Carragher, Murphy call out ’embarrassing’ Kane for fall as Neville sticks up for the Tottenham star

Joe Williams
Harry Kane is pushed in the face

Jamie Carragher insists he would’ve been “embarrassed” if he’d hit the deck like Harry Kane in Tottenham’s 1-1 draw against Everton on Monday night.

Abdoulaye Doucoure was sent off on 58 minutes for shoving Kane in the face before the England captain converted a penalty only ten minutes later to give Spurs the lead.

Lucas Moura was also given his marching orders before Michael Keane hit a thunderbolt into the top corner moments later to give Everton a share of the spoils.

There was no question that Doucoure should’ve been sent off, despite chants from the Everton fans accusing Kane of being a “cheat”, but there was a debate as to whether the Tottenham striker made a meal of it.

Many thought Kane exaggerated the contact from Doucoure in order to make sure the Everton midfielder was sent off and Carragher and Neville couldn’t agree on Sky Sports.

Neville began: “There is no debate on red card at all. Doucoure puts his hand up, the only debate is whether Harry Kane should go down.

“Harry Kane should never go to ground. But the only thing I’ve had before is when someone puts the clasp of their claw and it goes a little bit on your eye – it does shock you.”

After providing a demonstration on Carragher, Neville added: “That is very different to a hand in the face.”

Carragher responded: “The debate isn’t about a red card and Harry Kane shouldn’t be going down like that. It can still be a red card by putting your hand in someone’s face.

“Doucoure is wrong and I am sure [Sean] Dyche will tell him that, but I wouldn’t go down there as a player. There is no way near enough to let you go down.

“If I done that on a pitch I’d be embarrassed and if I watched my son do that, yeah it might help his team win if the opposition are down to 10 men and it gives them an advantage, but when he got back in the car I would say, ‘what are you doing? Don’t ever do that again on a football pitch’.”

However, Neville reckons Kane’s actions could’ve given Tottenham a crucial edge in the race for the Champions League place.

Neville continued: “I am a lot nicer than I was 15 years ago. If Harry Kane stands up there, we are talking about Champions League football, if he stands up that might have been a yellow because it is deemed as a hand-off.

“Harry has gone down, whether he should have or not, it is to make sure Doucoure got sent off.

“It is a part of the game people don’t like but in our dressing room, if my forward [does that] we are there to win leagues, win games.

“You might call it cheating but you can’t put your hand in someone’s eye with your clasp like that.”

Danny Murphy was agreement with Carragher during his role as a commentator on talkSPORT, he said: “Not enough to send him on the floor, he’s embarrassing himself. Why’s he gone over like that stitching someone up? Doucoure would’ve been sent off anyway.

“A little flick to the face does not send you the ground like you’ve just been punched… but Doucoure’s an idiot.

“He knows the rules, he’s let his team down.

“For Kane to go down like this is embarrassing… if my kids played like that I’d apologise and probably need to sit in a dark room with a cold flannel on my face.”

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