Bruno Fernandes slammed for often ‘completely screaming’ to get opponents in trouble after tackles

Ciaran McCarthy
Bruno Fernandes, Joao Palhinha, Manchester United v Fulham, November 2023
Bruno Fernandes screams while being tackled by Joao Palhinha

Joao Palhinha feels it is “normal for” Bruno Fernandes to go down “completely screaming” like he did against Fulham, when the Manchester United man ensured his compatriot received a yellow card.

Fernandes is one of United’s very best players, and that has been shown throughout his time at the club. He has never failed to score 10 goals in all competitions in any of the seasons he’s played since moving to Old Trafford.

He’s once been named their player of the year, and was given the captain’s armband ahead of the current season. While the United superstar is a favourite at the club, that is not particularly an opinion shared around the league.

Fernandes went down ‘completely screaming’ to win foul

Highlighting that, his compatriot, Palhinha, has slammed the attacking-midfielder for attempting to get him in trouble through his reaction after a tackle which he felt was not even a foul when they came up against each other.

“I remember with Bruno when we played Manchester United at home in November. I received a yellow card,” Palhinha told the Daily Mail.

“I didn’t touch him and he was completely screaming. It is normal for him!”

But while he was seemingly not happy with Fernandes, Palhinha admitted to trying to get the United man back – somewhat unsuccessfully – and suggested it was all taken in jest by both parties.

“The next play, I drove with the ball and he made a tackle. It was not a foul but I screamed as well because he did the same. The ref gave the foul but didn’t give him a yellow card. I smiled at Bruno,” Palhinha added.

“It is special when it happens inside the pitch. We are friends so everything is OK.”

While attempting to get other players in trouble should not be encouraged, it’s clearly something that happens in the game, and Fernandes is seemingly able to get his side on the front foot with his antics.

It’s something which is sure to annoy other players – as it has Palhinha – but it adds to the overall package that Fernandes has, making him an even more useful player than just his on-the-ball skills do.

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