‘Brutal’ Greenwood ‘wasn’t shy about calling Man Utd team-mates sh*t’ and criticised ‘dead’ Ronaldo

Joe Williams
Man Utd striker Mason Greenwood looks frustrated

Mason Greenwood ‘would run through a brick wall to be back playing’ at Man Utd as a report highlights the ‘back story’ of his time at Old Trafford after criminal charges against the forward were dropped.

Greenwood, 21, had been facing charges including attempted rape and assault but the Crown Prosecution Service announced at the beginning of February the case had been discontinued as “the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that came to light meant there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction”.

Man Utd then issued their own statement which said “the club will now conduct its own process before determining next steps”.

Greenwood, who has two and a half years left on his contract, has been suspended from both training and playing for the club since his arrest in January 2022.

And, as United’s internal investigation continues, The Athletic‘s Laurie Whitwell has put together the ‘back story’ of Greenwood’s time at the Premier League club, where the England international has been since the age of six.

One source told The Athletic that the process and investigation has ‘changed’ Greenwood for good, claiming: “He would run through a brick wall to be back playing for United now.”

A representative told the website that Greenwood should be able to resume his duties at Man Utd, they said: “There’s no real substance to any of this, it being a mix of old news, speculation, half-truths and completely untrue claims. Mason is 21, he has been cleared and should be allowed the opportunity to rebuild and move forward with his young life.”

Greenwood has always been confident in his own ability but it has apparently extended too far at times with the Man Utd star calling out other players for being “sh*t”.

Whitwell wrote:

‘Greenwood’s confidence had been established in his early days at United’s academy. At the age of 16, he could be brutal with his choice of words when dismissing the credentials of boys not on his level; something not uncommon among talented players in youth teams.

‘Someone who witnessed events, says: “He knew he was a good player and was cutting, he wasn’t shy about telling someone they were sh*t. When you hear that you’d think, ‘Can’t be talking like that’.”

‘But, then again, Greenwood levelled the same criticism at Cristiano Ronaldo when he was still at Real Madrid. “He’s dead,” Greenwood once said — implying he was finished in teenage vernacular. Staff corrected him and considered his mentality that of youthful delusion.’

The report does add that Greenwood has now ‘demonstrated signs of becoming more mature around Carrington, asking how people were doing when he hadn’t shown great interest in that kind of conversation before’.

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