Dyche jokes about ‘making it four’ with Arsenal in May

Date published: Monday 27th November 2017 8:12

Burnley boss Sean Dyche is looking forward to travelling to Arsenal in May to lose to a contentious late refereeing decision.

The Clarets were beaten 1-0 on Sunday by the Gunners after Alexis Sanchez converted a penalty after Aaron Ramsey was pushed in the back.

Arsene Wenger provided proof that the Welshman had been felled, but Burnley players argued that the contact was insufficient to send the midfielder tumbling.

Dyche, whose side were comfortably superior for 45 minutes, did not take issue with the penalty decision but was at pains to present it as part of a trend that counts against so-called ‘small clubs’.

“It probably is a penalty but my point is we were never not going to get that given, I can assure you,” he said.

“With those calls you have to be 100%, which I assume the referee was.

“We’ve had a lot not given when it’s been similar. People have been talking about it way beyond my time as a manager, that the bigger clubs seem to get the decisions. Managers for years have been promoting this, that they do.”

Burnley’s two previous last-gasp defeats in the fixture came after another Sanchez penalty at the Emirates and a Laurent Koscielny handball that went unseen at Turf Moor last year.

They travel to Arsenal in the season’s penultimate game in May, where Dyche looks forward to making it four in a row.

“I don’t know if anyone’s into stats but I’d be interested to see what someone has to say about that happening three times, home and away. Three times involving referee moments,” said Dyche.

“It’s a strange one but c’est la vie. We look forward to going there and getting another one this season, making it four. That’d be brilliant.”

Dyche had the final word on Ramsey, absolving him of any guilt.

“Have you seen this division? That was an absolute smash in the back compared to what most people go down with in this division.”

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