Conte told that he should put ‘moaning’ Tottenham player in the ‘under-18’s dressing room’

Joe Williams
Tottenham striker Richarlison looks up at the big screen

Richarlison should be told to train with the Tottenham under-18s after “moaning” about his position at the club, according to former Premier League striker Gabby Agbonlahor.

The Brazil international had to wait until the second half to come off the bench for Spurs in their 0-0 draw against AC Milan in the second leg of their last-16 Champions League clash.

Richarlison has been benched in other recent matches too and after they were dumped out of the Champions League 1-0 on aggregate he took the opportunity to complain.

In an interview with TNT Sports, Richarlison said: “That’s what I didn’t understand, too (being a substitute). It was going well, in a good sequence, two wins against West Ham and Chelsea. Suddenly, he (Cristian Stellini) put me on the bench, against Wolverhampton he put me on for five minutes. I asked why? They didn’t tell me anything.

“These are things that it is not possible to understand. Let’s see what he (Conte) will say tomorrow, but there are no fools here either, I’m a professional, I work every day and I want to play. There are minutes left, time left. This season, excuse the word, it’s been sh*t.”

Richarlison had an opportunity in the starting XI a week ago to show why he should stay in the team but he underwhelmed in a 1-0 defeat to Sheffield United in the FA Cup.

And Agbonlahor has no sympathy for the Brazilian and thinks Tottenham boss Conte should take strong action against the striker.

Agbonlahor said on talkSPORT: “Richarlison – £60M [That’s what] he cost. Premier League goals zero, assists two. Always moaning, always rolling around on the floor. He has come out and said that he had a positive moment, and Conte put him on the bench.

“His positive moment is two games [with] zero goals. I don’t get it. Don’t be moaning when you’re not performing when given the chance. If I’m Conte, his boots and kit will be in the under 18’s dressing room, this morning!”

Tottenham will now end another season trophyless after missing their opportunity in the FA Cup and Champions League this week, while they still face a battle to finish in the top four in the Premier League.

Speaking after the Milan match, Tottenham boss Antonio Conte reflected: “The reality is we are out from the FA Cup and now Champions League. Yeah, what I can say is we are working. We are working to try to improve and to go step by step but if someone think in one day, two day, one year, you start to win? It is difficult.

“I know to win you have to build, you need time and to go step by step and to accept this type of defeat. This defeat because I think Sheffield United was unacceptable but today, for the opponent, for the trophy we play, I don’t like to lose but it can happen during a path to this situation, especially I repeat because last season, don’t forget, we play Conference League and two years ago Europa League.

“I am really sorry for the fans, I am really sorry but we cannot invite the win. This is important to know this. We cannot invite the win or hope for a miracle one day that a trophy goes into our training ground or pitch.

“We have to build and have patience. I understand for the fans, they don’t have patience because for a long time Tottenham is not winning but what I can promise is we continue to work really hard for this club to continue to improve and then we see what happen.”

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