Blaming the ‘scum’ of Boehly and co. for royally effing up Chelsea

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Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly
Todd Boehly and the Chelsea board have spent over £1billion since their takeover.

Chelsea lost 5-0 to Arsenal and nobody was surprised, but some Blues fans are very, very angry with Todd Boehly and his crew.

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So very angry about Chelsea
None of the players in the Chelsea 11 or bench would have made the squad for the team that won the Champions League just 3 YEARS AGO. And that wasn’t even a vintage side.

The fall of Chelsea would be remarkable as is, the money spent on a w**k squad makes it criminal.

Boehly, Eghbali, Wyss, and the rest of the scum at Clearlake have created the biggest f***-up in sporting history. To take a team that was winning trophies, in the top four at least – to spending over a billion pounds on trash, unproven, immature players who can only achieve mid table obscurity is insane.

Imagine Palace spent £1,000,000,000 over two seasons to end up exactly where they are now. That’s what those billionaire wa*kers have done to Chelsea.

If Palace had spent a billion I’m pretty sure they’d be challenging for fourth at least because they wouldn’t have amortised a bunch of children on ten year contracts. They’d have bought proven players, like any other damn club with sense would.

Chelsea bought all these young players thinking they’d add value to them. They’ve f**ked that because none of those players are worth a third of what they bought them for.

I don’t mind my club not winning things. I’ve been a Chelsea fan long enough to remember what not winning things felt like. But the teams always played and fought for the club. This bunch of overpaid and immature children make me embarrassed to be a Chelsea fan (as well as all the off field bollocks the club has done over the years – I’m not blind).

But you can’t blame those players for being signed. You can’t blame them for their price tags.

You sure as sh*t can blame the scum who run the club for all the issues. When the club get slapped with fines or points deductions don’t be surprised. Chelsea will be a mid table team for as long as the current ownership is in charge. You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned Poch. That’s because no manager can deal with the trash that is that squad, injury list or no.
Will (long way of saying f*** you Todd Boehly)

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Pochettino out, actually
Trossard scored.

Havertz scored.

Chelsea capitulate.

Poch out.
James (CFC) Gravesend


What is Poch good for?
I know it is easy to say with hindsight, but I never believed the idea of Poch for Man Utd.

There is clearly a good manager in there, but having seen him work with a small group at Spurs, it was clear that he probably wouldn’t work well with Utd’s oversized squad and this is now being proven by his total lack of success at Chelsea.

Hmmm, there is a former Roma manager who is available at present. I wonder….
The Big Dandy, Brussels


Chelsea are Cole Palmer FC after all
Mauricio Pochettino said pre-game: “We show this is Chelsea FC not Cole Palmer FC”

Well, you can add that to the following list of didn’t age very well comments:

“Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali believe they are building ‘100-point’ Premier League team at Stamford Bridge.”

“Mauricio Pochettino says his side should be in fourth position according to all the data.”
The Admin @ At The Bridge Pod


Take that, Chelsea fans
I imagine the hordes of Chelsea fans who descended on Holborn tube station, with their half drunk pints, intimidating and throwing stuff at commuters, generally being annoying and singing about laughing at Arsenal when they ‘f*** it up’ feel a bit stupid tonight.
Dave, London (not an Arsenal fan, just really hate Chelsea fans)


It maybe wasn’t a 5-0 but…
It wasn’t completely one-sided. Those young quick Chelsea forwards are raw but there’s a lot of promise there. Jackson seems to attract a lot of grief, but every time I’ve seen him, I’ve really rated him

The thing I liked most about the Havertz signing was the chance it gave us to make Chelsea look like fools. That process is now complete.

You’ve got to feel for Mudryk. Probably not fully his choice, but you definitely joined the wrong team, mate.

Gabriel has now taken to celebrating ushering the ball out for a goal kick. The Celebration Police are having the p*ss right royally ripped out of them. Great stuff..

I never ever thought that anyone would or could replace Bergkamp as my all time favourite player, but Odegaard is really getting me thinking the unthinkable. If he keeps producing displays like that….Holy Moly…!
Rob, Bristol Gooner (Of course Ban White meant it, how dare you even think otherwise…..)


Ode to Odegaard
Having seen the 5-0 highlights for Arsenal against Chelsea yesterday (At least I don’t support Chelsea, but United aren’t much better are they?), the defence of the team has been outstanding, particularly Gabriel, Saliba and White who have all been really consistent this season having watched a few Arsenal games this season.

A lot of important players in that team, but I think no one stands out more than Odegaard, he really is an example of how a captain should be and the last proper captain Arsenal had since the RVP & Cesc days, he oozes talent as well as Leadership. He is exactly what a captain should represent after helping transform his team into serious title contenders.

As I mentioned above, Odegaard oozes talent as well as leadership, and both those traits are quite important as a player. Fortunately for United, they have a player similar in Fernandes who is for sure talented, but I think he lacks a lot of maturity & leadership compared to Odegaard. Given United were 3-0 up and allowed a 3 goal lead disappear against a Championship team, it suggests he lacks a lot of leadership skills and given none of those goals were directly his fault, situations such as this has happened in many games this season for United against teams such as Copenhagen, Chelsea and Forest. Not picking on Fernandes only, the whole United team lacks leadership and confidence right about now.

Arsenal now have a four-point lead with four games to go but City unfortunately have two games in hand. It’s a little bit of pressure for City, will Spurs ultimately decide the title race? If Arsenal rack up 87-89 points in the league this season and finish second, you can’t really blame them but really hope that loss against Villa isn’t detrimental…

Oh and Ten Hag calling out the media labelling them embarrassing for calling United embarrassing is the beginning of the end and well ironically quite embarrassing, the man has no shame whatsoever. It’s clear he cannot handle media pressure anymore, and it is intense to be fair revolving around United, but hey it’s part of the job. It’s very clear he cannot handle half the players either, it’s time to start interviewing other candidates, he’s finished, please just go back to Ajax now.
Rami, Dubai


Will we hear from Stewie?
Just checking that Havertz is still a flat track bully and Arteta is a fraud?

Suspect we won’t hear from you today, but hope you aren’t crying into your Pot Noodle too much with an Arsenal win.
Tom (enjoying the ride rather than trying to troll Arsenal fans), AFC London


Liverpool and the manager carousel
So we went from everyone saying it’s definitely Alonso, to him saying he doesn’t want it.

To everyone saying it’s Amorim, and him not wanting it.

Now we’ve gone to Arnie Slot who had one title win in a season where the competition didn’t turn up (in a much much poorer league) and apparently he’s super interested… Of course he is. Liverpool is a significant step up in profile (and I’m sure salary also) over Feyenoord which also begs the question – does that mean Alonso and Amorim view their current clubs as better jobs than Liverpool? They must do right or they would have taken the job.

I think Liverpool fans (whoever is manager) need to accept its likely that we won’t be competing for at least two or three years while the new coach changes all the training, formation and tactics to his liking and drills it into the players. Slot might be amazing but history tells us that Dutch managers in the premiership are decent cup managers at best.

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Who’s got the MUDS?
I have to say, I agree with ETH’s assessment that the media’s reaction to United’s result was embarrassing. The season is almost finished, United shock us all again, and the best the entire media ecosystem can come up with is ” They’ve got no style of play/ It’s disgraceful/ It’s embarrassing”. I’ve heard complaints that “United didn’t even celebrate when they won/ ” Antony over celebrated when they won!”and “They need to keep control”/ “Why is Onana wasting time”.

I hear arguments that Coventry “where inches from a final” yet completely ignore it was a matter of inches that meant a deflected shot went in, that a cross hit AWB’s arm, and inches that saved them from Bruno making it 4-3. This all the same week as Martinez of Villa is praised for dark arts, but Onana criticized for doing the exact same thing. Coventry can goad United because they are the underdogs, but Antony can’t do the same after they win? Then that becomes one of the big stories of the week? Should have spelt it “stories of the weak.”

I think much of the media and a large chunk of the football fanbase has a bad case of what I like to call the MUDS – Manchester United Derangement Syndrome. Technically they should be the neutrals favorite as they almost always entertain, but they are hated for it. F365 must have somehow collectively dated Man Utd, got dumped, and have been on a revenge tour ever since, because I cannot grasp the reason for the vitriol against them. Even the manager’s replacement articles are all tinged in some sort of spite combined with illreason.

The mailbox compared it to MAGA, and it kind of is. All rationale has left the building, along with nuance and reason. They say MAGA just wants to “own the libs”, even to their own detriment. The media and many fans appear to have the same complex about Man Utd. Now that is not to say there is no truth to what’s being said. I was just as bemused as everybody to see the score go from 3-0 to 3-3, but I was not at all surprised. Man Utd seem addicted to bad luck, and are not creating much of their own.

Every goal, plus the eventual offside goal ruled out, were all down the AWB – A player deemed unfit for purpose during the Ole era, but somehow expected to be Roberto Maldini at LB for ETH. Added to that was United’s 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th choice CB’s out, 1st and 2nd choice LB’s out, our best midfielder being a teenager in his first every season, no back up striker to replace the insanely out of form Hojlund, and a half crocked Rashford doing little of note.

People unanimously agree that Eriksson and Cas have no more legs, and yet birate them for that fact, but make it seem as if their experience would fix said issue? People say “Rodri missing makes City vulnerable” or “Van Der Ven is essential to Spurs backline”, or “Saliba and Gabriel have made Arsenal the best defense” , and yet, Man Utd having 3/4 defenders out, most of their back ups out and get told “Injuries can’t excuse this”. Give me a break.

To top it all off, you now have folks screaming for VAR to be scrapped for….Making the right call?! It would be hilarious if it wasn’t sad. People are literally starving on the streets while others are being paid to push such nonsense (Not you Johnny, you’re good).

People suffering from MUDS seem to think the cure is the sacking of ETH, but as every remedy since Fergie has failed, I can assure you, that is not the cure. Man Utd’s squad is a Frankenstein-esque gang of players. Much of them moribund. Rangnick said they needed open heart surgery, Mourinho said many weren’t fit to wear the jersey, Ole said many would down tools or refuse to step up. The issue has long been what’s above the head coach, and what he’s been expected to perform with below.

Sir Jim clearly has identified and fixed the problems above, and I think he should remain with ETH for his final year to complete the issues below him. ETH has shown he will stand up to poor standards and unprofessionalism (As much as the media thinks players at Utd can disrespect the coach and club). He has shown with fit and able players at his disposal, that he can play attractive football and get results, as well as trophies. He needs time to fix the mess he has inherited, just as Fergie did, but I suspect he may need to win the FA Cup to survive, just as Fergie did.
Calvino (Can you imagine Pep playing Pep-ball with that lot? Can you fu..)

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Sweet, sweet karma
To quote Steve Cook after the play off final that got Forest into the Premier League:-

We’ll thank Jon Moss today, what a f***ing guy. We love VAR

Sweet sweet karma is calling and payback’s a bitch

I wrote before saying I hope VAR screw forest at every turn and it makes me giddy with joy to see it happening

What’s that German word? Schadenfruede?

Believe me when I say a small corner of West Yorkshire is cackling all the way to league one.