Will Dortmund ‘have to yield’ to mighty Man United?

Date published: Thursday 2nd July 2020 12:09

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Dortmund will have no choice but to accept Manchester United’s offer on Jadon Sancho. Just like Leroy Sane? But first…


They think it’s all over?
Mediawatch had to laugh at the opening line of (West Ham fan) Andrew Dillon’s opening paragraph of his Sun match report from the London Stadium:

‘FRANK LAMPARD will never forget his season managing his beloved Chelsea.’

To be fair, losing twice to West Ham should be a sacking offence.


Hammer time
Over at the Daily Mail, another West Ham fan writes his report and starts it thus:

‘How important was Andriy Yarmolenko’s winning goal for West Ham? Put it like this. There have been 48 points contested by the bottom five teams since Project Restart began and, when he scored, West Ham had earned as many as their four rivals put together.

‘Three. No, it’s not a lot. One win for West Ham, two draws for Aston Villa, and a draw for Watford. In what has been an increasingly desperate race to the bottom, however, it is huge. Fifteenth placed Brighton aside, West Ham are the first of the remaining relegation candidates to actually win a game – across 16 attempts.’

That’s one hell of an ‘aside’, Martin Samuel. So West Ham are the first relegation candidate to win a game since Brighton won that game against Arsenal and basically eased their chances of relegation? Well done West Ham.


Dirty Sancho
It’s quite neat that Martin Blackburn has been given the back page of The Sun to showcase Pep Guardiola saying that a Manchester City return for Jadon Sancho makes “no sense” because “he doesn’t want to come back”, when it was Martin Blackburn who wrote The Sun exclusive last month that Sancho is open to coming back to Manchester City.

Mediawatch notes the complete absence of a ‘you read it here first’ vibe.


No news is some news
Meanwhile, the back page of the Daily Mirror brings us the startling news that ‘PEP GUARDIOLA has revealed he is ready to raid the transfer market in a bid to put Manchester City back on top’.

The man has spent £600m on transfers in four seasons; get back to us when he ‘reveals’ that he is absolutely fine with his current squad being 23 points behind the champions and intends to spend no money at all.


Back to Jadon Sancho, though, as the Evening Standard breathlessly tell us that ‘Manchester United target Jadon Sancho was a notable absentee from Borussia Dortmund’s new kit launch promotion’.

Now here’s that new kit launch promotion:

The eagle-eyed among you will spot that not only is Jadon Sancho missing but so are all the other Borussia Dortmund players that are not Marco Reus, Axel Witsel, Erling Haaland and Thorgan Hazard.

Of course, this key piece of information is missing from the transfer blog on the Mirror website that brings us this update: ‘Sancho a no-show as United talk intensifies.’

‘No-show’ very heavily implies that he was asked to do something – in this case a kit launch video – and did not show up. The implication that Sancho has somehow been guilty of a breach of discipline is given a helping hand with the information that ‘this came after Bleacher Report claimed United were performing tests to see whether Sancho would be a good fit for the Old Trafford dressing room’.

Clearly he will fail those tests as he has not appeared in a video featuring a whole FOUR of his teammates.


Trouble in the yield
The headline says ‘Leroy Sane has given Manchester United a transfer boost with Jadon Sancho’ and we must admit to being a tad puzzled. The Manchester Evening News obviously specialise in propaganda but quite how Bayern Munich signing Leroy Sane from Manchester City is good news for Manchester United, who want to sign another winger from another German club, is unclear at first glance. And at second, third and 427th glance too.

‘Leroy Sane is finally joining Bayern Munich and Man United and Borussia Dortmund could negotiate a transfer for another winger in Jadon Sancho.’

Well they could. But in what way are those two things connected? Well, since you ask:

‘Borussia Dortmund are in the same situation City were last year with Sane now Jadon Sancho is in the last two years of his contract and United are receiving updates on a weekly basis from the Ruhr.’

Well, in that case, you should probably expect Dortmund to sell him next summer…at a knockdown price that reflects that the player a) is in the last year of his contract and b) has not played football for almost a whole season.

Samuel Luckhurst then says that Dortmund’s head of the licensed player division Sebastian Kehl is ‘not quite comical Ali’ but suggests that there is a ‘state of denial in Dortmund’ about Sancho leaving this summer. Silly Dortmund.

‘Even in the doomsday scenario of a third successive trophyless campaign and a finish outside the Champions League places, United have more clout than last year, with Fernandes and Paul Pogba in telepathic form and an attacking trident that has outscored Liverpool’s front three. They are not a difficult sell to targets and Sancho told friends at City he would relish a return to Manchester.’

An attacking trident that has outscored Liverpool’s front three? They have been outscored 40-34 in the Premier League and it’s a 51-51 draw in all competitions, which does not take into account that United have played Astana, Alkmaar, Partizan, Club Brugge and LASK in the Europa League while Liverpool have been playing Champions League football.

How could Sancho and Dortmund possibly resist?

‘Should the Champions League centre circle banner return to Old Trafford and the museum host a trophy, then United will have a free run for Sancho and Dortmund will almost certainly have to yield. It would not be the first time Solskjaer has put one past the Germans.’

Erm, pretty sure they won’t have a ‘free run’ and pretty sure nobody will ‘have to yield’, even in the face of the might of a Manchester United currently in fifth place of the Premier League.


Done Dealio
That Mirror live transfer blog (the transfer window is not actually open, by the way) is headlined thus at 11am on Thursday:

‘LIVE – Transfer news: Grealish to Man Utd deal ‘done’ plus latest on Aubameyang’s future.’

That would be ‘Grealish to Man Utd deal ‘done’ (according to the assumptions of former Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood, who claims absolutely no inside knowledge).


F365 Shithouse Headline of the Day
‘Ex-Villa boss claims Man Utd deal for Grealish ‘already done”

We’re not perfect but at least we made it clear it was a ‘claim’, even if we didn’t quite make it clear it was Tim Sherwood. Which is probably why no f***er clicked on it.


Cars and girls
While Jadon Sancho’s attitude is in question, Chris Wheeler of the Daily Mail marvels at the down-to-earthness of Bruno Fernandes, who has hired a Mini to drive to training as he is no longer allowed to get a lift with Diogo Dalot. What a hero. He’s just like you and me except with over £100,000 a week.

‘The only time you will find Fernandes being flash is on a football pitch,’ writes Wheeler. Shame then that your colleagues at MailOnline thought that his visit to Tesco was worth a ‘supermarket spree’ headline.

After all, there’s nothing flashier than a supermarket visit that brings home ‘an ironing board, drying rack, household brush, toilet roll and bottles of coke’.


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