Carneiro on Mourinho: I was David against Goliath

Date published: Friday 29th September 2017 3:05

Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carniero wants more to be done so that footballers “cannot be fed to and eaten by lions in the name of entertainment”.

Carneiro was at the centre of a storm after she was called “naive” by Jose Mourinho for entering the field of play to treat Eden Hazard in stoppage time of Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Swansea in August 2015.

And Carneiro insists that managers shouldn’t be able to make decisions about the health of a player.

“Football governing bodies and the Premier League have recognised the need for doctors in clubs because of the safety and legal issues of not having a doctor present on the pitch,” Carneiro told L’Equipe Magazine.

“However, they have remained silent when doctors are obstructed doing their job or have someone unqualified making a medical decision.

“Footballers cannot be modern gladiators, they cannot be fed to and eaten by lions in the name of entertainment at whatever cost to their life, their career and their future. Sadly governing bodies, the Premier League and even player unions have remained quiet on this.

“In the short term, this has serious consequences where human lives and careers are put at risk. In the longer term there are legal consequences where players challenge their employers and governing bodies when safety was compromised to their life or career. We think they would have had enough of an example from the NFL but it seems they believe the culture of litigation will not reach European football.”

And Carneiro admits that she struggled to watch football following the saga, which ended with her claiming for constructive dismissal against the club.

“If I am honest I found it hard to watch football for a year,” Carneiro added. “The 2016 Champions League final was the only game I was able to sit and watch last year.

“I dealt with the period as well as I could. It was a shock at a time I should have been happy because I was about to marry my husband, go on honeymoon and enjoy our new home. One day I come home and I say ‘I have to resign’. My husband’s unwavering support through this has been invaluable. Of course, it had a huge effect on my husband and me.

“I was, you know, I was David against Goliath. It’s much more comfortable and rewarding to be with Goliath. I found myself in the middle of a storm, but I feel very proud of the way the British press handled the case. Journalists have a very important role because by presenting the truth ethically they are informing public opinion and that has the power to bring about change.”

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