Net spend: €-1,345.40m

Champions of Europe, you’re gagging to sing that.


3) Manchester United (England)
Expenditure: €2.48bn
Income: €833.01m
Net spend: €-1,644.11m

They are horrible when it comes to signing players. Oh, and when it comes to selling players as well.


2) Manchester City (England)
Expenditure: €2.75bn
Income: €1.04bn
Net spend: €-1,713.21m

They bought their success and couldn’t give two you-know-whats.


1) Chelsea (England)
Expenditure: €3.51bn
Income: €1.70bn
Net spend: €-1,810.32m

The Blues have always been a bit gung-ho in the transfer market, but they have taken things to a whole new level under Todd Boehly. How are you supposed to compete with that?! Quite easily by the looks of it.

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