Conte sack: Tottenham must fire ‘noisy twit’ without ‘compensation’ for ‘bringing club into disrepute’

Lewis Oldham
Tottenham boss Antonio Conte shouts at a ball boy

Tottenham Hotspur have been told to sack Antonio Conte “without competition” as the Italian head coach has “brought the club into disrepute”.

Conte caused quite a stir over the weekend. After Tottenham’s 3-3 draw against Southampton, he claimed some of his players are “selfish” and “scared”.

The former Inter Milan and Chelsea boss was already under pressure but this outburst is expected to lead to him being sacked during the international break.

He is out of contract in the summer but Tottenham had the option to extend his deal by a further year until 2024. 31-year-old Ryan Mason is likely to replace him until the summer.

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has been angered by Conte’s rant. He feels the Spurs boss is “anything but” a “nailed-on winner”.

“I thought he was a nailed-on winner, but with this current guise, he is anything but that,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“I don’t believe he was given the opportunity to manage Tottenham with a prerequisite of you have to win a Premier League and Champions League. I believe he was told by Daniel Levy that we want to be competitive, be in the top four and win us a cup, and I will give you the resources.

“We are at a stage now with what he wants is to say anything he can to get out of the door, and he wants to get paid for doing that. I think where they are likely to be is a discussion going on now, about what the original discussion would be following his outburst at the weekend.

“Levy is not interested in visceral emotions, he is interested in getting into the top four, and what gets me there best.

“Is it ‘get there with this noisy twit, and let him go at the end of the summer’, or is it staying and get rid of him?”

Jordan also thinks Conte needs to be “fired without compensation”.

“If it has gone worse behind the scenes, and more things have been said, then you have a situation now where somebody should be fired for bringing the club into disrepute,” Jordan added.

“Rather than having a debate as to whether he has done enough to get paid and go out of the door.

“If it was in my shoes and I was in the situation, he has done enough to be fired and fired without compensation. They are probably having a discussion on how he leaves, and as a football manager, he will most likely want to get paid.”

It was reported on Wednesday morning that Mauricio Pochettino could become a ‘top manager target’ for Spurs. He is viewed as a head coach capable of tempting Harry Kane into remaining at the club.

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