Carragher checked Hamann ‘was still alive’ after Klopp comments; agrees Liverpool ‘need a spark’

Jason Soutar
Jamie Carragher and Didi Hamann during a Sky Sports broadcast

Jamie Carragher had to check on Didi Hamann following Jurgen Klopp’s aggressive reaction to a journalist referring to comments from the former Liverpool midfielder.

Speaking earlier this week, Hamann said he believes the Reds hierarchy will have a “discussion” over Klopp’s future with his former side tenth in the Premier League after nine games.

“I think at some point we are going to have that discussion about the manager and I’m not sure how far we are from that,” Hamann told talkSPORT.

“This Liverpool team looks tired, they look pedestrian and they just look flat.

“I’m not sure where the spark is going to come from because they’ve won games in the past, obviously they beat Rangers a couple of days ago but they’re obviously far superior to Rangers.”

“At some stage I think we will have that discussion about the manager and I’m not sure how far we are off [from that],” he added.

Klopp was not happy during a press conference when a journalist said he’d heard Hamann say this week that Liverpool “needed a spark”.

The Reds boss sarcastically asked: “Who said that? Oh great, he (Hamann) is a fantastic source. Well respected everywhere…”

When the journalist reminded Klopp that Hamann is a former Liverpool midfielder, the German manager responded: “That does not give you the right to say what you want, especially when you have no idea.

“I actually think Didi Hamann does not deserve the fact that you use his phrase to ask me a question.

“Do me a favour and ask your own question. That is good. Try to ask a question without using the word spark.”

Carragher has defended Hamann and admitted he sent him a text on Tuesday night to make sure he was “still alive and okay”.

The two former Liverpool teammates won the Champions League together in 2005 and were both a part of the club’s treble-winning team in 2000-01.

“I’m really close with Didi and I text him last night just to see if he was still alive and was okay!” Carragher told the Daily Mail.

Carragher admitted that he agrees with Hamann that Liverpool “need a spark” and is unsure why Klopp was so angry, but insists he will “try and get to the bottom of it”.

“I saw the question in the press conference and didn’t see why Jurgen reacted the way he did because whoever asked it said Hamman said ‘you need a spark’ – and Liverpool do,” he continued.

“I didn’t get where the frustration came from. I didn’t know whether it was something that goes back to when Didi was a pundit in Germany and Jurgen being the manager of Dortmund.

“I’ll try and get to the bottom of it! But it didn’t seem that [bad]… I’ve said much worse about Klopp and his Liverpool team and I absolutely love them to bits, so I didn’t get where the frustration come from or whether it had been lost in translation what he said.

“I haven’t seen the full interview – it was just what the journalist asked Klopp.”

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