Carra: The one Liverpool man I always trusted with the ball

Date published: Wednesday 22nd August 2018 10:08

Jamie Carragher Liverpool

Jamie Carragher has named the one Liverpool player he always trusted with the ball.

Carragher made his Liverpool debut in January 1997, retiring in 2013 after winning two FA Cups, three League Cups and a Champions League.

The Sky Sports pundit played with a number of hugely talented players at Anfield, from Steven Gerrard to Xabi Alonso and Igor Biscan.

But Carragher says the one player he trusted the most in possession was John Barnes, who left to join Newcastle in the summer of 1997.

Despite such a short spell alongside the legend in the Liverpool first team, Carragher saw enough in Barnes to compare him to Manchester City midfielder David Silva.

“There are so many top players at City but when Silva comes into the team it feels like they all look up to him and they all want to give him the ball,” he told MNF Extra.

“There are very few players in the Premier League like him. I used to play with one in John Barnes, who, towards the end of his career, was not dissimilar to Silva when he played as a central midfielder.

“He was the only player in all my time at Liverpool, and I think it is the same with Silva at City, who, when you gave him the ball, you would not worry one iota that he would lose it or something stupid would happen. You couldn’t take the ball off him and there are not that many players who are happy to take possession when they are so tightly marked.

“There are probably more now but back then people would say, ‘I’ve got a man on, don’t give me it’. John Barnes would always receive the ball.

“Yes, we see more of it now but Silva has been doing that since he came in 2010 and that’s what he can do. No matter what situation he is in, you can give him the ball and he will find a way to get out of it.”


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