‘Clear your desk, Ole’ and other Man Utd mails…

Date published: Monday 25th November 2019 8:20

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Has anyone else realised that Maguire is utter dogsh*t? Come back Calamity Chris, all is forgiven.
Conor, Dublin


Nobody is at the wheel
Ole using a five man defence against the ‘Mighty’ Sheffield United is how low Man Utd have fallen.
Nelson, Lagos, Nigeria


…Clear your desk, Ole.


…I sent a mail at 2-0 down saying Ole clear your desk and I haven’t changed my opinion on wanting Ole out despite the comeback. I have never been annoyed by United rescuing a match until today, this means that we will persist with this failed experiment and once again miss out on Pochettino. This could be the most harmful comeback in United’s history, I would have preferred a loss.


Chris Wilder > Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
I’m confused. It doesn’t take much. Who would you take from Sheffield United to put in your Manchester United team. Mousset? Maybe. Lundstram, Baldock, Fleck, Mcgoldrick and others? Never in a million years. Ergo, Wilder is a better coach than Solskjaer. If it wasn’t for De Gea then Sheffield would be two up at half time. And the Manchester front three. They’re not teenagers. You’d expect a bit more consistency. So many bad touches and misplaced passes. And a midfield of Pereira and Fred? Hahahaha. Football is about having a team. Is Solskjaer making the team better than the sum of its parts? Not even close. Man U, (can’t say United any more because the best United is from Sheffield) will be lucky to finish top half. Although dropping out of European football (it will happen) might help them. Still, there’s always the FA Cup.

However end on a positive. Sheffield United were dynamic, energetic and bossed it in the first half. Clearly the better team. What’s the salary gap between the squads? The Man U players should give the difference to charity after that first half. Maybe they’ll get better…
Rob, Gravesend


Imagine thinking that Poch is NOT the answer…
It seems obvious, in fact it appears like the the world is leading us to one easy conclusion, if we are watching from outside, or dare I say, neutral observers, Pochettino should be in the Man U dugout next week. That is how quickly this situation should evolve.

However, there is something about the decision-making at Man U that makes me think they’ll persist with Solskjaer. I sit here wondering how bad at decision making you can be and still end up one of the richest football clubs in the world. Mindboggling.

I’m then reminded of Kim Kardashian. Not saying Man U executives are Kim Kardashian because they don’t even come close, I mean put a photo of one of those Glazer boys next to a Kim photo and I’m pretty sure you get sued for emotional stress buy not warning readers of inappropriate material, but both don’t seem to make good decisions do they? How do these people make it to a point where they control an entire football club?

I may be overreacting and hoping that Poch gets a good job to showcase his skills but I’m half worried Man U will ruin his reputation, but hoping that with a budget, he will achieve something. All I’ll say is, give Poch that 100m every summer and he would have Man U comfortably in the top four and maybe even beating Liverpool. I feel like Pep’s time is up at Man City, but Poch still has a point to prove, and what better club than the wealthy Man U.
Dave (Thanks auto-fill, I don’t know how to spell Kardashian), Somewhere


Man United need a second sh*thouse
So just like you ignored other managers (like Poch during the last break) who were in trouble, to focus on how Wan Bissaka is a full back from the 90’s, this week you’ve left out an obvious article about Marco Silva who is in deep trouble to one again mention failing at Utd SMH.

* So Ian Watson acknowledges that with Pogba and Mctominay injured Utd only have Perrira and Fred in midfield and can really only bring Jones in and change the system but starts the article with Ole didn’t trust his players to play his usual system SMDH

* All things considered United do need a new midfield. The loss of Herrerra without a replacement remains the major mistake Utd have made since Ole took over and this needs to be solved as soon as January 1. He would have broken down Sheffield Utd’s attack and reduced the threat through out the game.

You cannot trust Fred or Andreas to play that role for the 6/7 games left till the window opens or long term another option that may help to break them up is moving Lingard out of contention for a number 10 role or right winger role and adding him to the midfield he can press probably won’t give the ball away more than Andreas. It’s worth considering. Hopefully Garner and Devitt will eventually be ready

* Spare a long-winded tale about how it’s a shame this team were outplayed. This used to happen in the golden era as well there is a reason, Fedreico Macheda is a hero and the 90th Minute is called Fergie time. That seven minute spell Utd’s goals came from was a combination of change of approach and words from the manager. The only thing needed is to close out some of these games. See the Liverpool game for as another example only then will the gap close .

*I know everyone’s greatest fantasy right now is Poch taking over right now, but let’s be honest the need for him pales in comparison to a new midfield  We would be better off letting him rest till summer like Jose just did and come with new ideas. Whoever is in charge if we don’t upgrade midfield it won’t Mata, Juan bit.

* Play the kids especially Garner and Devitt againat Astana, pray McTominay recovers in time for the remaining Premier League games this season – top 4 is already a bust, just write it off and focus on avoiding relegation and discovering talent.
Timi, MUFC


Meanwhile, Mourinho has met his match…
As a United fan, I still, until last week, thought the team had an outside shot of grabbing 4th behind Chelsea given Arsenal and Spurs were also in a mess. Leicester are there as well obviously but their goals to expected goals ratio is ridiculous, not unlike United’s was during Ole’s winning run after he took over. You’d doubt Leicester will regress as bad as United did but you’d also doubt their current run is sustainable.

Spurs appointing Jose probably means the last Champions League spot is theirs and will be for the next couple of seasons at least.

While the news initially felt strange, especially given the reports that he turned down Madrid for it, you could regard his jobs at United and Madrid as anomalies on his cv. Things didn’t work out for him at United and he had Ronaldo at Madrid, a real once in a lifetime kind of player. Even then he only managed the league with them once along with one Spanish Cup.

While they did just get access to a bottomless pit of cash, Chelsea weren’t much bigger Spurs, if bigger at all, when he took them over. It’s a toss up between Inter and Roma for the position of third in the list of Italy’s biggest clubs. Porto might be one of the biggest clubs in Portugal but they’re far from it on a European level and he won the Champions League with them.

His problem seems to be dealing with big egos. Whether it’s a problem for his management strategy or a personal issue with his own ego, he evidently can’t handle players who think they’re important. That sense of importance often manifests in a sensitive ego, a problem with authority or a lack of focus because of outside vanity projects. United and Real are full of those lads. He can’t motivate the apathetic ones and rows with the rest. Mata wants to be football’s Bono, Lingard wants to be a fashion designer and Pogba wants to play in the NBA.

I might not be looking in the right places but I can’t think of any Spurs players courting fame off the pitch too much or trying to ‘cultivate their brand’ on social media. Kane, Moura, Son, Alli, Lamela, he has a forward line of selfless grafters and people willing to be shithouses in Kane and Alli. That’s pretty Mourinho. I don’t know what he sees in Dier but he sees something and now he has him. He also wanted Moura. Ndombele seems like a Mourinho player as well but it’s early with him obviously. Maybe one of the Belgian lads could prove difficult for him to deal with but the rest of his defenders, and the rest of his team, all seem like humble, hard-working guys. Porto, a Chelsea that had been owned by Ken Bates one year previously, Inter Milan; Jose Mourinho works best with underdog clubs and workhorse players. Spurs and their team are very much in those boxes.

It’s notable that Mourinho said it was “impossible” that Kane would be leaving. This man is a politician. He’s very careful with his language. I would take him at his word there. I can remember him using that word a couple of times in the past. For example, when Rooney handed in his transfer request and was linked to Jose’s Madrid. He said he’d love to have him but it was “impossible” that Rooney would leave United. Kane will be at Spurs next season.

It’s also no small matter that Mourinho will be living at his home. We’re emotional creatures. Our moods and our egos affect our decisions. London is evidently somewhere he feels very comfortable. There’s no way living in a hotel didn’t have some sort of effect on his time in Manchester. I’ve only ever spent a week away on my own for work and it’s crap. It’s hard to see how he won’t eventually fall out with someone like Daniel Levy but he’ll probably have a lot more success before his eventual burn out than he did at United.

As for what he does affecting perspective on Pochettino’s time there, a few things. Pep has talked about how the relationship between a manager and a squad goes stale after three or four years. Ferguson has talked about the need to recycle a team every three or four years. More specifically, look at Klopp’s last season at Dortmund. Whatever club hires Poch will be lucky to have him. I hope that won’t be United though. We’ve got Ole. Zero achievements in management to hang your hat on as a reason to trust him but he signed Harry Maguire and He Knows The Club so Manchester United are doing just fine. Conceding three to Sheffield United? It’s FINE.
Eamonn, Dublin (De Gea out. Also, just stop giving massive contracts to players who have done nothing in general, you shiny headed donkey)


Arsenal fans…oh my word
F365, I’d accuse you of making up the Arsenal letters if I hadn’t seen the exact same tone from Gooners in other football publications (which of course I don’t read – I’ve just heard about them from other people, you’re my one and only, eff to the three to the sixty-five).

I didn’t know whether to laugh or sigh when I read the FIFTH (sometimes you do have to capitalise stuff for emphasis, regardless of whether it’s considered “tabloidy”) consecutive whiny Arsenal mail in what used to be an esteemed mailbox, each more ludicrous than the last, culminating in the piece de resistance, a suggestion from Paul Chipperton that he had “Never seen a crowd, in person nor at distance, SO angry in all that time”.

Perhaps “never” is Canadian for “not since pretty much every game in the last few years of Wenger have I”, or maybe it’s just another OTT rant from another deluded, entitled Arsenal fan. You have every right to be annoyed with Emery, but why does irritation with your manager have to spill into the type of melodrama usually associated with teenage bloggers and Donald Trump? Martyr that I am, I continued reading and was rewarded with the payoff that “It literally can’t get any worse than what we just saw. We have just hit the bottom”. Some nitpickers might want to point out an inconsistency with previous paragraph “we had bigger crowds, and were a lot worse from ~1975-1985”, but this would be like criticising a goldfish for not recalling correctly what it had for dinner last Tuesday (mate, it’s the same as you’ve had every day of your life… that weird fish food thing).

Full disclosure, I’m a Spurs fan so I’m biased, but neutrals, back me up.. has there ever been a worse set of fans than Arsenal? Of course #notallarsenalfans are like this, but in the same way that if you’re a racist, you voted Brexit (but not all brexiteers are racists), no other club could have spawned that bizarre Arsenal fan TV thing, because no other club has such a sizeable fanbase that think their nonsense views are important and should be broadcast.
Shaun (how is Arsenal a bigger story than Mourinho’s debut? maybe I’m just jealous) Livingston

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