Rose is providing a masterclass in career sabotage at Tottenham

Date published: Thursday 12th December 2019 2:15

Danny Rose Tottenham

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Career suicide
“I’ve never had a conversation with him and I dont see why I need to. As I said before, I’m here for the next 18 months so I dont see why I need to have a conversation with the manager.”

Danny Rose is providing a master class in career suicide. Mindboggling. What he was trying to achieve by answering that is beyond me, unless his true goal is to provoke Tottenham into a constructive dismissal, thus allowing him to retire from football and focus on a lawsuit.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland 


Arsenal midfielders
Totally agree on our midfielders so why not bring one of them back?

Never understood the release of Cazorla and I certainly think he could still do a job in the centre of the park and has unfinished business at the Arsenal.

Santi is coming to the end of his career and may well be eyeing a career in coaching so if Arteta does land the manager’s role – why not bring in Santi in as his assistant and player coach?
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


People are going to be judged on their most recent work
I have to take umbrage at parts of Harry De Cosemo’s article on reputation. The good ebenings from Unai were seen very much as an enduring trait by many arsenal fans. Especially at the start of his tenure. We appreciated the fact he was trying to speak a different language and as I said earlier his foibles were enduring. I read the excellent Aresblog on a daily basis and feel like he captures the feelings of arsenal supporters well. We never resented Emery, we did feel he was doing a bad job at arsenal but not the he was inherently a bad manager. We wished him will and in his ‘obituary’ on Aresblog there is a paragraph that starts:

‘Emery’s not a bad guy- just the wrong guy’

I appreciate the article is not only about arsenals fans opinion of him however I do feel that the article is making many sweeping statements that are not entirely true.

The main crux of the argument also feels very flawed to me. Obviously people are going to be judged on their most recent work. This will not be the only thing taken into consideration but in any walk of life it will heavily influence the decision of their next employers. This is why high performing managers are employed by bigger clubs whereas underperforming managers may struggle to find immediate employment. However to say that past achievements are completely overlooked is absolutely not true. I can think of a certain managers who were deemed to have failed at their last jobs before being given jobs in North London.
Dave (really hoping Mourinhos Tottenham stint implodes sooner rather than later) Windsor


Takumi Minamino
Dear MC,

Having just seen the reports on here and the Guardian that Liverpool are interested in signing Takumi Minamino, I thought I’d share a bit about what sort of player he is for those who haven’t seen much of him yet.

I’ve watched him play for Japan and he has been doing well over the last year or so. He usually plays in front of a four-man midfield and just behind the striker. He’s at his most effective in that role as he links play well, makes good runs on and off the ball, and creates chances. My only concern or criticism would be that his finishing needs work: he tends to need about five chances to score one goal.

From what I saw of him in the highlights of the game against Liverpool, he plays the same kind of way for Salzburg and looked like he caused some problems for the Liverpool defence. What sort of role do Liverpool supporters think he’d have if he signed for them?

James T, Ishikawa, Japan


Jay-Jay Okocha
Reading your article about fun but fragile most entertaining teams, I came upon Bolton 2003/04 and specifically Okocha and what he did in 2004.

We all know that when it comes to national teams commentators are very partisan and biased towards their own country and no one bats an eyelid with these glaring biases on display, it’s to be expected. In September 2004 Nigeria were playing Zimbabwe away in an AFCON qualifier and Okocha was at the height of his powers. A Zimbabwean commentator called Charles Mabika who is(was?) very popular in the country was providing commentary for the match.

Okocha was not to be stopped, dancing his way past defenders and exhibiting the sort of skill we all knew he was capable of. Everyone watching the match was in awe of the man including said commentator. The commentary soon descended into a 90 minute orgasmic-love-fest praising the skills of Okocha (GNev’s one is nothing. Nothing I tell you!). The way Charles Mabika pronounced “Okocha” when he had the ball can only be described as pornographic.

Nigeria went on to win the match 3-0 with Okocha putting in a MOTM performance(obviously) but the real story happened 2 days after the match. Mabika was fired for being “biased and unpatriotic” when being given his pink slip and the whole nation was horrified since everyone with eyes could see for themselves what Okocha did to those 11 poor souls playing against him that day.

So Jay-Jay Okocha is responsible for getting a man fired just by being bloody brilliant at football. Take that Messi.
Krombopulos Michael (Charles Mabika was re-hired a couple of years later), LFC, Joburg


Defending Daniel
Not to “rile” anyone on today of all days but Fat Man (as he often does) and Socially Constructed David lfc seem to have spectacularly missed the point.

Firstly, Fat Man, defending to the death the right for racists to shout racists things is an odd stance to take when there is literally a law against it. This is not about free speech it’s about hate speech. That’s why people are arrested for it. Just because both the overt and the “wink wink, nudge, nudge” racism have been depressingly normalised by the politics of today doesn’t make it okay. Also you seem more concerned with the plight of the racist than the victims of racist abuse. Never a good look.

Secondly, and I can’t believe I have to say this, football stadiums are not the time for “dialogue” with racists and homophobes. The only thing they deserve in that environment is silence, condemnation and removal. Anything other than that emboldens others with similar opinions the next time. Showing racists and homophobes in public forums that their behaviour is unacceptable in the strongest terms should cause a period of self-reflection for them, but also make the majority who are just there to support their team feel safer. Our aim is surely to make the historically disenfranchised feel more comfortable in football stadiums than, and yes I’ll use the term, the twats.

Sure, clubs doing outreach and supporter groups like Daniel mentioned can help with the dialogue around the game. But in the stadium, considering the historical problems and pervasive links with football and the worst of society, zero tolerance please.
Andy B


Sorry, I’m still getting over the embarrassment of Fat Man’s email this morning. Rather than writing in defending until death (CRINGE) a racists right to be a racist, can I suggest doing a tiny bit research and finding out that racist language is classified as hate speech, and is therefore illegal under Section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986, which states – it an offence for a person to use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour that causes, or is likely to cause, another person harassment, alarm or distress and includes language that is deemed to incite “racial and religious hatred”, as well as “hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation” and language that “encourages terrorism”.

Literally took me 30 seconds to confirm that racists don’t have a right to use racist language. Bloody hell.


In response to FatMan

Racist hateful speech is indefensible. It’s abuse of people. And people should be shielded from abuse, not told to respect the “freedom” of the people spouting the hate.

Grow the **** up and educate yourself.
Angry JJ, Essex (formerly Suffolk)


I can imagine your servers nearly fell over when the replies to Fat Man came rolling in. I’m quite bored of the misrepresentation of free speech in this “I’ll defend to the death the rights of one man to abuse another man in his workplace” manner.

F365 aren’t talking about silencing free speech. They’re talking about the removal of racists from football grounds, educating the youth that racism is bad and asking if we can rebalance where tribalism sits in a fan’s psyche. I take it from your loose grasp of the argument that you only read the headline. Whether you admit it or not, demanding the freedom to shout racist abuse is denying someone else’s. And if you value one above the other, you value another man at less than yourself.

And fascism? Educate yourself. We helped fight against fascism, you’re fighting for the right to use the N word at a 20yr old in the wrong colour shirt. There’s a mirror in your bathroom, go take a look at someone who might actually fit the term.

Neil – Liverpool fan, Yorkshireman, Londoner and apparent fascist according to a fat lad with a froth on for racial epithets.

PS – There’s still time to vote today. I don’t see many good options but make your choice and make yourself heard. 

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