Chelsea: Finance expert predicts 15-point deduction if Premier League ‘reject PSR loophole’

Lewis Oldham
Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly
Todd Boehly and the Chelsea board have spent over £1billion since their takeover.

Finance expert Kieran Maguire thinks Everton and Nottingham Forest are “right to be furious at Chelsea”, who could be given a severe points deduction.

Chelsea have invested heavily in recent transfer windows. They are understood to have spent over £1bn on signings since Todd Boehly‘s consortium completed its purchase of the Premier League giants in May 2022.

The Blues have spread out their spending by tying down their players to long contracts but they are still at risk of breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

Last week, a report from Football Insider claimed ‘the Premier League are still investigating Chelsea for a potential rule breach after they sold hotels as assets for £77million’.

‘The London outfit are understood to be on the brink of breaching financial regulations after their published 2022-23 financial results revealed they have suffered a loss of £90million.

‘However, Chelsea have attempted to loophole the regulations by selling assets such as hotels to balance their PSR calculations.

‘They sold two hotels to a sister company also associated with the club’s ownership for a total of £76.5million to offset their major losses.

‘Football Insider understands that the process is still ongoing with the Premier League yet to decide whether the deal complies with their Associated Party Transaction rules.’

Everton and Forest are “right to be furious”…

In response to this report, Maguire has warned Chelsea that they ‘should be facing a 15-point deduction if their £77million PSR loophole is rejected by the Premier League’ as Everton and Nottingham Forest – who have already been docked points this season – should be “furious” with their rivals.

“I think both Everton and Nottingham Forest are absolutely right to be furious at Chelsea,” Maguire said during an interview with Football Insider.

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“Forest were £34.5million over the limit and Everton were £16.5 million over in 2022-23.

“It would appear that Chelsea are in the region of £70million over the limit.

“Given that it’s supposed to be one point for every £6.5million over the limit and three points for breaching the rules they should be looking at a 15-point deduction.

“If I was a fan or anybody connected with Everton or Forest, I’d be throwing my hands up in the air.“

Following Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat to Man City in the semi-finals of the FA Cup on Saturday, club legend Ruud Gullit hit out at his former club as it is a “mess” at his former club.

“When I watch this Chelsea, it is not going to work. They signed too many players and it is a mess. When you bring in so many new players like that, it’s almost impossible,” Gullit said at the Laureus World Sports Awards.

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“But Pochettino knew this was the case when he took the job. So he has to take responsibility for that. Do I blame him? No. But he is responsible for it.”

The Dutchman added: “There really is a lack of quality. You see that in the important moments, when the pressure is on. Then they can’t pass the ball quickly enough, taking an extra touch every time, so that it’s too late when they finally play the pass.

“Too often, they don’t seem to see the danger from the opponents. You have to see them coming and make that pass early. But if you keep on taking the extra touch, that chance is gone – and that is a lack of quality.”