Ten classic own goals feature Kompany and Bale embarrassments with Liverpool the beneficiaries

John Nicholson
Spurs player Gareth Bale scores an own goal against Liverpool
Look at Luis Suarez, being an arse

There must be something about Liverpool because they have benefited from some classic own goals, with Bayern Munich boss Vincent Kompany scoring a beauty.


Vincent Kompany (MANCHESTER CITY v Coventry)
The normally reliable Kompany scored one of the least likely and most spectacular own goals against Fulham in 2013. A slow ball across the six-yard box was an easy clearance for Vinnie who promptly somehow sliced it up over his and his keeper’s head and into the top corner. He couldn’t do it twice.


Peter Enckelman (Birmingham v ASTON VILLA)
You don’t see many own goals from throw-ins but this is the definitive one. Olof Mellberg is the thrower; Enckelman rather gormlessly lets it roll under his foot and into the net in true Sunday League style. The definition of a klutz.


Gareth Bale (SPURS v Liverpool)
If there’s a favourite type of own goal, this is it. In a fit of desperate defending, Aaron Lennon kicks the ball off the line, right into Bale’s mush and it rebounds into the net, leaving Bale lying on the pitch holding his nose. It looks like a training ground move, so expertly is it done.


Phil Jones (MANCHESTER UNITED v Newcastle)
Phil often seemed like a comic character in an ongoing drama
, pulling unlikely faces and lunging around the pitch chaotically. A long punt down the pitch arrives in the United penalty area and Jones ties his feet in knots, deflecting it neatly past the keeper in a very Phil Jones sort of way. He looks like he’s drunk and he looks very like Stan Laurel.


Kieran Trippier (SPURS v Chelsea)
Back in his Spurs days, he scored one of the classic own goals. Meant to usher it back to the goalkeeper who should’ve but didn’t come and collect it, leaving the full-back in two minds as to what to do. Trippier opted to pass the ball past Hugo Lloris and into the corner of the net. It’s so well judged you’d think he intended it. Perfect.


Michael Proctor (SUNDERLAND v Charlton)
A classic of its sort. A shot comes back off the keeper at pace, right into the path of the retreating defender’s legs, which drive the ball into the net. Oops. There was nothing I could do, boss.


Wout Faes (LEICESTER v Liverpool)
The boy Wout scores two OGs of high quality in the same game
: the first a straining-every-sinew slice into his own net; the second when it comes back off the post and he slots it into the corner with the aplomb of a top striker. Two in one game is a special achievement which sounds like it should be called ‘wouting’.


Lewis Dunk (BRIGHTON v Liverpool)
Dunk doesn’t exactly look graceful at the best of times. Here he juggles the ball in the six-yard box while facing his own goal and instead of booting it out of play, knocks it into his own net off his knee. Twelve years later he would remarkably play for England. It almost looks deliberate.


Des Walker (SPURS v Liverpool)
Remember this from the cup final? The defender carefully and with precision heads the ball into the top corner, exactly where the keeper can’t get it. It doesn’t look accidental, just like he’d forgotten which end he was at.


Marcus Bettinelli (FULHAM v Sunderland)
No, I don’t remember Marcus either. A deflected cross loops up into the air towards the goal. Bettinelli, the keeper, jumps up to collect what should’ve been an easy ball but he drops it and bounces off his knee into the net. Very kind of him. He must’ve been so proud.

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