Chelsea are going to appoint Jose Mourinho again, aren’t they…

Date published: Monday 11th February 2019 2:23

Jose Mourinho Chelsea

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They’re going to do it, aren’t they…
Chelsea are going to hire Jose Mourinho again.
Sean Peter-Budge


Identity crisis
Chelsea probably have more of an identity crisis than any other Premier League club right now.

Roman isn’t investing his roubles in quite the same way – they’re no longer London’s top club – I hate to say it but that’s Spurs right now, and their best player seemingly wants out.

In years gone by, Roman would have just thrown money at the problem but I’m not sure that’s going to happen so Chelsea fans have a choice – stick with Sarri and hope he can build something beautiful or keep chopping and changing manager.

Weng called for the old Chelsea – I’m sure he’s talking about Chelsea circa ’05 – the problem is that Chelsea is long gone – what you’re left with is Chelsea circa ’94 – not a bad team but not title contenders either.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Rafa criticism
6-0 thrashing…didn’t see that coming! What’s interesting though – looking at it from my black n white tinted toon army glasses – is the sheer ferocity of criticism that Rafa got (and gets) for ‘negative’ tactics by the media and matchday pundits when setting up against teams with far greater resources than NUFC. Given we’re in the thick of a relegation battle, is it any wonder that we set up to defend, soak up pressure and hope to hit teams on the break? Constant moaning by the media for Newcastle to ‘have a go’ etc just gets seriously tiresome. A run through some of the fixtures where ‘teams have had a go’ at City…

Southampton…lost 6-1 & 3-1
Burnley…lost 5-0 in the league and FA Cup
West Ham…lost 4-0
Cardiff…lost 5-0
Fulham…lost 3-0
Huddersfield…lost 6-1
Bournmouth…lost 3-1
Everton…lost 3-1
Wolves…lost 3-0

And now Chelsea get a spanking too. The point is, City have so much attacking ability and pace that it’s quite silly go approach the game thinking that you will win by trying to pile forward with no structure or organisation. With Newcastle being in a very tight relegation battle, every point matters, and if no points are attained, then goal difference matters too. Given we narrowly lost 2-1 the first time around, and then won 2-1 the second time just shows how playing with those fine margins of in-game tactics can pay off – and at best, at least we only kept the goal difference down to a -1 drop. That could be telling come the end of the season.

Why pundits keep on banging the drum for wishing Newcastle would be more adventurous is clearly because Newcastle are an interesting club to talk about and have a go at, as well as wishing they’d open up to allow City to bang in plenty of goals for the sake of entertainment and viewing figures. I’m sorry Newcastle aren’t the Entertainers of 96 or Robson’s 02-04, but this is what happens when you have an owner slow-dripping funds and making out like the sports car is being fueled sensibly and adequately, whilst the rest of the league clubs are buying Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s and racing away. You’re left with a situation where you have to analyse the fixtures, figure out where to get the points, and how to play against much more powerful sides.

Doesn’t always work, but for the time being, whilst we’re kinda average and just a bunch of triers, I’m ok with setting up to frustrate, so long as we continue to put the effort in and try and get something out of the game, however that may be…and if we lose, at least keep it tight! This is the juggling act Rafa has been forced into playing out…and to be honest, I prefer that to being humiliated like all these other naive sides setting up to give City all the space in the world!
Mohsin, Dubai


I understand the anger
Seeing this mornings mailbox you’d think we were out of all competitions or something? I get it, i truly do, the performance was a shambles, the decisions a shambles, there wasn’t many positives to come out of that game yesterday for Chelsea.

However I think we’re still in the infancy stages of Sarri’s tenure at CFC and a bit of perspective is needed.

Yes 6-0 is bad and the 4-0 to Bournemouth too but we have to go through these to get to where you want to be, you have to go through the lows… I’m sure City had some bad results in Pep’s first year, Ole is due a few bad results also and would not be a surprise when they happen, he will be given time to turn it around…. you cannot consistently be good in the first year of your managerial reign.

I’m with my fellow Chelsea fans in terms of the same team playing every week, no variation, no changes, no chances given to other players but I think calling for the managers sacking is a bit far.. We just need a bit of time to adjust to the system and the players.

For what it’s worth, Jorginho needs to get injured for 3 weeks so that Kante can fill that role Sarri will see what he can do.
If he sees that, he’ll be more tempted to play a 3-4-3 with Kante and Jorg in the middle.
Going back to the old system under Conte is something I feel will hugely boost this team.
They know the system, they know where to play and how to play.

To end with, again, i get it fellow Chelsea fans… I understand the anger… i felt it at 2-0 down, at 4-0 down I went to spend time with my kids drawing and reading with them… maybe that’s what’s calmed me down to fair.
T, CFC, London (F*** off Carragher)


Chelsea reaction
Thanks for printing Lee’s mail about trying to find the positives in that Chelsea horrorshow yesterday.  We need more sensible reactions like that; they create more discussion.

I, too, can remember the days pre-Abramovich and can recognise the similarities.  Fans like us tend to be a bit more pragmatic when days like yesterday happen.  I know football fans in general are very quick to anger and hyperbole but Chelsea’s fanbase on Twitter and Reddit are toxic places to be sometimes.

I’ve reached the same conclusion as Lee has, in that we can either back Sarri properly or we hit the reset button again.  I still believe the first option is the right one but I don’t think the board are that patient.  They will have thought top 4 was a bare minimum but those days are passing by with the rate at which City, Liverpool and Spurs are improving.

The frustrating thing is we have (or certainly had) money.  It’s just been spent atrociously and therein lies a huge problem (I won’t say “the” problem because we almost certainly have a multitude of those).  The best part of £150m was spent on Morata, Drinkwater and Bakayoko (who has seemingly found his place at Milan in fairness).  You all know I could easily list more but I don’t need to; those 3 players highlight a huge lack of vision from the board in recruitment.  They were not bought for the manager and they were not bought by any Director of Football-type character.  So who were they bought by and for whom?  We need a top-down restructure on who we recruit and why because at the minute it’s a bit like me at the supermarket throwing in a multipack of Double Deckers – I’m not hungry, I’m trying to eat healthily and I even already have some chocolate at home so why do I need them, yet in they go.  Pep saw he needed a defence restructure and got it.

Finally, I will offer defence to Jorginho.  He’s getting a huge amount of stick at the minute but unlike Alonso I believe it’s unfair.  Watch his games for Napoli last season and tell me he’s overrated.  He can be quality for us but he just needs the right players around him.
BlueLuke – CFC – Won’t hold it against Hazard if he goes


Silver lining
Certain weekends just make you question why you follow sport.

Ralph Hasenhüttl has been a decent coaching appointment and while hardly setting the world alight (a spluttering candle more like) 2 points from 9 from Palace, Burnley and Cardiff just isn’t good enough and leaves us deservedly in the relegation zone.

I want to be angry but instead there is a tired acceptance that we’re just not very good. Ings when fit has been decent, I really rate Bednarek and I’m always a fan of James Ward Prowse but it’s just a really uninspiring workman like team. Not a Rickie Lambert feel good workman like team where the sum is greater than the parts either.

Last year we survived by being the least **** team and then shot ourselves in the foot by giving Mark Hughes a 3 year contract. That alone means we probably deserve relegation and with a tough run coming up we’re going to be down here for a while.

The silver lining is a final 5 games of Wolves (h), Newcastle (a), Bournemouth (h), West Ham (a) and Huddersfield (h) most of whom will have little to nothing to play for. 10 points alongside a few draws before and we probably survive by being the least **** again but it’s pretty long and drawn out circling of the drain after which no-one will miss us.

No real point to this, but to everyone whose having a good season. Enjoy it, live in the moment and appreciate the good times.
Tom Saints (pretty dejected fan on a Monday morning). 


It sucks
Too all the Chelsea fans who are experiencing what Arsenal fans have, pretty much twice a season, for the last decade or so. I feel for you. The feeling after a shellacking is the worst. You avoid all media because you know the autopsy is gonna be forensic, you know there are gonna be countless opinion pieces about your club, manager and players. The hacks no longer have United to rag on, so they will make a meal of this result. You basically have to avoid all football media till you get to your next game. And that sucks because you love the game. Your favourite sites are all wailing and gnashing their teeth. It is horrid. I don’t normally feel anything towards Chelsea fans, but after a 6-0, you kinda have to. I know a lot of Arsenal fans will have relished seeing another side put to the sword, but in the cold light of day, I can’t help but empathise with them (FYI I’d never feel this way for Spurs fans, I’d enjoy it tooo much).
John Matrix AFC


One ingredient missing
The only ingredient missing from City’s thoroughly enjoyable 6-0 demolition of Chelsea at the Etihad yesterday was… Jose Mourinho in the visitor’s dugout.
Alphonsus (Mourinho’s constant humiliation  of Wenger was just so classless and disgusting) Abuja


BBC’s coverage
Is the BBC’s football coverage philosophy just a case of wait for football365 to write a thoughtful well written article on a subject and then copy, paste and dumb down.

Their article on Solskjaer today is just a poor man’s version of John Nicholson’s from a few days ago, almost the identical format. About the 10th time in recent months i’ve seen this from the beeb. They not got the money to employ people to come up with original content? I’m not one to bang on about my licence fee, but come on lads at least try and disguise what you’re doing.


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