Carra, Nev agree ’emotional’ Liverpool can learn from Rafa

Date published: Saturday 23rd December 2017 10:45

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville both believe that Liverpool should adopt the ‘dark arts’ more often in search of a result.

Liverpool were held 3-3 by Arsenal on Friday, having led 2-0 heading into the 50th minute.

But three goals in five minutes from the hosts put them on the backfoot, before Roberto Firmino salvaged a point.

The match was perfect for 16 chaotic Conclusions, but Carragher and Neville were both in agreement as to one of Liverpool’s weaknesses.

“We’ve all been in games like that where you score and they go down the other end and score and there’s always a mistake for a goal but at 2-1 what can you do to stop that game being a basketball game?

“You look at Liverpool, whether it’s the manager, the players do they have enough experience and do they want to do it?

“There are the dark arts of the game that Jurgen Klopp spoke about a few weeks ago and said he didn’t want to get involved in.

“It’s maybe someone who goes down with injury and you’re not hurt. Slow the game down, slow the atmosphere down.

“They’re always involved in games that are end-to-end. It’s great for us (as broadcasters), they’re great to watch but you’ll never get far because we’re all in those situations as players you have to find a way in a hostile stadium to kill the crowd but this crowd got lifted at 2-1.

“I said it, ‘2-1 (down for Arsenal) is better than 1-0 because at least the crowd has had a lift with the goal.”

Neville agreed, adding: “They’re an emotional team Liverpool. Every time I come to watch them play I think something is going to happen and it’s going to be an exciting game.

“They’ve got to somehow create some experience out on the pitch, some mechanism that says ‘right we’ve just conceded a goal’.

“I remember you telling me about Rafa Benitez, if you conceded a goal then from the kick-off afterwards the ball has got to be launched into the corner so that you don’t concede another chance.

“You’ve got to take the emotion out of the game. It might be that your kick-off has got to go right into the corner and press them from there.

“The emotion was in the game, a fever pitch in the stadium and Arsenal were on a high. Liverpool, that ‘heavy metal football’, it’s in and out of possession.

“It’s really quick. You just think, ‘woah, what’s going on here?’ They’re not in control.

“They have to find a mechanism of being able deal with that and stopping the game.”

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