Liverpool’s lack of ‘quality’ bemoaned by Carragher

Jamie Carragher says there are “problems” with the squad inherited by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

The Reds legend – speaking on Sky Sports – agrees with our own assessment that they have a deeply flawed collection of players.

They did not manage a single shot on target in the Capital One Cup final before their equaliser in the 83rd minute; they then lost on penalties.

Striker Daniel Sturridge did not impress but Carragher believes he should stay because he is one of the few quality players on Liverpool’s books.

“Sturridge didn’t perform well. Liverpool need to keep him though as there are very few quality strikers out there,” said Carragher. “He is one of Liverpool’s few real technical players.

“They can’t get the likes of a Benzema. Benteke cost £30million and he couldn’t even get on the pitch.

“A lot was riding on today as it’s been a poor season. Not just for the club, but for the manager f he’s to be successful then they’ve got to win trophies and this was his first shot at it.

“However, he’s aware there’s problems in this squad. There’s not enough quality, they’re not good enough.

“Where they are in terms of the other teams and what they can win in terms of trophies, this is it. They’re not good enough to win the Premier League or the Europa League. They have Manchester United next in that tournament so it will be like a Cup final.”

Carragher saved his harshest words for Liverpool’s goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and left-back Alberto Moreno.

“The left-back has to come out of the team. This is not a one-off today in terms of the goal.

“Flanagan has come back fit and has to go into the team in midweek, he  has to change the left-back.

“Flanagan played left-back when they nearly won the league. He can’t be worse than him.

“The goalkeeper has made some outstanding saves today, but just because you make some outstanding saves doesn’t mean you should be allowed to concede a goal like that. And that is not just today.

“Going forward for Liverpool, those are two areas Jurgen Klopp has to change in the summer.

“The goalkeeper may have signed a five-year deal, and he has made some good saves today, but things have to change.”