Chelsea forward awestruck by Ronaldo reveals ‘only’ time he’ll copy his celebration since big feat

Ciaran McCarthy
Nicolas Jackson, Chelsea, November 2023
Nicolas Jackson copies Cristiano Ronaldo's celebration after scoring for Chelsea

Chelsea striker Nicolas Jackson has described his idolisation of Cristiano Ronaldo, and revealed he’ll “only” copy his celebration when he scores a hat-trick, as he did against Tottenham.

Jackson struggled to make his mark on the Premier League early on after his £32million move to Chelsea. Indeed, in his first six league games, he scored just once, in a 3-0 win over Luton.

He then scored his second of the season against Burnley, before netting his first professional hat-trick against Tottenham. They were by no means the best three goals you’ll ever see, but a hat-trick nonetheless.

After the third goal, Jackson performed Ronaldo’s famous ‘Siu’ celebration. He has detailed how he idolised the Portuguese legend growing up.

“I had his name on a shirt that I always wore. Not an actual shirt because they are expensive, so you don’t buy them. But I had a shirt that I put 7, Ronaldo on with a pen. I did it myself when I was a kid,” he told The Telegraph.

“Of course, I would pretend to be him, but it was difficult to watch his games because you needed to pay. We would go to my friend’s house, everybody.

“We would watch in a large group, never just with one person in the house. All my friends, we’d all go to one house to watch Real Madrid.”

The respect Jackson has for Ronaldo is why he performed his celebration, something he’s been doing for some time, and he says it’s reserved solely for hat-tricks now after the Tottenham game.

“I always did his celebration, even when I was at Villarreal and I scored two goals. So when I got a hat-trick, I had to do it. Now I’ll only do it for hat-tricks, not every goal,” Jackson said.

“It was my first career hat-trick. It was very special. The ball is in my lounge so everyone can see it. I hope there will be many more, but the first one is always very important and I will try to keep it very safe.”

On current form, it seems it might be a while until he breaks the celebration out again. That being said, he’s by no means a bad player, though he has spurned a lot of chances already this season, and were he more clinical, he could have scored a lot more.

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