Carragher calls Rio a ‘clown’ on CBS Sports over Milan derby commentary to reignite feud

Will Ford
Jamie Carragher, Rio Ferdinand, March 2023

Jamie Carragher has had another pop at Rio Ferdinand, insisting he is “happy to call him a clown” after his comment during coverage of the Champions League semi-final.

The Liverpool and Manchester United heroes clashed last October on social media regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s involvement under Erik ten Hag, with Carragher referring to Ferdinand as one of the Portuguese striker’s ‘fanboys’.

And Carragher reignited their feud on Wednesday night as he criticised Ferdinand’s thoughts on a penalty call in Inter Milan’s 2-0 win over AC Milan, but defended old pal Steven Gerrard, who had the very same opinion.

Lautaro Martinez was awarded a penalty when he went down after minimal contact from Simon Kjaer, before the referee was asked to consult his monitor and overturned the decision on review.

Ferdinand described it as a “stonewall” penalty on commentary but CBS showed Carragher’s off-air outrage at the decision, where he said: ‘I think anyone out there who is watching the replay and seeing what VAR do and still believe that is a penalty, they must be a clown.’

Back live, Carragher was shown a tweet in which Gerrard – who was working alongside Ferdinand on BT Sport – still thought it was a penalty.

Carragher responded: “He was an attacking player, wasn’t he?

“He was liable a little bit himself under a little bit of contact – always contact, never a dive. I understand where he is coming from.

“It’s just when players in my position who are defenders, English defenders who are commentating on the game…” before Micah Richards interjected, only for Thierry Henry to stop him and ask Carragher to continue.

Carragher said: “I can understand attackers thinking it was a penalty (turning to Henry) if you did, and Stevie was an attacker. Maybe he felt there was a little bit of contact.

“But as a defender we have to stick together don’t we and I just felt people were getting a little bit carried away.”

Micah Richards then said: “Name names.”

Carragher answered: “Rio Ferdinand. I’m happy to call him a clown!”

Henry was taken aback by Carragher’s comments, holding papers up to his face as Richards said he didn’t want to get involved.

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