Blame Daniel Levy, Joe Lewis and Charlie Kane for Spurs

Date published: Monday 1st November 2021 11:50 - Editor F365

A Tottenham fan banner against Daniel Levy

Nuno Espirito Santo has gone but it’s not his fault that he is Nuno Espirito Santo – the finger of blame should point towards Daniel Levy and Charlie Kane. Send your views on Spurs and more to


Daniel Levy should pay with his job
Nuno’s gone. Let’s be very clear though, he should never have been at the club in the first place.

It’s not Nuno’s fault he failed. He didn’t have the tools, the style or the experience to succeed at this club.

Now let’s point fingers at the men who are actually responsible.

Daniel Levy, step forward…

The non-backing of Poch in the transfer market leading to the collapse of their relationship and Poch’s subsequent disillusion and firing. The Jose Mourinho ego project. The covid fiasco. The sacking of Jose five days before a cup final. The Super League fiasco. The six weeks it took to hire Jose’s replacement. Promising to find a manager with the ‘right DNA’. Hiring Fabio Paratici as a DoF, who by all accounts prefers pragmatic football. Hiring Nuno, who had recently failed at Wolves and is unquestionably a pragmatic coach. Sacking him four months later after the fan base turned on the club because of god awful football on display.

All this in two years! Two f***ing years!!! This is gross mismanagement.

Joe Lewis, step forward.

This is happening under his stewardship. Levy’s lack of anything resembling accountability has got us into this mire. And if Levy reports into Joe Lewis, what the holy **** does Lewis define success and competency as? Because as a sporting and community operation, it’s been failure upon failure for two straight years.

So then what’s left? Ahh yeah, the bottom line… A football stadium that exists to host NFL, boxing and Guns N Roses.

If only our owner and chairman cared about the football, the fans and morality.

Here’s to Conte and to papering over the cracks.
David, Battersea


…Any management team that sacks a new coach only four months into their tenure deserves to be sacked for extreme incompetence in both hiring and firing. I have written in before to moan about Daniel Levy and how he singlehandedly makes Tottenham unlikeable. In 20 years Spurs have had 15 coaches, four of whom were caretakers. That’s an average of 1 year and four months per coach. How are you to build a durable vision and strategy when the person charged with formulating and delivering it is constantly changing, sometimes to be replaced by stopgap temporary yes men? Time and again Levy hires and fires with no discernible plan in place; looking like a spoilt teenager who gets bored that his latest toy isn’t turning out to be as cool and fun as he’d like.

This in essence is the Spurs culture – hyperactivity, inability to focus and impulsive decision-making by design. The capping stone for this incompetence was the failure to back Pochettino who has been responsible for the best times Spurs has had in eons. Replacing him with Jose Mourinho was like a bad punchline. His less than stellar Man Utd spell was all Levy needed to question the culture he would bring with him. But spoilt teenagers don’t worry about silly little details like thinking about the future and consequences and the like. All that matters is the here and now. Isn’t that right Daniel?
Miguel L ( LFC – I had a strong feeling we weren’t going to win on Saturday)


Nuno a victim of the Charlie Kane saga
Nuno has been very unlucky here. He has proven his worth at Wolves and fully deserved his shot at Spurs. But then the Kane brothers had their utterly woeful exit strategy during the summer and everyone has come out of it terribly – with the exception of Man City, perhaps.

Harry Kane is disgracing himself currently; no running, none of that excellent assist-laden support play from last season, no effort, no leadership and no fucking interest. He is phoning it in at the best, and sabotaging his club at worst.

The musings on Nuno today almost all refer to the 5 wins, 5 losses in the league. Or we could look at it as 3 wins from 3 to start the season while Harry Kane was having his extended holiday with the full permission of the Spurs hierarchy and 5 losses from 7 since he was shoe-horned back into the team. It has been an oft-floated unpopular opinion that they perform better without Kane in the team, but are better off playing him because of his contributions as an individual. He has come back into the team but without any attempt to make any of those contributions. It has disrupted their play, destroyed their form and sucked the confidence out of the team as they have basically been playing with 10 men in the league since he came back into the starting 11.

Nuno has not helped his own case with his negative approach at times but when your defenders are as inept as Spurs’ are it must be very hard to play an attacking formation at all, let alone when the star turn is utterly out of form and out of interest. But Kane will benefit from that age-old golden ticket of the England number 9 / captain and avoid any real criticism for his role in all of this. Levy should shoulder quite a portion of blame as well for his mishandling of the situation and the PR side of things during the summer.

But Charlie Kane should bear the most of all as his haphazard and futile attempts to use the press to manipulate a move for his cash cow brother to City were so amateur, so poorly judged and executed and so embarrassingly inadequate that he has seemingly managed to get the club hierarchy pissed off at his brother, his brother completely out of love with his club and the combination of these things has led to the premature sacking of a very capable coach at much expense to the club.
Mangor United, Belfast


Please not Mason
I’m not a religious man but thank the lord Jesus Christ that Nuno has gone. I’ve written in many times about Spurs – usually as a form of catharsis when we are shit, so quite often – and I need to share my two pennies worth right now.

By the time this (hopefully) gets published, actually, by the time I finish concluding it, things could already look different and Ryan Mason might be in charge. Please, no.

Spurs have multiple issues. Nuno was just one of them. Quite a big one to be fair. Even if we acquire the best manager we can, we will still ultimately have major struggles. I’m not here to discuss all of that. Daniel, we all know you read F365 just so you can do the opposite of what we, the fans, actually want but take heed my greedy little friend as I plead with you not to put Mason in charge. I know he’s Spurs, I know he loves us, understands our DNA and the fact he had such a horrific, career ending injury makes us warm to him even more, but putting a dude in charge who automatically gets credit just for the reasons I’ve listed is not a good start. I never ever believe people should start with credit in the bank. It’s like with Mourinho. How many fanboys in the media wanted to give him breathing room when he’s offering up dog turd football, losing games for fun and alienating players whilst playing the victim…..just because he was charismatic 16 years ago and used to be a great manager. Anyway, I digress. Whether someone deserves the credit or not is not relevant here, it’s just the fact that the credit somehow should matter at all. It really doesn’t/shouldn’t.

If that’s not ringing true with anybody or doesn’t quite make sense, let me leave you with this thought: Oliver Skipp | Harry Winks | Dele Alli.

Yup, that would be our dynamic midfield. Thank you, but no. Also, would he really put the much desperately needed rocket up Kane’s arse? No. He will give the boys a bit more freedom, yes. We need so much more than that though. The excitement of not being Nuno will be short lived when we have such deep seated issues.

Maybe I’m letting off steam on a moot point. Who knows what the plan is. I’m not sure. What I am sure about though is, Levy has absolutely no idea what he’s doing anymore and he is bound to f*ck this up once more.

Jose to NES was frying pan into the fire type action. Where do you go after you’ve been into the fire, though? It’s a total and utter rescue mission.
Glen, Stratford Spur


Are Spurs fans now bullies?
Can we now expect the mass outcry of bullying aimed at the Spurs fans who booed and heckled Nuno on Sunday?. Will there now be a stream of pundits and ex-players coming out and defending him against ‘those entitled fans’. Or is that just saved for Steve Bruce and the horrible Newcastle fans? Will Spurs now join us as footballs equivalent of Katie Hopkins? Probably not. Oh and for all those who are crowing that we have got no-one else to blame for being rubbish now that Ashley and Bruce have gone….well the same players, coaches and lack of investment in the team and training facilities remain! God I hate Mondays!
Steve, NUFC (I think I might just follow cricket)


Why that Man United formation works
After the Liverpool game last week there were a few whispers about on Twitter that Carrick and Mckenna had been training the team in a 3-5-2 formation in preparation for Liverpool but when it came down to it Ole went against this and decided to be attacking, the result showing what a balls up that was and thus his ineptitude. It could be bollocks, it could be the coaching staff distancing themselves from management before they got sacked. Regardless, it was no surprise to see this formation appear at Spurs. Ole has employed the tactic previously against Big Six sides (it really isn’t a reaction to Conte speculation no matter what the trolls say) and it does usually go pretty well results wise.

The more defensive formation works for us mainly because it compensates for the weakness in central midfield. The extra man at the back, who fills the gaping holes left my McTominay and Fred, allows the midfield pair the freedom to chase and press the opposition, to make runs on the break, or to make a riskier pass to attackers, all whilst keeping the risk of conceding low. Moreover this would work the same for Matic, VDB, or Pogba, none of whom posses the discipline or ability to play as a two-man midfield in front of a back four.

I fully expect to see the same formation employed against City next week, which wouldn’t be unusual, but the question is does he continue with it going forward and make it his default tactic? I don’t think he will but I think he should. Ole is seemingly obsessed with an inaccurate take on ‘the United way’. I’ve written in before trying to debunk this bollocks before but essentially what he really means is ‘the Fergie way’ but even this when boiled down amounted to ‘do whatever it takes to win’ and had little to do with free flowing attacking football or tactics. So if Ole really wants to emulate Fergie (which he is clearly desperate for) then winning should be his one and only concern.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his goal

The 3-5-2 formation covers the main deficiency of this team and provides a platform for the individual brilliance of our strike force to get the result. The main concerns would be a lack of sufficient CBs to rotate if three of them are always playing. Bailly could come in but it remains to be seen if Wan Bissaka or Shaw have the ability to deputise as the right or left CB with Dalot and Telles coming in at wing back. Other than that it would be the role of Sancho. Ronnie, Cavani, Rashford and Greenwood could all play in that front two with Lingard coming on late in games to continue the press, but Sancho just doesn’t fit. He has the ability to play as a striker but I just don’t see Ole putting him above those four and thus he would rarely play. The test comes against Watford, I suspect Ole will revert back to 4-2-3-1 for that game, and I suspect we’ll struggle again before being routed by Chelsea the week after.
Dave, Manchester
(P.S. Congrats to Moyes for building a bloody good West Ham team but lets not forget he was awful at United, Sociedad, and Sunderland. Sometimes a manager just fits a club, he should stay where he is regardless of any bigger offers, which I think are unlikely to arrive anyway)


Where are Man United left now?
Antonio Conte going to Spurs means the short term appointment that Man United would have needed (if Solskjaer had failed his three-game stay of execution) has been taken up by someone else. Newcastle going after Emery means they aren’t going for what would be my preferred options in Graham Potter and Eric Ten Hag.

Look, Spurs is in miserable shape at the moment. They shouldn’t have fired Poch the same way Atletico didn’t fire Simeone in their brief period of Europa league decay. Conte is usually hung out to dry by his respective boards in the transfer market and has now just joined the most frugal board in the top six, it will end in tears.

My only fear is that Graham Potter is too much of a left-field appointment for the United board to actually fathom but I would like to think that anyone with half a football brain wouldn’t struggle to see that he “knows ball”. Now we just need a top 4 finish and an anti-climatic lukewarm finish from Solskjaer and we will be good to go.
Joker Da Vinci


Arrogant chief executives and the downfall of football clubs
Watching Utd vs Spurs on the weekend got me thinking about the similarities of both clubs, mainly that they are run by arrogant men and how that’s led to their downfall.

As a United fan let me first start with Spurs. Daniel Levy originally wanted LVG before United stole him which led to them getting Poch, who was a revelation and turned Spurs into a consistent top four team and even managed to get them into a CL Final. Now the problem Poch had, he knew he needed to refresh the squad having lost the likes of Kyle Walker and Dembele, you’d think if you’re Daniel Levy it would have been a no brainer to give this manager who has elevated you, the funds and players to take you higher.

Unfortunately not, Daniel Levy thought he knew better and thought all this squad needed was a world class (in decline*) winning manager… enter Jose Mourinho, fresh off his sacking from Utd, reading to parachute himself into another massive payday after getting himself sacked. While Poch wanted to get rid of the likes of Alli and Dier, Jose comes and starts them both from the offset. A win/win for Levy at the start but as Poch knew and Jose was soon to find out, the squad was in decline and even having the talent of Son and Kane couldn’t save them in the long run. Jose is sacked as expected and Spurs give the job to Ryan Mason????

Weirdly enough they don’t manage to secure a new manager (more on this later), this leads into a summer where Harry Kane tries to force himself out. Daniel Levy is well known for being a tough negotiator and his arrogance got the better of him, by essentially refusing to negotiate with City, if rumours are true City we’re willing to offer £130m. Now if you’re Spurs you don’t want to sell your superstar striker but when he’s so publicly made this into a saga, surely it would have been best for all parties to do the deal because now u have a player who quite clearly is a shadow of himself and who’s to say another more motivated striker wouldn’t score more for Spurs atm. I feel sorry for Nuno, he shouldn’t have got the job in the first place. Now Spurs have well and truly fell from the mountain all because Daniel Levy put Daniel Levy ahead of Spurs.

Ed Woodward is an accountant who was given the reigns to one of the biggest clubs in the world, overnight he went from unknown to be seen as the man running the show at Manchester United. This got to his head from the first summer at United talking about doing things in the transfer market no other club can dream of, describing United to Klopp as an adult Disneyland and boasting that agents like Jorge Mendes call his phone. I imagine as an accountant the world is pretty straightforward for Ed, and he thought he could run United (the club) the same way as they do United (the company).

His arrogance was in the fact he wanted to be seen as the man who brought United back to prominence, there have been cries for years from United fans for us to hire a DOF but this would require Ed to relinquish power to the club and he doesn’t want to do that. Arrogance was his downfall, almost a billion spent and four failed managers (yes Ole is a failure), he is now leaving and passing the job onto Richard Arnold (another banker) to run the club in the exact same way. There was a quote from Steve Job movie that goes something like this; “I’m not the best musician but i play the orchestra”, and that essentially what the job should be, hire the best people to do jobs and oversee all of them.

Thank you for reading the long-winded ramblings I wrote on the train back from London.
Longsight Lad


Oh Aaron Ramsdale and co…
1998 was a great year for Arsenal Football Club. Aaron Ramsdale was born.

Joining in with a ‘you’re sh*t aaahhh’ directed at him, his ability, enthusiasm and presence and that save – he could knock Steve Bould off his mantle as Arsenal’s favourite son of Stoke.

Great weekend for the Arsenal but hard not to feel sorry for Nuno. He doesn’t fit Spurs and never will. You have to play on the front foot but he didn’t appoint himself.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


…Given Arsenal’s form since the closure of the transfer window, I wonder if pundits will think twice about offering damning indictments of players they’ve never seen play.

All the talk was that Arsenal had spent the most but not improved their first XI. Wilfully ignoring that football is a squad game and, quite often, decided by a team’s weakest player not their strongest.

By signing a quality option at left-back the loss of Tierney these last couple of games has gone unnoticed, whereas last season it meant Xhaka at left back. Equally, Lokonga has stepped in to midfield in Xhaka’s absence and we have all been spared the sideways passing of Elneny.
We all saw the incredibly unprofessional Sky Sports ‘journalist’ reading out a text message that said Tomiyasu wasn’t a centre back or right back and how he’d been offered around Europe all summer- oh how we lol’d. Yet he’s stepped in to a position that’s been an issue for Arsenal since Sagna left and coped admirably with the transition to a new league.

At one point in the summer the talk was that White should had aimed higher than Arsenal… then following his debut the talk is that he only looked good at Brighton because Dunk et al did his defending for him, but he’s been a revelation in only his second season in the premier league.

Then Ramsdale, you couldn’t move for the the amount of crying emojis and MEGALOLZ at Arsenal signing a twice relegated keeper. Not one pundit mentioned what his mentality and his personality could bring to Arsenal. What’s bigger and more impressive than any of his saves is the way he demands so much of his back line. This clearly has an impact on the whole team in front of him and, I’m guessing, played a big part in why Arsenal were so deadset on recruiting him over any other keeper.

It’s clear that Arsenal are going through a rich vein of form and it could easily evaporate in the coming weeks, but I’d love to hear from the pundits that wrote off players before they even kicked a ball.
Chris in Cardiff


Draws are silent season killer
Just a quick one following Liverpool’s draw with Brighton. I noticed a lot of negativity on twitter about the result and an equal amount of ‘are Liverpool fans really complaining?

I agree, things look pretty rosy in Liverpool’s garden at the moment, unbeaten, flying in Europe, hammering United. However, it is a fair problem to highlight.

Too many draws will cost you the title, and we’re close to our quota already. In 18/19 we lost only one game to City’s 4. But drew 7 to their 2. End result – lost the title by a point. Even last season, United drew 11 games, and finished 12 points off the top. Now I know it’s not as simple as ‘turning draws in to wins’ and I’m not for a second saying United were anywhere near City last season, but it was the draws that meant they couldn’t get close.

Finally, the two really key results are home draws against City and Chelsea. Those are games that were so critical. We are very much in with a chance of the title this season, but if we fall short – you’d probably could say the damage was already done by the end of October.

That is the level of the league at the moment, with City, Chelsea and Liverpool all potential title winning sides in this or any other season. The margins are tiny, a few more draws and we will need a winning run of epic proportions to get/stay ahead of such quality teams.
Marc, London

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