Does anybody still want to say Eriksen > Coutinho?

Date published: Thursday 7th December 2017 9:54

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Coutinho is so superior to Eriksen
Towards the end of the transfer window there was a lot of discussion as to whether Liverpool should sell or keep Coutinho. It was perfect for rival fans as they could take either approach depending on which outcome looked more likely. When it looked like we might sell they’d say “your best player is going you’re going to be useless!” When it became apparent we wouldn’t budge, there were plenty of comments calling him “average” (a couple of Utd fans who are regulars in the comments section) and Liverpool were “idiots” for not accepting a bid that was deemed to be far more than the player was worth. You can’t have it both ways lads.

Then F365’s very own award-winning Daniel Storey tweeted something along the lines of “isn’t it ridiculous that Liverpool can’t accept a massively inflated bid because they didn’t have a succession plan in place.” I like your writing Daniel but this was garbage. I emailed in explaining why I felt that view was wrong why we should keep him but it didn’t make the cut! The gist of it was the Barca interest only came after Neymar left, which was unexpected, how could we plan for that, that there wasn’t anyone as good that we could realistically attract despite the money, and that we would get fleeced once clubs knew we had the €100m from selling him.

Then of course there were the weirdest comments of all. The ones from Spurs fans saying “thank goodness Barcelona are looking at him and haven’t noticed Eriksen!” Well there’s a pretty good reason for that lads and that’s been shown so far this season. Coutinho is so superior, the two are barely playing the same sport.

Anyway, what a player and I’m delighted we kept him, even if it’s only for this season, or worse, until January as there’s talk of Barca bidding again then. His third goal may have had a helping hand from the deflection, but the turn in the lead up to it was phenomenal. Make him captain full-time, give him whatever wages he wants, sign another of his Brazilian mates, whatever it takes to keep him here. I suspect it won’t be enough in the end, but it sure is a joy to watch for now.
Shane (the same brigade that will cry ‘it was only Spartak’ are the same ones that were ready to knight Eriksen after playing well against Stephen Ward and Ciaran Clark) Ireland, LFC


Lovely Liverpool…
Wow! That was lovely to watch.

I sat in the stands in 2007 chanting with 40 thousand others ‘We want nine’ while Yossi scored a hat-trick… I honestly thought this was going to be more than that..And could have been but for some silly misses. Seriously could have been 10. Ridiculous.

How many Manu comments for “it was only Spartak”?

Hope that continues on Sunday – Sam to declare it a win if we score less than four…
Al LFC – Much less of a miserable git this morning surprisingly


Liverpool thoughts
I was very proud of Ragnar Klavan tonight. After he graced your list of ten worst players in the top six he was pretty solid and also placed an absolutely perfect 60-yard pass right onto Mane’s foot.

Wijnaldum is a confusing player because when he’s playing well (like tonight) you miss him because he’s so neat and tidy. But when he’s having a bad game the same is exactly true; you miss him and you wonder where he’s hiding.

Coutinho is literally going to be amazing at Barcelona next season. It’s so sad.

Can probably should’ve got a red card at 1-0. His slide tackle was over the top of the ball and he was protesting but was actually lucky to get a yellow.

Sturridge passed to set up Mane for the last goal. Normally when he comes off the bench he’s very focussed on having a shot and trying to score so this was confusing to see but very pleasing. Knowing you have a Sturridge on the bench who will try to help the team win, even if that means passing in the box, is a very big threat.

Firmino and Mane are just sensational players. The way they wriggle in and out of tight spaces, both on and off the ball, is amazing to watch and seems to confuse the hell out of defenders.

Liverpool have won more games 7-0 this season than we have 1-0. I think that’s probably a good thing.
Minty, LFC


How it went for Liverpool on RTE
A quick summary of last night’s RTE coverage of the Liverpool game which I’ve no doubt was replicated elsewhere.

Liverpool are terrible defensively.
Why can’t / won’t Klopp fix the defence?
Moreno has been terrible, why doesn’t he start Robertson?
Both goalkeepers are a liability.
Moscow could give them all kinds of trouble tonight, they are a decent side, they hammered Sevilla.

H-T Liverpool 3 Moscow 0
Moreno has been out of position terribly.
Moscow could get back in this look where Karius came charging out to there.
Remember what happened last time out at Sevilla.

F-T Liverpool 7 Moscow 0 and break goalscoring records
This Moscow side are an awful team.
Liverpool should always be putting 4s or 5s against them.
They’ll be found out when they play a proper team.

There was also a brilliant discussion about Liverpool’s terrible transfer committee system all while Firmino, Mane and Salah were destroying yet another team.

Keep up the good work lads.
Lindsay Bell, Dublin


Thoughts after four beers
1) Man City
2) Man United
3) Liverpool
4) Sp*rs
5) Arsenal (Europa League Winners)
6) Chelsea (Champions League Winners)

Is it possible to have 6 English UCL representatives next year?

You heard it here first.
Patrick, Gooner


Tim’s Wednesday thoughts
* Group E was set up nicely wasn’t it, Liverpool’s game was either going to be a tense one, with a hero popping up for either side or an ass whooping.

In the end it was just mean and they even trolled those who harboured hopes of a second 3 nil comeback by scoring the 4th early in the second half.

* Maribor did their best to make this last group day exciting by scoring, but eventually Sevilla secured a draw. The other result rendered this game meaningless at that point .

All the English teams qualified, four finished top of their groups. There is still the substantial issue of Madrid, Juve and Bayern being second seeds but you fancy the Premier League’s chances of slipping at least two teams into the quarters this year.

* So that’s how you beat Man City – score 2 goals before they do. In the end you cant read too much into the result –  Tosin, Foden and Diaz played for crying out loud.

They have however set themselves up for crisis headlines if they don’t win the derby, roll on Sunday.

* In the end Napoli’s Champions League campaign ended with a whimper they weren’t helped by having to play City at their peak but still it’s a disappointing end to their Champions League hopes.

They’ve been lauded for the last few years for their brilliant attacking verve hopefully they will be a useful addition to the Europa.

* In amongst the losers should be this year’s Pot 1 and last year’s league champions as a whole. The champs of the big four Leagues and Ukraine all finished second, Spartak went to Europa, Monaco didn’t make Europa, Benfica didn’t get a point.

In addition champions like Feyenoord, Celtic. Maribor etc propped up tables for a tournament the only exception are Besiktas, who will be the only league Champions in the draw as group winners, having also banished the cliche that Turkish teams don’t travel well, by taking points from all their away games, including yesterday against new boys Leipzig.

For the newbies it’s been a worthwhile experience and I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress, for Besiktas it’s a coming of age and the fact they are now the weakest team Chelsea can draw suddenly becomes a bit more frightening.

* For Monaco this year’s disaster is at least over they need to keep Jardim and continue the rebuild. For Porto they’ve once again gotten to the second round – I’m not expecting a lot more looking at their options in the next round.

* My goodness Spurs subs actually won a game. One final time I’m going to commend them for turning what looked like a difficult group stage, which would end into a Europa run early next year into the highest point total for any team in the group stages well played.

Now use some of those substitutes in the league and stop complaining about being knackered.

* Madrid scored a late goal to wrap-up a third straight group stage were they have finished second they won the last two Champions League trophies surely they won’t…

If Celtic were the fastest man in a one-legged race then Dortmund won the prize for the longest penis in the unsullied army. I think I’m going to co sign DC BAC’s idea in yesterday’s mailbox that the worst four third place teams shouldn’t qualify for the Europa.

Dortmund will play despite having two points. For context Maribor and Feyernoord won’t and they have three points and knowing them they might get drawn with Arsenal and bundle them out. For every cloud…

* Bonus point 1 if i’m not mistaken from next year there will be two time slots for the group stage I’m looking forward to it as it will mean being able to catch more matches so hurrah.

* Bonus point 2 Someone had a moan about my comments on Celtic’s performance this year. No one expects Celtic to qualify every year. However what made us love them years ago was at least they bloodied noses. This season they qualified with just three points they could have shown some superiority over Anderlecht (And justified a place in the next round by) at least drawing at Celtic Park.

They are currently the biggest team in Scotland and are looking likely to complete two seasons unbeaten in the league being able to give the likes of Barca and Bayern a ruff night infront of their home crowd would be appreciated by all.
Timi, MUFC


Let Celtic have some fun…
So, DC, BAC, your issue seems to be NOT at all about the team in third qualifying for Europa, as no other group seems to concern you this much??

This seems to be a personal Celtic issue.

Indeed, based on your emotional outburst, directed solely at one team, It appears that even Anderlecht are a better shout in your opinion?

Because they…could not beat Celtic 4-0, but, like, still guys!

Even though they finished last.

And both teams getting spanked over four games against Qatar FC from Paris and Bayern is really no surprise, many smaller teams would dread drawing those two.

Let them play some Europa! Ok well not Anderlecht as 4th means it’s over.
Manc In SA


Defending Clatts
To people bothered by Mark Clattenburg’s recent comments, please consider what referees are put through on a weekly basis. Imagine what it’s like to receive abuse and criticism despite making the right decision as they often do. And imagine being accused of bias or conspiracy because of a mistake you made while doing your job.

Have none of the rest of us made errors while doing our jobs? Clattenburg’s attitude to that game was driven by the treatment that referees receive every match and the vilification that they face. That is why he was seemingly more interested in protecting his reputation: because of the culture of hostility towards referees by everyone (fans, players, managers).

What referees need is video assistance. And to those still skeptical of VAR, stop generalising based on a few mishaps after its launch. Look at the smooth way in which it has been implemented in the Bundesliga and in Serie A. It’s a work in progress which is being sharpened. It’s well beyond high time that football modernised and embraced technology in decision making. We’re more than 10 years behind other major sports.

And don’t tell me that even with VAR it’s hard to make some decisions. Are you honestly saying that it’s just as hard to make a decision with the benefit of multiple angles and slow-mo as it is to make it in real time on the pitch?
Vish (AFC), Melbourne

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