Carrick insists Rangnick will not change ‘DNA’ of Man Utd

Will Ford
Michael Carrick motivating his players

Michael Carrick does not believe Ralf Rangnick will revolutionise Manchester United as “the club doesn’t change”.

Carrick will take charge of United for the second time against Chelsea on Sunday, and it looks set to be his final game at the helm with Rangnick expected to be announced as the new interim manager this week.

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Rangnick is known in Germany as the ‘godfather’ of modern football and is renowned for his pressing football.

That would be a big change for United and would move their style of towards that of Liverpool and Chelsea.

But Carrick believes Rangnick will not change the “DNA” of United. Phew.

“The club doesn’t change. It is still Manchester United,” said Carrick. “It still has a certain DNA running right through it.

“Expectations and responsibilities are the same, playing exciting football. We are here obviously to win first and foremost but in a certain way.

“If you look over history, there have been lots of different managers and players with different systems and ways, but there has always been this backbone to it of successful teams.

“As a club we are fully aware of that and that’s where we obviously need to be and I’m sure we will be there soon.”

Carrick won his first game in charge of United on Tuesday as he oversaw the 2-0 win away at Villarreal in the Champions League.

But Chelsea represent a far greater challenge.

“There’s no denying (the gap),” Carrick added. “I’ve got to be realistic, it is pretty obvious from the recent run of games. But it wasn’t that long ago we finished second in the league and were on a really good curve of improvement. I don’t think that can be forgotten in terms of the potential.

“It’s very different having a poor run of results to being a poor team. We’ve had a spell that’s not been good enough but that doesn’t mean it’s a poor team.

“There’s plenty left in the season, Over time, not just here but other clubs, you have bad spells and you can almost have another season within a season. Who’s to say that as a group of players they can’t go on a run again.”