Do us all a favour, Liverpool, and put Man Utd fans out of their misery…

Date published: Thursday 13th December 2018 2:33

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For the love of God, just go…

I feel terrible just thinking this, but I pray that Liverpool stroll through the probably 10 man defence and give us a proper hiding on Sunday, just so we can finally put Jose out of his (and our) misery. My dad will be spinning in his grave at such thoughts, but I honestly can’t take any more of this rubbish.
Red Mick


As Martin Luther King said: I have a stream!
Holy bejeezeus a Netflix for football! Now you’re talking! A great idea, a great proposal, and one that should comer sooner than not. I loved Stevie Chicken’s article – but disagree that the idea is farther than we think. It’s literally all down to us, viewers.

By proving our case in numbers, companies will be forced to re-adapt. Spotify and Netflix are the best examples I can come up with. Spotify rose to prominence for two major reasons – a) the music industry admitting they can’t fight the people, and rather decided to “join” them by allowing unlimited downloads and maximum control for a really laughable fee if you consider what you’re getting. And b) it being a really spectacular app.

The music industry was at an all time low with piracy levels going through the roofs. They tried with all kinds of new copyright laws and lawsuits, digital protection measures and what have you. But you can’t bend the arm of millions of people and then expect them to PAY you.

Raise your hand if you were about to sit down and watch your weekly match – only to realize it’s being televised on BT and not Sky… Or not televised at all!! But this is 2018 so what do you do? You google “Ronaldo7” and click on the 3rd link you find. Easy and free. (Sometimes the streams are even 60fps, which is nuts)

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not encouraging piracy. I AM encouraging, however, the importance of our solo actions and how they could impact an industry in a way that feels morally-ambiguous but productive in the long run. I have no sympathy for an industry raking tens of billions of pounds a year. And if it means that I could be getting EVERY PL match of the season for £19.99 – stream away I shall!


I’ve just literally read Mr Chickens interesting piece on ‘Netflix for football’ and felt compelled to write and say that this sort of already does exist…… Germany.

At the risk of sounding like someone who works for them, which I promise I do not, I just wanted to share the nugget of pure joy that currently exists here sausage side.

Any other fellow German based readers will be (or bloody well should be) familiar with an online only steaming platform which goes by the name of DAZN. They a UK based company who are active in the markets of Germany, Austria, Japan and Canada. Long story short, it’s really really rather good. It works via an App downloaded onto your smartphone, smart tv, games console, fire stick or simply through a web browser, and It cost less than a tenner a month with no subscription. For that money I get literally all of Europe’s top leagues (although they have sadly lost the prem rights back to Sky from next season) and many other leagues that are not top. We also get the championship, every single Europa league game, and every single Champions League game, apart from the two matches per game week that Sky choose to broadcast (normally Bayern). This basically means that I can watch for example Liverpool vs Napoli live, and then go back and watch the whole Barca – Spurs game almost straight after, as live or highlights which is my choice. We also get all American sports, which as an NFL fan I’m all over, as well as any number of other sports that I have little or no interest in (Boxing, including all of the stuff that would normally be pay-per-view in the UK, UCF, Field Hockey, Darts etc).

This service is basically a sports lover’s dream, and if you’re someone who watches sports passively as well as actively then it really is a gift. A weekend doesn’t go by in my house without some live game from somewhere or another being streamed live on the telly, almost over two days straight, and often without even properly watching. Basically it’s there, so it’s on.

DAZN tend to market themselves as the Netflix of football and I think their claim is legitimate. The UI is strikingly similar, and all live games can be watched live or on demand (also as highlights) for normally up to about 2 weeks after the event. One thing they don’t have however is a library of older games to go back too but that wouldn’t interest me too much anyway. They do however produce their own documentaries as well which are hit and miss, but tend to be watchable at least. We’re not talk ESPN 30 for 30 quality, but they’re still well made pieces and so are welcome as an additional product.

I have no idea what kind of turnover they make, and would hazard a guess that they currently make a loss based on all what they offer and how much they charge. The hope is that the bubble they have built doesn’t eventually pop and that those of us who use it can continue to indulge. It makes me of course wonder as well how and why something similar cant be offered in the England via sky. I’m a bit out or the loop having lived away for nearly 6 years, but even with the introduction of games being broadcast via amazon prime, nothing seems to get anywhere near a comprehensive as what DAZN currently offer in Germany. The asterisk here of course is that the Bundesliga still runs through sky, and from next year the bastards will have the Prem league again too. This leads onto to what Mr Chicken was saying at the end of his piece about having to then subscribe to multiple services to watch what I want to watch. However right now, I get almost everything that I need in one place and that seems a step forward, albeit maybe a temporary one at least. It is at the very least, and will stay for some time at least, the most all-encompassing package available anywhere that I’m aware of and for that I am thankful.

You see, living in Germany isn’t only about the beer, sausages and Pretzels.

Cheers for reading.
Sean, Freiburg (LFC)


Summing up United’s problems
Watching remember the Titan’s one quote sums up Manchester Uniteds performance last night.

‘Attitude Reflects Leadership’

In the lead up to the game it was quite clear Jose didn’t care about the game, the unbalanced line up made it clear he didn’t care about the game. How to expect a group of players he has already largely scapegoated and alienated to care? (It’s past the point that playing for the club is enough)

Anyone backing Mourinho to stay I have one question why? He has obviously lost the ability to motivate a squad, never mind set them up in some form of coherent formation, where you know, players play in there actual positions…

He wants the sack, United want to sack him, just no-one wants to lose out on the Money it would cost. (even though its a drop in the ocean compared to the money wasted on transfers/agent fee’s)


Confidence vote
So I wonder out the supposedly gazillions of Manchester United Official Members, how many letters do we have to send in to force a vote of confidence in the leadership? More than 48?

To continue the political theme and paraphrase an eminent politician from a year or two back ‘Jose … For heaven’s sake man, go!’.
E.T. King (MUFC)


Jose still got it
What a brilliant move from Jose.

Purposely shoehorning all the players he doesn’t trust anymore in a frankly absurd team set up (Mata, Pogba, Fred, Pereira, Fellaini, 5 central mildfielder at the same time. Rojo at left back, Jones on the pitch…) is a genius stroke.

Of course he was not surprised and did not learned anything. He presented this game as a way for those player to show what they can do but set the team in a way he knew they will perform terribly.

No wonder he did not play the youth on a dead rubber game, he just wanted that crop of player to drown and show the fans that he can’t trust them, put them in the fridge and never play them again. They let the team down and the fans should back Jose, he does what he can but those players are letting him down.

Seems like he learnt how to handle a player mutiny from his Chelsea days.

Looks like the old dog still have some tricks.
Alex (who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?) Paris


United’s problems start with their recruitment….and end with Jose
Let’s go back in time a little….. everybody knows that United’s great resurgence essentially started with the class of 92 ( 3 world class players) and the Neville’s plus Butt and was completed by the signing of Cantona , a sublime footballer with a point to prove having been essentially kicked out of France and finding a short term home in Leeds were he won a title and clearly shouldn’t have been sold. He was a hungry footballer with a point to prove basis what happened to him in France.

When Eric decided to hang up his boots Ferguson changed the make up of the team particularly up front where he signed Cole and Yorke, both in my opinion underrated players particularly Cole whose goal scoring record was second to none. Cole was a hungry footballer with a point to prove basis being sold by Newcastle. Yorke had made the jump from Villa and gladly accepted the step up.

When that second great team of Fergie started to creak United went out and then bought another pair of attackers Ronaldo and Rooney who at that point were arguably the best yet not quite proven young talent in European football. Ronaldo was a hungry footballer believing himself to be on the verge of superstardom and needed a bigger stage than Lisbon to prove it. Rooney in those days was well basically just hungry ( carrying a little too much timber) but for a kid from the streets of Liverpool was just as hungry for success
and his desire has been there for all his career.

So what has been United’s transfer policy of the last few years ? Go out and sign potentially the best young  hungry talent in European football … Bale , Ali , Kane , Van Dijk , Eriksen ( see why Spurs are so good here ) Richarlison, Sane , Fabinho , Firmino , Mané and there are many more … the one player who fits in this category is De Gea .. an unqualified success and arguably the only player in the current team who is significantly improved.

So what do United do , instead of competing and signing  players of the above ilk that with their financial clout and overall club brand they could have easily taken… they sign the following…..

Pogba , left once already , won everything at Juve and France …. (onto his 3rd club)
Lukaku , been round the block , Chelsea , West Brom Everton … (4th premier club)
Matic , signed and released by Chelsea , resigned by Chelsea … ( 4th club)
Sanchez , Barca , Arsenal …  knackered , too much wonga ( 3 rd big club)

There are literally hundreds of examples of exactly the same mistakes being made at other “big clubs” …  Chelsea signing Torres , United with Veron , Liverpool with Joe Cole…
Liverpool with Morientes , all of these players have been excellent at one stage of their career …   BUT it is always at either the club they started at or after their first big move…..once you are onto your 3rd or 4th club , the desire clearly wanes , the legs become wearier and the wallet is bursting at the seams……  there is always the odd exception … Ronaldo springs to mind… but compare him to say Tevez and say Schevchenko and the trend is clear….

Quite simply if United want to return to the top of European football they just need to go back in time a bit and look at what made them successful… signing the youngest talent first…. not third hand….
DL , LFC , Geneva


Never, ever expect a win v United!

I do not care for United fans playing their team down, or even the slightest suggestion of optimism from other Liverpool fans or yourselves F365……..never, ever expect or predict a victory against United!

Do people not remember the 1980s?! It was similar to now, the Tories were waging war on working class people, but Liverpool were top of the league and United were in the main dreadful. But between 1982 and 1988, just shy of 6 and a half years, Liverpool could not beat messrs Bailey, Albiston, Moran, Duxbury, Moses and Alan fkin Brazil in a league game!! This at the same time as winning multiple league titles, a European Cup and the double. The ’87-’88 Liverpool team, one of the greatest in English football history were 3-1 up at home to a 10 man United and drew 3-3!! When we did break the streak it was 1-0 with a penalty.

The current run is over 4 and a half years in the league with only the Europa League win (just as a couple of League Cup wins in the 80s run provided the only succour) in Klopp’s first season putting up a W. I can honestly see the planets aligning once again, yes Phil Jones often ‘delivers moments’, but not as frequently as people like to think, and he’s got one out of the way last night. He’ll be like Bobby Moore Sunday afternoon. De Gea, throws one in his own net v Arsenal, he’ll have his usual Banks v Pele 90 mins v us – plus we’ve already enjoyed a goalkeeping howler recently at Anfield (don’t get me wrong, I can imagine any Evertonian reading this and either seething or laughing, ‘try 7 / 20 years pal’!). And come to think of it Vorm & Leno were generous in other big games this season also.

So don’t talk to me about form, managers, the state of the two clubs etc, i’d bite yer hand off right now to be outplayed by United but win 1-0 with an OG off McTominay’s arse that the ref’s watch said was 0.001 millimetre over the line. In all likelihood it will be the other way round and Lovren’s arse.
Cheers, Bobby.


A defence of Serie A
I found Sarah Winterburn’s article on the failure of Serie A teams in this season’s Champions League very harsh.  I think many Serie A enthusiasts have actually found this season quite encouraging, even if Napoli and Inter just missed out in the end – let’s remember that both of them finished on equal points and equal goal difference to the second placed team.

In Napoli’s case, that second placed team was Liverpool. Considering they were finalists last year, you’d think that scraping through by the skin of their teeth in second place would be the absolute minimum expected from them, yet their achievement is being lauded, which says something about Napoli’s quality.

The key players in Tuesday’s defeat of Napoli were Salah and Alisson – both players poached from Serie A. On the other hand, Napoli are still adjusting to life under a new manager and without their key midfielder, with Sarri and Jorginho having departed to a Premier League club who are not even in the Champions League. When reflecting on the difference in financial resources between the Prem and Serie A, I find it hard to be critical of Napoli’s performance.

In Inter’s case, they haven’t participated in the Champions League since 2011-12, when incidentally they were drawn in a group with Trabzonspor, CSKA Moscow and Lille.  This time around they were up against:
– Barcelona, European heavyweights
– Spurs, who are playing their third consecutive season in the CL and last year beat champions Real Madrid and current Bundesliga leaders Dortmund (twice)
– PSV, regulars in European competitions, who currently lead the Eredivisie ahead of an impressive Ajax side

Again, I find it hard to criticise Inter for (just) failing to get through this group. Napoli and Inter’s ‘failure’ does largely come down to the way the seeding played out in the draw, as Roma have managed to progress from an easier group despite manifestly being a worse team than Napoli or Inter at the moment.

With Milan and Lazio also showing potential at the moment, I still think this is a positive moment for Serie A.
James Bruschini


15 April 1989
The Editor

I’ve been a Liverpool supporter for nigh on 43 years and recently it has just come to me, the tragedy of the 15th of April 1989 will be with our club for eternity. It was only recently that those 96 souls (RIP) received justice and thereby releasing the club to now perform and attain the heights that they were at back then once again. Please indulge me a little, was 1989/1990 not the last time that we, Liverpool FC won the then Division one, note there was football played prior to a Premier League be formed. And yes we held the title no less than 18 times. The point I am attempting to make is now that justice has finally arrived for those that perished, the fortunes may once again smile on Liverpool FC and allow us to finally lift the Premiership Trophy (for the first time) as Champions of English football, note for the 19th time…………..YNWA for LIFE…Go you REDS!!!!



Not all that blisters…
@CW (Gloucester), you’re right that there are some terms that seem to be inordinately used for black players, but there’s also a HUGE amount of confirmation bias going on in your letter too.

Wingers generally are described in those terms, not just black players. Tricky, pacy, speed merchant etc, all commonly used. Giggs only got away with it – at least in part – because the focus was permitted to be on his country of origin (Welsh wizard) or in comparison with other familiar classic players like Best. Rooney was the white Pele, no mention of his technique, strength or goal-scoring feats.

As far as midfielders, it’s simply more common to see a powerfully built (that means strong and fast) black midfielder than a white one, just on genetics. It’s not an insult to be called powerful. Would you rather see them described as dirty like Keane or Cattermole, ‘hard working’ like Fletcher (in spite of having excellent technique), ‘industrious’ like Henderson. Deschamps was merely the ‘water carrier’. Makelele by contrast had a whole role named after him!

For Lukaku, the problem is that – aside from being fairly fast and very strong – he has little else to offer, so ‘beast’ is the nicest way of saying that. It’s not great but hardly criminal or racist. Similar white players seldom make it beyond the Championship. ‘Big’ Dunc Ferguson is probably a rare exception, and few of the terms to describe him were complimentary!

You mentioned Andy ‘Andrew’ Cole being described as moody or divisive, and this is simply not true. He merely fell out with Sheringham (for which there were quotes) and had a stupid soundbyte from Hoddle as a millstone around his neck (before you assume that was only on him, Michael Owen was apparently ‘not a natural goalscorer’).

You mention the handling of different players leaving Liverpool, but under different managers (one with class and one without). That is the main difference, it’s a leap to assume racism.

You mention Sturridge being lambasted for refusing to play through the pain, while Wilshere, Jones and others get away with it. Actually, the problem for Wilshere and Jones (and Rooney) was partly because they DID try and play through the pain. They did themselves worse damage, or performed badly because they were carrying injuries rather than recovering. When Luke Shaw didn’t, or seemed slow to come back, he was lambasted.

Sterling has had a lot of undue grief from some quarters of the media and generally for minor indiscretions, but this is the lot of the high profile footballer and he’s not alone. Let’s make no bones about it, there is a lot of racism around football, and a lot of it is casual. But beware confirmation bias before you start throwing too much mud around or assuming everything is racially aggravated. Too often it’s just laziness.


Bah humbug!
Wow, just wow, there was I thinking a best ever start to a premier league season, the meanest and best defence since the 80’s, a forward who has scored 50 goals quicker than anyone else ever, top of the league, through to the last 16 of the Champions League (having reached the final last year) and generally being accepted as the only real challengers to the most expensive squad ever assembled with the greatest manager ever, as being pretty decent, Paul, Walton-on-the-hill, has really pissed on my chips! (or should that be p+ssed)

How on earth we are not facing a relegation 6 pointer every week is beyond me, we’re only playing with 5 or 6 men as the others would appear to be useless, or casual, or lazy, or all of them.  We need to get rid of Klopp, get Paul in, bring TAA back as he’s much better than that TTA, start with Firmino rather than Firminho and then not only will this be our year, then every other year will be as well.

As for comparisons with Lucas! As much as I love him, he scored 1 goal in 247 games, talk about a goal threat.  Wijno (really) once scored 4 goals in a single game and has 10 goals in 51 international appearances, so maybe he’s playing a different role for us.

Maybe Paul needs the ghosts of Managers past (Hodgson will do) to visit him and take him back to see Piechnik, Stewart, Konchesky and Voronin to appreciate just how good this lot are.
Howard (and that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s done FA this season!) Jones 


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