Bruno is Pogba and Maguire is Jones for League One Man Utd

Date published: Sunday 22nd November 2020 9:59


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We’re all Phil Jones
I absolutely loved Jacque Talbot’s article on the way we treat the likes of Phil Jones. It goes without saying that he hasn’t lived up to his billing, and has been part of some calamitous performances over the years, but his treatment typifies social media bullying culture in a huge way. People forget that he has actually been excellent in matches plenty of times (he was on the right track under LVG only for injuries to derail him again), and aside for anything else, no one can possibly doubt his commitment and application.

Here is a guy who plays for man utd the way I imagine I would play for man utd. Doing absolutely everything I can to make it work, and becoming wracked by nerves when the crowd (and hundreds of millions of people on the Internet) started making fun of me because of my face and occasional own goals. Whatever about having a little giggle with your mates about players from rival teams having bad games, but the Internet has amplified our meanness and lack of empathy. There’s a nasty, angry tone and you would expect more people to move in the opposite direction rather than continue to pile in. And sure, he has a healthy pay packet to take home every week to ease his pain, but I can’t imagine life is particularly easy being Phil Jones. It was nice to hear someone express that!


Fernandes so Pogba-esque
In 2018, Mbappe was accused of adopting Neymar like behavior. With the flicks and the tricks, where it seemed he was more concerned with embarrassing the opponent as opposed to winning and efficiency. Man U play some of the worst quality football of the top teams in the league. His performance in the world cup quitened down that lack of efficiency. I watched Bruno Fernandes and that was so Pogba esque. Just the utter carelessness on the ball. As a team, the football is awful, which is why I think he draws the short straw when compared to Lampard and Arteta. The absolute lack of play quality is remarkable, they are clearly better players than what they show week in week out. Misplaced passes,lack of a coherent press, slow, sideways passing. I’m very disappointed that’s the only free league game is ruined by a total lack of quality.  Tottenham barely had the ball but even I think they showed more quality than what Man U did.
Dave (At least there is the Atletico vs Barca one to look forward to.)


We need to talk about Kevin… again.
I wrote in a few weeks ago questioning Kevin De Bruyne and  for  the record he is a very good player and probably world class. However, I have to say that  this is another example of Kevin not showing up in the biggest games for city. When I wrote in a few weeks ago saying he was never criticized when city fail, these were the performances I refer to.  You can say his passes are dangerous and they are. You can say he’s an amazing talent  as he is. However, city failed again and their talisman is not being questioned even slightly. I’m not asking for people to say he’s crap or even that he’s overrated,  I’m just asking for someone to assess whether he is doing enough or why city are not performing to a level near the heights they reached when he was essentially absent with Kevin supposedly dominating the league. Maybe someone could explain to me how City have become far worse as a collective when a player that the media only praise and the mailbox said was top 3  to ever grace midfield has dominated the league. Something doesn’t add up.


The strength and depth in the premier league is really shining through this season. Jose has Spurs looking more organized and it feels as if the players have bought in to his philosophy given how open the league feels.

I felt City were predictable today and dare I say it, looked like they were unsure of how to break the team down. With that I mind, how good was De Bruyne? When city needed leadership when the chips were down, he showed again why he is world class.


10 conclusions from someone who could be bothered
Since f365 couldn’t be bothered to do 16 conclusions for Spurs Man City for some reason, I thought I’d help out.  Could only manage 10 but hopefully you’ll appreciate the effort:

1). Eric Dier was outstanding
2). Eric Dier is Spurs’ best CB
3). Spurs have the joint beat defensive record in the league
4). Of the 9 goals spurs have conceded so far this season, 3 were in the only game Eric Dier has missed in the PL this year
5). Of the 6 goals remaining, one was a FIFA handball special against Dier (when he was pushed as well) against Newcastle
6). Of the 5 remaining, one was a FIFA handball special against Doherty vs Southampton
7). Of the 4 remaining, one was the ludicrously not overturned goal vs Brighton (still the only time a ref has ever not overturned a decision after going to the monitor)
8). Of the 3 remaining, one was a penalty conceded by Davison Sanchez before Dier had even touched the ball against Man U
9). That leaves 2 goals in 8 games you could even remotely blame Dier for – both were superb finishes from bang in form strikers (DCL and Ings)
10.). Maybe Eric Dier isn’t as shit as you think he is?
Phil, London


All 10 were about Dier…
Genuinely interested to see how many conclusions you get to before you swallow your pride and praise Eric Dier…..
Josh, London


The Special Ones
The Special One sitting top of the tree. I’m calling it now, Josè and Tottenham will win the league. Off to the bookies…
Keg Breezy, Nairobi Kenya
PS- VAR you beauty. MOTM performance to give Manchester United a first home win.



Earlier in this terrible year of our Lord Jose, Paul from Manchester wrote in saying he doesn’t see what the fuss is about regarding one Harold Kane.

Are you ok, hun? PM me babe.

Best player in the f**king league.
Jon (COYS!!!!), Lincoln


League One Man Utd
I sat down on Saturday night to enjoy what I thought might be a decent battle between Utd and West Brom.

Deary me. What even was that?

That was easily League One level of football from both teams. Maguire could have played for either team and not made a difference, what a cow-kicker he is.

87th minute I’ve just watched Maguire hump a free kick from his own half into West Broms penalty area. Is this what Utd have become? What a mess.

If any Utd fan can take positives from this (obviously apart from Garey ‘we’re making progress’ Vance) then please let me know.
Jim, Soon to leave Spain.


Is Harry Maguire a fit Phil Jones? Asking for a friend.
Richie in Spain


Dear mailbox readers,

It’s home time on Friday but I’m putting my language teacher hat back on for a minute.

It was author Rita Mae Brown who said: “language is the road map of a culture.” The two are inextricably linked and to ignore language, pronunciation and customs is to stamp out a culture entirely. As we move toward an increasingly global world we must start to appreciate others, and as any ethnic minority in this country will tell you, pronouncing a name correctly is a huge start.

It’s not hard to see that English player James is pronounced ‘djaemz’ and the Colombian is ‘HAmez’ as has been pointed out previously. But even if you’re not sure, it’s literally a 2 minute job to look up a player on Wikipedia as almost all names there come with a pronunciation guide.

Can we not forget that these are not simply overpaid footballers, but are immigrants, and the way media has treated immigrants is disgusting. We need to reject the idea that ‘foreign’ names are hard and should be pronounced ‘our’ way as the lazy, imperialist nonsense it really is. We can do better and as a commentator surely the absolute most basic requirement is to research how to say 30 names.

But even if you don’t care about foreign players, how about English ones? Take a look at the England U21 squad that beat Albania and have a think about what the future of English football will sound like. And for goodness sake, don’t even bother making the point that Buchanan is harder to pronounce than Nketiah. You’re just more familiar with it, which is lazy ignorance.

As an Arsenal fan the ones that irritate me the most are: Özil (it’s uuuurzil, there’s an umlaut. It’s that easy), Papastathopoulos (sounds like it looks, emphasis on the tho, not hard just long) and Bukayo (Saka) (read it and say it, don’t guess the order. Not saying you’re racist for getting it wrong, but you can look it if you keep guessing African names). What pronunciations annoy other people?
Mike, Leeds
P.S. the subject is not meant to be anything along the lines of #alllivesmatter shit. #blacklivesmatter


Penalties, VAR and cheats
I’m gonna avoid the topic of how united are gifted a penalty every single match despite pretty much all of them being dives or “won” penalties (which to me is just legalised diving) and skip straight to how they are taken.

I don’t think it’s particularly fair that the attacker (who already has EVERYTHING stacked in his favour) is allowed to stop start stutter runs like Fernandes does while the keeper has to pretend someone has hammered nails through his feet.

Its kind of win win for this type of penalty because should you miss theres a good chance you’ll get a retake because you’ve tricked the keeper into going early. And if you score… Well you get a goal.

I’d like to see one of three things happen –

1. No stutter runs. Its ludicrous any attacker should be able to do this when it’s already stacked firmly in their favour.

2. Keeper can come off his line

3. Penalties are retaken when attackers score and the keeper comes off his line.

There’s been a few times this season when the keeper comes off his line and the attacker scores that the penalty is not retaken. Why? If it’s against the rules to come off the line and it’s important enough to enforce when it’s missed it should also be enforced when it scores too.

I know it’s a minor thing but as a former keeper it really pisses me off how much the game pretty much makes it impossible to not get a goal from pens anymore.
Lee Baron


I write this half an hour into the City Spurs game because I have reached my limit with VAR.

I don’t care about whether it works occasionally or not, the reason I’m writing in is because it has started to take away my love for the game in a big way and that is not an exaggeration or overstatement.

I can honestly say hand on heart that I was never this fed up pre-VAR when a dodgy decision went against my team. I was pissed for a day or so yeah…..but thats nothing compared to the sheer dullness of a VAR check.

I’m sick to death of the delays, the millimetre precision, the inability to enforce it properly and how it takes away a core part of the game which is the celebration.

The only word I can think of to describe VAR is depressing. It makes me depressed about football. I absolutely hate, hate, HATE it and genuinely believe it is one of the worst things to hit football certainly in my living memory at least.

Its one thing feeling like you’ve been robbed of a result but its another thing entirely when you feel like you’ve been robbed of your favourite sport.
Marc, Bolton (MCFC)


So you can’t play the ball with your bicep (Jesus), but you can be called offside by a bicep allowing the opposition keeper to maim you without consequence (VVD). Yep, nothing to see here, please move along.

Load of shite.
JG LFC (Spurs mean business)


Note to Jesus and other players,

If you stop controlling the ball whilst doing jazz hands, less goals will be ruled out.
Simple really.
Schlomo Jenkins (north London is definitely lilywhite)


So everyone wanted the refs themselves to view the monitors.

Well my God hasn’t it worked wonders for Villa and West Brom. 2 penalties all day long over turned. If I was Trump, I know who I would be hiring to over turn an election!
Paul (don’t punish me for mentioning politics) O’Sullivan


The referees really need to start booking the cheats. First you see Trezeguet making the most ridiculous and laughable dive and subsequently lying on the ground as if his leg has been broken. Martial feels contact and decides to dive to the ground to gain a penalty. If the referees don’t clamp down on this, the game is going to become even more farcical than it is now. If the referee doesn’t take action, the FA needs to be able to punish the cheats retrospectively. Also, how dim is the West Brom keeper? He was even farther off his line for the second penalty.
G Thomas, Breda


Absolutely correct decision to overturn the late penalty in the Villa/Brighton game. First time I’ve not been mad at the technology since its inception as a neutral.

The harping commentator on BT sport needs to get a new job though, really needs to stfu sometimes.
N.V.M. (Time for a West Brom masterclass)


Tasty Chelsea
We went to Newcastle and actually won, no shock wonder goal from a Newcastle forward, no ridiculous or controversial sending off, just a standard 2-0 victory and three points, I’m starting to get very hopeful for this season, what on earth do I do?

Ngolo Kante put in a true captain’s performance, so happy for him, he truly deserves it, next up Rennes and Spurs, a tasty week ahead.
Mikey, CFC 


Zac Grealish?
So I’m watching the Villa and Brighton match and the missus comes and sits next to me and goes “What’s Zac Efron doing playing football” and I go like what and then look at *He who has the beautiful calves* and go “Damn!”I never once noticed the uncanny resemblance which now I can’t seem to unsee!

Almost expecting Grealish to break into a high school musical performance when he’s standing over a free kick now.
Kushagra Sinha

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