Deeney: Gabriel could have broken my leg

Date published: Monday 14th March 2016 1:30

Troy Deeney believes that Gabriel’s tackle against him on Sunday could have broken his leg.

The Watford striker and Arsenal defender challenged for the ball during the FA Cup quarter-final at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, but Gabriel was perceived to have lunged in with both feet off the ground.

The referee neglected to even give a free-kick for the dangerous tackle, and Deeney said that he was “unhappy” with the challenge after the match – although he says he accepted Gabriel’s subsequent apology.

“I was unhappy with that,” Deeney said. “I could have gone through him as well and I tried my best to keep the studs down and to the letter of the law.

“But he came over the top. I don’t think he was intentionally going to do me, but fair play he came and apologised.

“I was just a bit frustrated at the initial moment because they are the ones that can break legs. Thankfully I am a big lad and I rode the tackle.

“We are men at the end of the day. We shake hands and carry on until the next game. Crack on.”

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