Chelsea chiefs called c***s and clowns as fans rage over Mauricio Pochettino sack

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Todd Boehly, Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea
Chelsea owner and manager Todd Boehly and Mauricio Pochettino

Wow. Chelsea have surpassed themselves this time with the exit of Mauricio Pochettino. There are swears aplenty.

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Raging about Pochettino sack
Todd Boehly. Behdad Eghbali. Hansjörg Wyss. Everyone at Clearlake Captial.

The Chuckle F**k Brothers, Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stewart.

C**ts. Every. Single. One.

Your article about Poch leaving was spot on. Chelsea would be mad to let him go. Well here we are.

CFC finished the season strongly, 6th was way better than I’d have thought they would finish. A decent end to the season f**ked because a bunch of billionaires and their 2 lickspittle cronies.

Who the hell comes in? McKenna? He’s a more elite coach is he? Or is it that all the scum above just want a yes man installed. Literally no manager in world football could work in the insanity the club is functioning under. I can guarantee whoever comes in next will be gone by Christmas because they won’t get immediate results out of this young, inexperienced, shoddily put together squad. And on to the next and next ad infinitum until relegation, which this business fully deserves.

This won’t be the last s**te the scum throw at the club this summer. Watch as Gallagher and Chalobah get sold to more successful and better run clubs. Both those players will finish next season above Chelsea which ever club they end up at.

If Poch decided to go because he couldn’t put up with the s**t going on around him I couldn’t blame him. Again the fault would lie directly with those above him for creating an unbearable working situation.

I don’t mind Chelsea going through a prolonged period without winning anything. I was a fan long before the money arrived (from who’s dirty pockets we don’t know). But to see this club treated like a toddlers plaything is unacceptable.

I encourage every Chelsea fan to boycott the club until the ownership is changed. Stop buying season tickets. Stop buying shirts. Stop buying merch. Cancel your membership. Because what the hell is the point of supporting this ‘club’ anymore.

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…Would the last one to leave the building please turn off the lights?

Just when it looked as though things were coming together, just when it looked as though the ‘plan’ might actually be bearing fruit, just when Chelsea were starting to look like a football team again…

The sacking of Pochettino has to be one the greatest examples, if not the greatest, of self-destructive, mindless hubris in the history of the game.

If any further proof were needed that these people are not fit to run an all night garage, let alone a great football club then this is it. See ya Connor, see ya Trevoh, all the best guys. We’re not a club anymore, just a tawdry retail outlet run by a bunch of… well let’s just not go there.

‘Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing’ is, of course, a well worn cliche but cliches tend to become cliches because they’re generally true.

I’ve really had enough now and Chatham FC are on the up.

Stef, Medway

PS. And so long Poch, thanks for your effort and all the best. You’re way better than the clowns running this sh*tshow deserve.

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Standards Schmandards
Things you can’t do at United now:

Work from home
Leave anywhere untidy
Stay dry within the stadium
Get complimentary travel to the Cup Final

Things you can do:

Finish eighth
Concede more shots on goal than Derby (allegedly)
Pretend you’re injured (allegedly)
Ask the government to pay for a new stadium

And it seems our potential new CEO and Sporting Director can also break agreements with their current (and past) employers. Worse still, like an absolute novice, Ashworth emailed his current work address with the evidence. How naive can you be?

So much promise from Ratcliffe of raising standards but the future does not look good with these chumps on board.

If SJR is true to his word about standards he’d cut Ashworth loose and go for Freedman instead. That way he can send a proper message about standards that doesn’t involve being present in the office or doing the hoovering.

It would also leave Newcastle with Dan Ashworth wages for 18 months and no DoF.
Ash Metcalfe


Blowing our minds on Man Utd
Villa, Spurs, Chelsea, and Newcastle conceded more Premier League goals this season than Man Utd. I have to look at the table three or four times to make sure I read this correctly. (Villa shipped 5 on the last day)

They also scored a hell of a lot more goals, but let’s focus on conceding for a moment. Why is this not being mentioned anywhere?

Is what EtH said about low-level chances true? Is Onana a better goalkeeper than we think? Is United’s defense better than we think? There is no need to answer, but it shows the power of media focus and our perception of team performance and how stats can mislead us into believing something that is simply not true; I have watched United this season, and I know what I saw.

I’m unsure what to make it, but I thought it was worth sharing.
Paul (MUFC) Dublin

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The unbiased Premier League table
Given the recent correspondence on who we should or should not want to win at playing football based on how nice or evil each team is, here is my (a Colchester fan) Premier League table based on my own unbiased view of where the 20 clubs in the league should have finished.

1st – Liverpool. Klopp’s last season innit? And I do like Klopp – I understand that others do not and there’s good reasons for that, but it’s Liverpool’s title. Just avoid the mailbox and comments for a few days.

2nd – Spurs. They are (and this is very much a compliment) the stupidest team in the league and should be rewarded as such. Not with an actual league title, that would be very, very wrong – agonising second place is ideal. Probably it was a Son own goal on the last day which cost them the title.

3rd – West Ham. Simply because everyone would still think Moyes wasn’t all that despite all evidence that he is good at being a football manager.

4th – Chelsea. Poch has kind eyes. The sort of eyes you could lose yourself in. This should compensate for an unbalanced squad thrown together in the manner of a supermarket sweep round Fortnums.

5th – Manchester United. 5th is the correct place for Man U now, just high enough to believe that success is achievable if only (insert your current if only here United fans).

6th – Aston Villa. Bring back Sherwood as manager and I’ll give you the title.

7th – Manchester City. No one saw the points deduction for ruining Phillips coming.

8th – Nottingham Forest. Proper team. Clough, Collymore, another Clough, Franz Carr etc.

9th – Burnley. Best team to say out loud in the accent of the town. Liverpool a close second.

10th – Brentford. No one really knows where exactly it is, but their manager seems like a decent, intelligent sort.

11th – Fulham. Who am I to argue with the most mid-table of all the mid-table teams?

12th – Newcastle. You can only really like Newcastle when they’re rubbish and a bit skint. Then the ‘best fans, deserve some success’ cliché is bearable, now though? All that money? Proper players? No thanks.

13th – Brighton. Always a fun night out in Brighton.

14th – Arsenal. Just got 13 in and realised I forgot Arsenal.

15th – Crystal Palace. On 42 points.

16th – Wolves. They talk funny there, which keeps them up.

17th – Everton. Ravens/Tower of London thing. Plus, despite myself, I sort of like Dyche now. I know. Weird.

18th – Bournemouth. Not even a fun night out.

19th – Sheffield United. What’s the point of you exactly? Not fun, or interesting in any way. Back to the Champo with you.

20th – Luton. Shittest airport in the country.

I think we can all agree that this unbiased table is exactly correct. Well done to all the teams. Except Luton.
Jeremy (unbiased) Aves


Bukayo Saka: Not all that
Stewie Griffin reminds me of the sitcom character Ricky Gervais plays in Extras, forever trotting out the same tedious catchphrases to an ever-dwindling audience.

However, I would defend him (Stewie, not Ricky) on his assertion that Arteta has failed to develop any homegrown talent. Predictably, several people wrote in and said “what about Saka?”.

My response would be, yeah, what about him? Can’t cross, can’t beat a man, no right foot. Quite why he’s so highly rated, I fail to understand. Yes, yes, I know his stats are good but he’s greatly flattered by the people around him. In this regard, he reminds me of Andy Cole, another bang average player who has some of the best stats in PL history because he was ably carried by four or five world class teammates.
Matt Pitt


Everton and institutional rot
Read Stewie’s email and he made a comment that has been in my mind for years regarding my club and that is “institutional rot.”

At least Arsenal have been competitive and have won a bit of silverware in the past twenty years. My club has done nothing of the sort with the closest I can remember was our loss to Chelsea in the FA Cup final in 2009.

Institutional rot has not only set in at Everton, but it’s become so entrenched that not even the millions Moshiri pumped into the club could rid us of it. You could argue his millions made it worse. Bill Kenwright, for all the good he did for the club by buying Peter Johnson’s stake in 1999, ruined any legacy he had by holding on too long because “he was a true blue.” He was in essence, the overseer of that rot and by the time he found Moshiri (Usmanov,) it was too late. Once you find mold in the walls of your home, often, you’ve got to tear down the sheet rock to the studs to get it out and then rebuild.

That’s exactly where Everton find themselves now. Naturally, we’d like rid ourselves of this rot WHILE we’re still in the Premier League but that’s becoming a harder and harder proposition for us each year. If you were to ask me what it would take to rid us of this rot, I honestly couldn’t give you an answer. I just know the house needs to be gutted and rebuilt. Hard to do when you’re 650M in debt.
TX Bill, EFC


Drop Kane? Are you a loon?
England fans like Ben Teacher just suck. They just f**king suck.

If you’re that negative before we’ve even kicked a ball then what are you doing with your life. This is the time to dream! We’ve got the best squad in decades. We’ve got to a quarter, semi and final in the last 3 tourneys. We’ve got a glorious summer ahead of us!

And dropping Kane. Are you off your head? Ben, sort your life out and stop showing off mate, Jesus.