Carragher rues Man Utd star’s ‘poor start’; £100m transfer claim backed by Ten Hag’s ‘big problems’

Lewis Oldham
Carragher slams Man Utd
Jamie Carragher is unimpressed by Man Utd midfielder.

Jamie Carragher thinks Manchester United star Casemiro has made a “poor start” to the new season and Erik ten Hag has “big problems” in midfield.

The Red Devils spent around £60m plus add-ons for Casemiro last summer after they failed to sign FC Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong.

Casemiro enjoyed a strong debut season in the Premier League and he was one of their best performers as they finished in the top four and won the Carabao Cup.

Last week, Carragher claimed that Casemiro was a “panic buy” and he’ll end up costing them an extra £100m as they will need to sign a top-quality replacement for the 31-year-old in a season or two. 

Casemiro has lined up alongside Mason Mount and Bruno Fernandes in midfield of late and the ex-Real Madrid star had a nightmare over the weekend as Man Utd lost 2-0 to Tottenham Hotspur in their first away Premier League game of the new season.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Carragher explained why Man Utd have “big problems in midfield”.

“I think they have big problems in midfield. The set-up of their midfield is not right for me. I think there are a few things wrong,” Carragher said on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football.

“The manager’s set up, what he is asking them to do in terms of the profile of players, is not right.”

He continued: “This guy [Casemiro] in midfield, as we saw last Monday night and as we saw constantly on Saturday night, is being left exposed in the middle of the pitch on his own and he cannot cope.

“James Maddison runs off the back of him, gets away from him and is right at Manchester United’s back four.”

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Carragher also suggested that he is “worried” about Man Utd going forward if Erik ten Hag continues to use this midfield set-up.

“We can talk about the set-up and the system but this one is all about Casemiro. He makes a decision to go when he should hold his position. He goes flying in and is bypassed so easily.

“Maddison is a technically good player but he is not quick and that is far too easy. Again, right through the heart of Manchester United’s midfield.

“We talk about him being left exposed but that is not acceptable at any level – and certainly a player of his quality and experience.

“It just does not look great when you have a player diving in. He is falling over.

“He has made a really poor start. I would be really worried about him going forward and the make-up of this Manchester United midfield.”

He added: “I am not sure that midfield can play together going forward for Manchester United to have the season that they want.”

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